The Secrets of How an Australian Accounting Firm Continues Shining

An Interview with AscendPoint

Despite the extremely busy schedule for Choon Chong, EZ Australia was lucky to have some moment with this boutique firm, AscendPoint for a short interview.

What is AscendPoint?

AscendPoint (founded in 2011) is a Chartered Accounting firm and Registered Tax Agent based in exclusive Hawthorn – an inner suburb of Melbourne.

Who is Choon Chong?

A qualified Chartered Accountant, a Certified Practising Accountant, a Registered Tax Agent, a Master’s holder, an Entrepreneur: AscendPoint’s Managing Partner!

How is AscendPoint different from others?

It specialises in Property: Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Property Investors: local and foreign. And, it is a 1-stop shop for all facets of business accounting, taxation including compliance (such as lodgement of tax returns), tax planning and advice for Company, Trusts (family, discretionary, unit), Individuals, Partnerships and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

What makes it really stand out from the “rabble” is Choon’s unyielding passion to solve a client’s issues no matter what and to bring this further forward by highlighting value-adding opportunities that clients didn’t even know existed.

What is the biggest challenge your clients are facing?

Obviously, to pay taxes! However, when clients pay taxes, it actually means they have done well, and are profitable. Hence, our role is to help them to navigate the Tax Legislations, through effective tax planning, saving them taxes legally.

What are your plans for the future?

We aim to open branches in other locations in Victoria as we expand our reach to more clients. We are excited because from our clients’ testimonials, we know that our service proposition sticks well with them.

We are also venturing into the Personal Finance Management space and will soon be launching ‘moneyvase’ which will help users to take control and grow their wealth. Stay tuned!

Does your company engage in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

In Australia, we are definitely considered a lucky country, and hence we always want to give back to the community. We work with charity organisations for instance the Dana Charity Group who have similar aligned values. 



在AscendPoint管理者Choon Chong繁忙日程中,《御智澳大利亚》把握时间空隙与这家目前锐气十足的公司进行了短暂的采访。



Choon Chong是何人?



特定专注于房地产领域:包括房地产开发商,房地产代理,也包含本地和国外房地产投资者。此外,提供一站式业务,涵盖商业会计、税务包括合规退税 (提交纳税申报), 为公司、信托(家庭、自由支配、单位)、个人、合伙企业和自我管理退休金(SMSF)提供税务规划相关的各种业务。

至于真正让公司从一大片同行中脱颖而出的,是Choon Chong永不屈服的热诚,耗尽全力彻底解决客户的问题,并通过为客户开拓更多对他们未知的进阶增值机会强调这个主旨。







澳大利亚被认为是一个受到幸运之神眷顾的国家,我们当然也秉持着积极回馈社会的宗旨。所以,我们与价值观一致的慈善组织携手合作,比如檀那慈善集团(Dana Charity Group)。