A New Dior Exhibition – Silk Room 全新迪奥展览丝绸之室

The Dior Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Haute Couture Show was presented against an exceptional backdrop installation designed by distinguished French artist, Eva Jospin, in the heart of the Rodin Museum in Paris. This backdrop of silk-embroidered panels perfectly harmonised with the threads theme that inspired Dior Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Based on the unique design by Jospin, this 40-meter-long immersive gallery is entirely hand-embroidered by the highly skilled artists of the Chanakya School of Craft and Chanakya workshop in Mumbai.

This phenomenal work of art is the outcome of an extensive process with a dialogue of multiple voices. It also references both Virginia Woolf’s feminist manifesto ‘A Room of One’s Own’ and the Indian-inspired Embroidery Room at the Palazzo Colonna in Rome.

迪奥2021-2022秋冬高级定制时装秀在巴黎罗丹博物馆中心举行,由著名的法国艺术家 Eva Jospin 设计特殊的背景装置。丝绸刺绣面板的背景与迪奥创意总监 Maria Grazia Chiuri 所启动的主线主题完美契合。

这座40米长的沉浸式展览馆以 Jospin 的独特设计为基础,并完全由孟买 Chanakya 工艺学校和相关工作室的技术高超艺术家精心手工刺绣。

这一非凡的艺术作品是经由多种声音对话后的广泛过程成果。此外,还引用 Virginia Woolf 的女权主义宣言《一个人的房间》,以及罗马科隆纳宫的印度风格刺绣室。