Pomeroy and Splendour 专属Pomeroy的波澜壮阔

Dug Pomeroy

Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific

By Sloane Patterson

Dug Pomeroy Cover

Giving Victoria’s landscape new artistic strokes ever so often, the Dug Pomeroy signature has been emblazoned across Melbourne for the past 47 years, and is still trailblazing across the country with style and vehemence.

A qualified Master Builder, this Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific holds Unlimited Building Licences in commercial and residential construction, and has a project portfolio in the billions of dollars.

Born in Tel Aviv, Dug is a special import from Israel.  He came to Australia at five and has been infatuated with the Australian lifestyle and infrastructure ever since. “I consider myself Australian. I love Australia, it’s my home and my country.”  Educated at a well-known private school in Burwood – Mount Scopus Memorial College, young Dug was always building something – model battleships, aeroplanes, cars and then moved on to brick and mortar behemoths. It was really no surprise that he studied architecture when he left school.

From a small three-metre-by-three-metre office with flannel wallpaper and pretty curtains at $8 rental per week, Dug’s first purchase and development was a piece of industrial land with no services or facilities. “I designed the industrial buildings and came up with an interesting toilet system like those on boats. Before we knew it, the first plot was leased and sold at record price.  Suddenly we were buying up the surrounding sites. Five years on, we had something like 20 different projects.”

Some of his notable works were 553 St Kilda Road where the American Consulate is based, Clarendon Towers, Southern Cross Tower and Queensbridge, to name a few. “We built the Boroondara Aquatic Centre, with the first swimming pool in the southern hemisphere to have a floor that can be raised. The Qantas Flight Simulator and the ABC Television Studios were also our projects. We were the first to start tilt-up construction and we had the reputation of undertaking the most difficult and complex building projects.” Some of the biggest houses in Victoria, shopping centres in the CBD and Box Hill, and more than 40 factories were all Pacific Pomeroy projects.

“We endured a massive haemorrhage from the 1990 recession, but survived. In the same year we also decided to concentrate more on project development management and project delivery. Those are exercises where we provide a full menu – from assessing site feasibility and purchase, financing, leasing and selling. We take the client through the development process until where he can cash his chips and make money. It’s not necessarily about the lowest price, it’s about the right price.”

As a teenager, all Dug wanted was to have a Gibson guitar like Paul McCartney and to drive an E Type Jaguar.  Having achieved that and then some, Dug of today, “Wants to be in a position where I can afford to have a reasonably full life. If you are dedicated and constantly strive for perfection, the money will follow. There is no room for compromise. Near enough is never good enough.”

The Pomeroy philosophy is to enjoy many things in life. “I love music, musicals, movies, art, fashion, cars, watches, books and travelling. I’m never bored.” There are, however, pet peeves.

“I dislike rudeness, ignorance, and am not a fan of belligerence.” 

“When I think of a company, it’s like passengers travelling on a train journey. They look out the window and can see what’s happening. I like to think of myself sitting on top of the train where I can see where we’ve been, my surroundings and where we are going. That is the key of being chairman of a company.”


过去的47年里,让维多利亚州的景观绽放全新的艺术风格,Dug Pomeroy 标志性的风格已经积极贯彻墨尔本各角落,并穿梭在全国范围内展开一场品味和激情的探索。

作为一名具备资格的建筑大师,Pomeroy Pacific这名执行主席在商业和住宅建设工程中持有无限建筑物许可证,并拥有数十亿元的项目投资组合。

他出生在以色列的特拉维夫,属于非常特殊的“进口”人群。在5岁时候来到澳大利亚,他就爱上了这里的生活方式和基础设施。“我认为自己是澳大利亚人。我爱它,这是我的家园和国家。” 在 Burwood 区一间著名的私人学院 – Mount Scopus Memorial College,这名年轻人一直在构建特别的作品—战舰、飞机或汽车模型,然后再转向砖头和水泥等庞然大物。他在离校后投入建筑设计,其实完全有迹可循。

从一间仅有3公尺长高,内部装饰着法兰绒壁纸和漂亮窗帘,每周租金8元的小办公室作为开端。Dug Pomeroy首次买下和发展的是一块没有任何服务或设施的工业用地。


他的杰出工程包括位于 St Kilda 路 553 号的美国领事馆基地、Clarendon Towers,Southern Cross Tower 和Queensbridge等。“我们建造了 Boroondara 水上中心,这个是南半球的第一个游泳池具备上升式的地板。澳洲航空公司的飞行模拟器和ABC电视台也是我们的计划。我们也是首个开始倾斜(立墙平浇)工程的公司,维持着承接高难度和复杂建筑项目的声誉。维多利亚州的一些大型住宅建筑,中央商务区 CBD 和 Box Hill 的购物商场,以及40多家工厂都是 Pomeroy Pacific 的项目计划。”


在青少年时期,他向往着像 Paul McCartney 那样拥有一把 Gibson 吉他,开着一辆捷豹跑车。在实现了这一点之后,他现在想要处于一个合理充实的生活位置。


Pomeroy 的哲学是尽情享受生活细节。“我喜欢音乐、音乐剧、电影、艺术、时尚、汽车、手表,书籍和旅游,我从来不无聊。然而,还是有厌烦的事物。我不喜欢鲁莽、无知,而且我也不好战。”



For some people, luxury is a way of life rather than an occasional indulgence. Only those residences, cars, wines, watches, jewels and gadgets that live up to the highest standards of quality and style can ever win their approval. These are the people for whom EZ Australia was created. EZ Australia is the essential lifestyle companion to Australia’s ultra-discerning society.

The cover stories of EZ AUSTRALIA feature prominent personalities to give our readers an insight into what makes these giants of the industries the leaders that they are today. We create a benchmark in presenting an in-depth focus on the big names in the industries and team it with the latest information from around the world on what is pertinent to Australians. We offer nothing short of the best in information, news and features. To serve the growing community of Chinese readers in Australia better, each issue of EZ AUSTRALIA will be published in English & Mandarin languages.

Connect CHT with Hunza Penang Property for Australians 槟城房产面向澳大利亚

Westmoreland Palon, Ping, Lily Tan, CH’NG & Tze Ming Khor

Melbournens gave Penang developer Hunza Property an amazing reception during the recent introduction of Alila 2 in SpACE@Collins. More that 100 guests were invited to understand first hand why it is beneficial to invest in Penang properties in terms of investment or simply owning holiday homes on a resort island. It has always been developers promoting Melbourne properties in Malaysia but never the other way round. This maiden event marks the first in Malaysia history where a Malaysian property was introduced to the people down under. Directors of Hunza were impressed with the reception and confident that they would be returning to Melbourne in the near future. Among the guests were Westmoreland, Consul General of Malaysia, Tze Ming Khor and Lily Tan, Executive Directors of Hunza, investors and industry players including David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee and many more.

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最近在位于墨尔本 SpACE@Collins 举行的雅逸嵐2 (Alila 2) 高端房产项目推介会上,Connect CHT 联合马来西亚房地产开发商汇华产业有限公司 (Hunza Property) 接待了墨尔本的客人们。当天出席的逾百名宾客更深入了解投资槟城房地产的优质方案,或者纯粹实践在美丽岛屿上拥有度假屋的夙愿。值得一提的是,从来都是开发商在马来西亚推广墨尔本的房地产,但这是首次反其道而行之。


与会贵宾有马来西亚总领事Westmoreland,汇华集团执行董事许芝敏与陈秀芬, 投资领域和业界人士包括 David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee 等等。

Stem Cells

By Professor Melissa Little

Theme Director of Cell Biology and heads the Kidney Research laboratory at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Researchers move one step closer towards functioning kidney tissue from stem cells.

Researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) are one step closer towards making human kidneys from stem cells that they one day hope can be used to treat kidney disease!

This research, led by MCRI’s Professor Melissa Little in collaboration with The University of Melbourne and Leiden University Medical Centre is part of a regenerative medicine project in which human stem cells are used to develop kidneys with functioning tissue as an alternative for renal replacement.

In 2015, Prof Little and her team grew kidney tissue from stem cells that can be used in drug screening and disease modelling. Researchers across the globe now use this method.

In this new research, scientists transplanted the stem-cell derived kidney organoid under the protective layer surrounding the kidney of a living mouse. They were able to see blood flow through the filtration units of the human kidney organoid by making this tissue using gene-edited stem cells lines of different colours. After four weeks of transplantation, the kidney tubules and blood vessels showed evidence of fully developed adult kidney tissue.

“The fact that we can make kidney tissue from human stem cells and have this develop into mature kidney tissue after transplantation is a very promising step towards developing this further for treatment,” said Prof Little. “There is a long way to go to make the tissue large enough for treatment, but knowing that it will begin to function is an important step along the way.”

Convenient Confinement Care

Nicole Pay from Taste for Life Australia.jpg

Becoming a mum is indeed a beautiful and unforgettable experience, but with it also comes a new life and some challenges.

Business partners and mothers, Nicole Pay and Shirley Ho understood the crucial importance of postpartum recuperation and nutrition, but were concerned that many new mums in Australia did not have the support to care for themselves after giving birth.

Coming from a South East Asian background, Nicole and Shirley wanted to help women understand the importance of postpartum confinement with an emphasis on nutrition, so they started importing Taste For Life (Zi Jin Tang 紫金堂) from Taiwan to Australia, a range of pre-packaged confinement soups and herbal teas specially formulated by a panel of TCM doctors and nutritionists.

“Traditional herbal soup usually requires long hours of brewing since they consist mostly of dry herbs. Our concentrated soups are already pressure-cooked using HPP (High Pressure Processing) methods and packaged individually using premium quality pouches to ensure all nutrients and vitamins are retained. Each meal takes less than 10 minutes to prepare,” explained Shirley, who markets the business while Nicole, who has an International Maternal and Infant Health Care Certificate, handles its operations.

They started Taste For Life in late 2016 and are the sole distributors for Victoria and South Australia. “This is a brand which we trust wholeheartedly in terms of industry reputation and product quality; the central kitchen in Taiwan is accredited with double verification of HACCP and ISO22000,” said Nicole.

The business duo holds monthly workshops in both English and Mandarin hoping to share science based information on postpartum care and nutrition, and participates in most pregnancy and baby expos in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Visit Taste For Life’s stand at the Pregnancy Baby and Children Expo on 19-21 October 2018. Meet Nicole and Shirley in person for a free consultation on postpartum diets plus a free tasting on selected soups and herbal teas.



Li Guo Soup with Pork Kidney and Chinese Vermicelli (Mee Sua)


  • 1 serve of Mee Sua (Chinese Flour Vermicelli)
  • Ghee Hiang Sesame Oil
  • 1 portion of pork kidney (can replace with pork liver or lean pork)
  • A few slices of old ginger
  • 1 egg, fried (optional)
  • 1 packet of Taste For Life Li Guo Concentrated Soup
  • 200 ml Taste For Life Glutinous Rice Water


  1. Wash the mee sua and cook it in boiling water for 30-45 seconds or until mee sua loosens. Do not overcook.
  2. Add a dash of Ghee Hiang Sesame oil into serving bowl.
  3. Drain mee sua and mix it well together with the sesame oil. Set aside.
  4. Fillet the pork kidney into half and remove the veins. Cut the pork kidney into chequerboard patterns and slice thickly.
  5. Add sliced pork kidney into ice water.
  6. Slice a small knob of ginger into pieces.
  7. Add 1 teaspoon of Ghee Hiang Sesame Oil into a frying pan and fry the ginger slices. Add egg if using.
  8. Fry egg till well cooked. Remove the egg and place it on top of the mee sua.
  9. Add Li Guo soup pack and glutinous rice water into the same pan, cook until boiling.
  10. Drain the pork kidney and add into the soup. Pork kidney is cooked when it starts to curl.
  11. Remove the pork kidney and place them on the mee sua.
  12. Add the soup into the mee sua and finish with a dash of Ghee Hiang Sesame Oil.

sesame oil-big


For more information, visit – http://www.tasteforlife.net.au or call 1800 113 118 or http://www.facebook.com/tasteforlifeaustralia/