Pomeroy and Splendour 专属Pomeroy的波澜壮阔

Dug Pomeroy

Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific

By Sloane Patterson

Dug Pomeroy Cover

Giving Victoria’s landscape new artistic strokes ever so often, the Dug Pomeroy signature has been emblazoned across Melbourne for the past 47 years, and is still trailblazing across the country with style and vehemence.

A qualified Master Builder, this Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific holds Unlimited Building Licences in commercial and residential construction, and has a project portfolio in the billions of dollars.

Born in Tel Aviv, Dug is a special import from Israel.  He came to Australia at five and has been infatuated with the Australian lifestyle and infrastructure ever since. “I consider myself Australian. I love Australia, it’s my home and my country.”  Educated at a well-known private school in Burwood – Mount Scopus Memorial College, young Dug was always building something – model battleships, aeroplanes, cars and then moved on to brick and mortar behemoths. It was really no surprise that he studied architecture when he left school.

From a small three-metre-by-three-metre office with flannel wallpaper and pretty curtains at $8 rental per week, Dug’s first purchase and development was a piece of industrial land with no services or facilities. “I designed the industrial buildings and came up with an interesting toilet system like those on boats. Before we knew it, the first plot was leased and sold at record price.  Suddenly we were buying up the surrounding sites. Five years on, we had something like 20 different projects.”

Some of his notable works were 553 St Kilda Road where the American Consulate is based, Clarendon Towers, Southern Cross Tower and Queensbridge, to name a few. “We built the Boroondara Aquatic Centre, with the first swimming pool in the southern hemisphere to have a floor that can be raised. The Qantas Flight Simulator and the ABC Television Studios were also our projects. We were the first to start tilt-up construction and we had the reputation of undertaking the most difficult and complex building projects.” Some of the biggest houses in Victoria, shopping centres in the CBD and Box Hill, and more than 40 factories were all Pacific Pomeroy projects.

“We endured a massive haemorrhage from the 1990 recession, but survived. In the same year we also decided to concentrate more on project development management and project delivery. Those are exercises where we provide a full menu – from assessing site feasibility and purchase, financing, leasing and selling. We take the client through the development process until where he can cash his chips and make money. It’s not necessarily about the lowest price, it’s about the right price.”

As a teenager, all Dug wanted was to have a Gibson guitar like Paul McCartney and to drive an E Type Jaguar.  Having achieved that and then some, Dug of today, “Wants to be in a position where I can afford to have a reasonably full life. If you are dedicated and constantly strive for perfection, the money will follow. There is no room for compromise. Near enough is never good enough.”

The Pomeroy philosophy is to enjoy many things in life. “I love music, musicals, movies, art, fashion, cars, watches, books and travelling. I’m never bored.” There are, however, pet peeves.

“I dislike rudeness, ignorance, and am not a fan of belligerence.” 

“When I think of a company, it’s like passengers travelling on a train journey. They look out the window and can see what’s happening. I like to think of myself sitting on top of the train where I can see where we’ve been, my surroundings and where we are going. That is the key of being chairman of a company.”


过去的47年里,让维多利亚州的景观绽放全新的艺术风格,Dug Pomeroy 标志性的风格已经积极贯彻墨尔本各角落,并穿梭在全国范围内展开一场品味和激情的探索。

作为一名具备资格的建筑大师,Pomeroy Pacific这名执行主席在商业和住宅建设工程中持有无限建筑物许可证,并拥有数十亿元的项目投资组合。

他出生在以色列的特拉维夫,属于非常特殊的“进口”人群。在5岁时候来到澳大利亚,他就爱上了这里的生活方式和基础设施。“我认为自己是澳大利亚人。我爱它,这是我的家园和国家。” 在 Burwood 区一间著名的私人学院 – Mount Scopus Memorial College,这名年轻人一直在构建特别的作品—战舰、飞机或汽车模型,然后再转向砖头和水泥等庞然大物。他在离校后投入建筑设计,其实完全有迹可循。

从一间仅有3公尺长高,内部装饰着法兰绒壁纸和漂亮窗帘,每周租金8元的小办公室作为开端。Dug Pomeroy首次买下和发展的是一块没有任何服务或设施的工业用地。


他的杰出工程包括位于 St Kilda 路 553 号的美国领事馆基地、Clarendon Towers,Southern Cross Tower 和Queensbridge等。“我们建造了 Boroondara 水上中心,这个是南半球的第一个游泳池具备上升式的地板。澳洲航空公司的飞行模拟器和ABC电视台也是我们的计划。我们也是首个开始倾斜(立墙平浇)工程的公司,维持着承接高难度和复杂建筑项目的声誉。维多利亚州的一些大型住宅建筑,中央商务区 CBD 和 Box Hill 的购物商场,以及40多家工厂都是 Pomeroy Pacific 的项目计划。”


在青少年时期,他向往着像 Paul McCartney 那样拥有一把 Gibson 吉他,开着一辆捷豹跑车。在实现了这一点之后,他现在想要处于一个合理充实的生活位置。


Pomeroy 的哲学是尽情享受生活细节。“我喜欢音乐、音乐剧、电影、艺术、时尚、汽车、手表,书籍和旅游,我从来不无聊。然而,还是有厌烦的事物。我不喜欢鲁莽、无知,而且我也不好战。”



For some people, luxury is a way of life rather than an occasional indulgence. Only those residences, cars, wines, watches, jewels and gadgets that live up to the highest standards of quality and style can ever win their approval. These are the people for whom EZ Australia was created. EZ Australia is the essential lifestyle companion to Australia’s ultra-discerning society.

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The Tenebo Herd 牧群迁徙奇观

The Tenebo Herd2
The Tenebo Herd 牧群迁徙奇观

Over 150 invited guest dressed in their best formal attire gathered and celebrated the book launch of ‘The Tenebo Herd – The Life Of A Serengeti Wildebeest’ by Ben Chow Battersby in the very exclusive space of the prestigious National Gallery Victoria (NGV). Guests were spoiled with not only good food and fine wine, but the African musical and dance performance were simply fantastic. Ben has also donated a few beautiful photographs for auction where proceeds were donated towards the Serengeti Discovery & Conservation Center in Tanzania. Biddings were very encouraging and tens of thousands were raised for this good cause. Among the VIPs attending were hosts Nicole Chow and Tony Battersby, President Of NGV Janet Whiting AM and Deputy Director Andrew Clark.

Since he was a kid, Ben Chow Battersby has always been fascinated with the wildebeest in Africa. Throughout his childhood, he has sketched, painted and dreamt of going to see these magnificent animals. A few years ago, Ben’s dream came true when he and a team flew to East Africa to document a specific group out of the 1.5 million wildebeest that live within the Serengeti and Maasai Mara Plains. They had followed the biggest herd from Tanzania’s Serengeti Grassland to Kenya Maasai Mara Plains. Ben was the lead photographer mentored by David Liao were responsible to capture and document this great migration.

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150名受邀贵宾们身着正装,聚集在维多利亚国家美术馆(NGV)的专属空间里,庆贺由Ben Chow Battersby所著的《The Tenebo Herd – the Life of A Serengeti Wildebeest》之新书发表会。而宾客们不仅享受美食美酒的款待,助兴的非洲音乐和舞蹈演出更是精彩美妙。书籍的著作者Ben捐赠了一些优美的摄影作品进行拍卖,所得将悉数捐给坦桑尼亚的塞伦盖蒂探索与保护中心。拍卖投标情况相当鼓舞人心,数以万计的筹款积极涌入。出席发表会的包括主人家Nicole Chow和Tony Battersby,还有NGV的总裁 Janet Whiting AM与副总监Andrew Clark等贵宾。

BenChowBattersby自幼就对非洲牛羚着迷。在童年时期,他不间断的用画笔描绘,并梦想着亲眼见到这些宏伟的动物。几年前,Ben的梦想终于实现,他与一个团队飞到非洲东部,记录了塞伦盖蒂(Serengeti) 和马赛马拉平原 (Maasai Mara Plains) 逾150万牛羚牧群的大迁徙生态活动。他们从坦桑尼亚塞伦盖蒂大草原跨越到肯尼亚马赛马拉的辽阔平原,跟拍了大型壮观的牧群,获 David Liao 重点栽培的Ben是此次拍摄记录大迁移活动的主要摄影师。


President Ch’ng Huck Theng founded CHT International Awards and CHTNetwork for an ambitious vision to forge the spirit of “Where All Good Things in Life Meet”. He promoted the limitless possibilities when the old and new captain of the industries meet in his opening speech: “This CHT International Awards is not only to honour those who have achieved success in their respective industries and contributed to the society, it is also to creating a platform for old comrades and new friends to connect.”

由 CHTNetwork 所呈献的 “第七届CHT国际大奖”,再次将成就非凡、享誉国际的成功人士和公司组织带上镁光灯聚焦的舞台。这项在马来西亚首都吉隆坡八打灵再也喜来登酒店举办的盛典,赢得国际性和全国的瞩目。晚会开始时,女士们身着优雅晚礼服,男士们皆西装笔挺齐聚在华丽的宴会大厅。而到场的嘉宾在开幕礼前,先观赏设计师Emily Ward 和 Serena Lindeman 的时装预演,在鸡尾酒会上,模特们身着精心设计的服饰凝聚了大家的目光。另外,大厅里也陈列着Corum、Nasim Carpets、Astalift 和 Royals Blue 的最新产品设计。

CHTNetwork 与 CHT国际大奖的创办人兼总监庄学腾是基于 “让生活中一切美好的事物相遇” 的精神创造了这些 “邂逅” 的机遇。他促进各行业的新旧领导者汇集碰头并且制造了无限商机。犹如他在开幕词中说的,这个奖项不仅是表彰那些在各自行业领域中创造成功并且贡献社会者,这也是为旧雨新知的朋友们创建的联系平台。


Ken Ong.png

CHT International Award: Australia – Business
Ken Ong, Executive Director of Future Kids Child Care

CHT International Award Winners 2018.jpg
CHT International Awards Winners, (from left) The Teng Company, Ronald Kam, Sukanya Janchoo, Jim Thompson, Ken Ong
CHT National Awards_group photo
CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards (National), Stephen Doughty, Chew Han Tah, Mandy Chew, Tan Hock Kheng, Roberto Guerra, Kong Wai Seng, Teoh Han Chuan, Dato’ Colin Lee, Ng Peng Wah, Dr Azmi bin Hj Mohd
CHT Awards_Lifetime Achievement
CHT Lifetime Achievement Awards, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai
CHT Awards_Best Dress Winners.jpg
Best Dress Awards Winners
CHT Awards_Book Launching.jpg
Book Launching

The evening welcomed over 400 national and international guests including Guests of Honour YB Senator Datuk Ng Chiang Chin, Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dato Richard Koh, and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Khoon Hai, who was also awarded the “CHT Lifetime Achievement Award”. The event saw 10 Malaysian nationals awarded the “CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards” and 7 “CHT International Awards” given to international organisations for their contributions to their respective industries.

While guests enjoyed the first-course meal of the evening, they were presented with a stunning performance by Singapore’s award-winning instrumentalist The TENG Company followed by Indonesia’s singer Hendrik Wijaya. The evening came to a close with Tourism Australia’s very own fashion showcase and has specially flown in Australian designer Emily Ward and Serena Lindeman with makeup sponsored by Young Blood.


现场宾客在享用第一道菜时,在新加坡载誉归来的乐器演奏家鼟乐团和印尼歌手 Hendrik Wijaya也为大家奉上精彩的演出。而澳大利亚旅游局也特别策划了一场时装展示会,由澳大利亚设计师 Emily Ward 和 Serena Lindeman 携手主导,Young Blood 赞助全场化妆。

The Teng Company
Fashion Show by Tourism Australia & Australian designer Emily Ward (5th from left)

Leaving the best for last, the show ended with its trademark programme chosen exclusively for the CHT International Awards 2018 – the auction of six one-of-a-kind items sponsored by Nasim Carpets, Corum, Royals Blue, a painting by Erica Hetsu Wahyuni and a Chinese Familie Rose porcelain pot made around the Chinese Republic period. Top auctioned items include ‘Everlasting’, a18K white gold and sapphire ring by Royals Blue was sold to Steve Woon from Lexis Hotel Group for RM24,000; and the limited edition watch by Corum was sold to Calvin Goon from RHB for RM28,000.

Guests left the evening clad with tote bags sponsored by Tourism Australia of which were filled with IM First Class magazine, EZ magazine, CHTNetwork’s angpaos and beauty products from Davines. Other sponsors for the evening include Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, RHB Premier, SpACE@Collins, Thai Airways International, and Ichi Media.

一直来到晚会精彩的后半部,由2018年CHT国际大奖呈现的独一无二的拍卖会,由 Nasim Carpets、Corum 和 Royals Blue 联合赞助的商品,其中一幅 Erica Hetsu Wahyuni 的画作和民国时期的玫瑰瓷锅。另外,顶级拍卖品包括“永恒”,Royals Blue 的a18K 白金和蓝宝石戒指,由来自 Lexis 酒店集团的 Steve Woon拍得,售价2万4000令吉; 而 Corum 的限量版手表则卖给了 RHB 的 Calvin Goon,售价为2万8000令吉。

当晚,宾客们带着由澳大利亚旅游局赞助的手提包尽兴而归,内含《奢华极致》杂志、《御智》杂志、CHTNetwork 红包和Davines 的美容产品等赠品。当晚的其他赞助商还包括吉隆坡兰博基尼、RHB Premier、SpACE@Collins、泰国国际航空公司、毅际媒体。

Chinese Familie Porcelain Bidded by Alain Tan
‘Everlasting’ ring from Royals Blue collected by Steve Woon
Nasim Carpets Supreme Classic collected by Michael Deeb (2nd) & Ravin Vello (4th)
CORUM Big Bubble Magical 52 Earth bidden by Calvin Goon


The Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz is the world’s only high-goal tournament on snow. The three days of the tournament, from 26th – 28th January 2018 took place in the spectacular setting of the frozen lake of St. Moritz.

Four international, top-flight teams will be competing for the coveted Cartier Trophy against the backdrop of the magnificent mountains of the Engadine. Over the three days of the tournament, the four polo teams played high-class polo matches to the delight of over 15,000 spectators – setting a new tournament record. Among the guests of the renowned “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz” were a number of VIP personalities such as England polo star Malcolm Borwick and Slalom World Champion Giorgio Rocca. In a breathtaking final, Team Cartier claimed victory over Team Maserati by a score of 4.5 to 4.

Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2018

圣莫里茨雪地马球世界杯是世界上唯一一场在雪地进行的高规格比赛。3天的赛事皆在结冰的圣莫里茨湖上举行。4支国际顶级球队在雄伟的恩加丁山脉背景下,争夺令人垂涎的卡地亚奖杯。4支马球队在3天的比赛中展现了高水准的马球竞技,创造了新的赛事纪录——为超过 15,000 名观众带来乐趣。英国马球明星马尔科姆博维克 (Malcolm Borwick) 以及障碍滑雪世界冠军乔治罗卡 (Giorgio Rocca) 都是圣莫里茨雪地马球世界杯的座上宾。决赛中,卡地亚队以4.5比4的分数,战胜了玛莎拉蒂队 。


Image(s) courtesy of Maserati