Henny Pty Ltd was founded in 2018 by Ben Turner. His professional career has spanned numerous countries including United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, China, Guam and Australia, and with some of the largest global project management and construction firms, across a wide variety of projects. In Melbourne, Ben achieved considerable success as Project Manager on many recognisable high-rise projects – in particular, the multi award-winning ‘Latrobe Tower’, a 40+ level CBD tower.

Eric Loi, Director of Henny, partnered with Ben in 2019, and has been co-instrumental in driving Henny’s organic growth, firmly establishing Henny’s brand equity through strong industry contacts, professional and authentic service, and the capability to simply build better.

Eric joined Henny following a successful career as a Structural Engineer for one of Australia’s largest engineering firms, where he managed a large portfolio of high-profile projects.

In 2010, he joined Nonda Katsalidis (Fender Katsalidis) and created Unitised Building Consulting. It was here that Ben and Eric made their first acquaintance, and their intuitive professional relationship has flourished ever since.

The Henny team has built a solid foundation of exceptional experience with a highly recognised roster of commercial and domestic builders; as a result they collectively possess a deep knowledge and understanding of the local construction market.

With a focus on 100% reliability and delivering top quality projects, Henny maintains a clear hands-on approach. The team limits the number of projects they undertake at any one time, and this ensures that the Directors can continue to manage them all with professional care and consideration. The Directors’ close involvement allows their in-depth construction and engineering experience to become deeply ingrained in every project Henny takes on, this in turn ensures the delivery of top-quality building projects, generating optimal returns for their esteemed clients.

Henny invests heavily in its people, including in-house trade capabilities and onsite fabrication, all of which create a peace of mind for clients to entrust them with their projects, and form a strong foundation for vibrant long-term relationships.

Henny’s project portfolio ranges from low rise to high rise residential apartment buildings and commercial spaces, completed in suburbs such as Armadale, Hampton, Brighton, Collingwood, Carlton and Cremorne, and the list of quality-delivered projects continues to grow!

BEN TURNER Founder of Henny Pty Ltd & ERIC LOI Director of Henny Pty Ltd

Henny Pty Ltd 由 Ben Turner 于 2018 年创立。他的职业生涯跨越了许多国家,包括英国、英属维尔京群岛、中国、关岛和澳大利亚,并与一些全球最大的项目管理和建筑公司合作, 涉及各种类型的项目。在墨尔本,Ben 作为项目经理在许多知名高层项目中取得了相当大的成功,尤其是屡获殊荣的 40 层以上的 CBD 塔楼 “Latrobe Tower”。

Henny 董事 Eric Loi 于 2019 年与 Ben 合作,凭借强大的行业联系、专业和真诚的服务以及卓越的建筑品质,共同推动了 Henny 的有机增长,牢固地建立了 Henny 的品牌资产。

在加入 Henny 之前,Eric 曾任职于澳大利亚最大的工程公司,担任结构工程师,成功管理了大量备受瞩目的项目。2010年,他加入了 Nonda Katsalidis(Fender Katsalidis) 并创建了 Unitised Building Consulting。Ben 和 Eric 就是在这里结识,他们直觉上的职业关系从此蓬勃发展。

” …坚实的基础…对当地建筑市场的深入了解和理解…为其尊敬的客户创造最佳回报。”



Henny 拥有自有施工团队(非外包),配合现场制作。让客户全程无忧,并为充满活力的长期关系奠定了坚实的基础。

Henny的业务涵盖低层到高层住宅公寓楼和商业项目,公司建成的项目遍布墨尔本的 Armadale、Hampton、Brighton、Collingwood、Carlton 和 Cremorne 等地区,并且交付的优质项目清单还在不断增加!