Women’s Reproductive Health

by Dr. Mecherl Lim

MD (MA) Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology

This is lower abdominal pain that commences just before or during menstrual flow, the first 24 hours being the most painful. 

About 70 percent of women experience some degree of menstrual pain.


The pain may be gripping, cramping or a constant ache, and it ranges from mild to severe.  Sometimes it spreads to the back and down the legs.  Period pain may sometimes be accompanied by scanty or heavy flow with clots, headaches, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, sore breasts or dizziness and fainting.


A medical diagnosis is required to find out if the pain is menstrual or something else.  Primary dysmenorrhoea is normal menstruation that is accompanied by pain.  Secondary dysmenorrhoea is linked to a cause such as endometriosis, fibroids or polyps.


Primary dysmenorrhoea is caused when the uterus contracts to eliminate its lining.  Women with period pain probably have high levels of prostaglandins and these compounds over stimulate the uterus.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea has a medical cause such as fibroids (obstructive internal uterine growths) that cause the uterus to contract more powerfully than normal.  Intrauterine contraceptives are also linked to period pain.


  • Primary dysmenorrhoea
    • Painkilling drugs, such as paracetamol
    • Prostaglandin inhibitors, such as ibuprofen
    • Oral contraceptives often eliminate period pain
  • Secondary dysmenorrhoea
    • The medical treatment depends on the cause and may involve hormones, anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals or surgery.


All drugs have a long list of cautions and adverse effect, as you will see from package inserts or by looking at the MIMs Annual in your library.  Not everyone experiences side effects and you may need to take a strong, quick acting medication for severe symptoms and particularly for pain. If a few over the counter painkillers, such as paracetamol, prevent period or other pain, then that’s the simplest most effective and economical treatment-and it’s unlikely that you will experience side effects from taking, say, two to six tablets a month.


Bed rest with abdominal heat (such as a hot water bottle) is a standard recommendation. This works better if you gently massage about six drops of lavender oil onto your abdomen before applying the heat and lie on your back with a large pillow under your knees.  A combination of eucalyptus and peppermint oils also helps some women and this combination may prevent a headache if you put a few drops on the back of your neck and one drop at the end of your nose.

Herbs : Specific herbs such as cramp bark and wild yam, Chaste tree, Dong Quai, Red Raspberry leaf, False Unicorn, Feverfew, Cinnamon that helps to relieve pain and inflammation and reduce the need for pharmaceutical painkillers.

You can also use Dr. Mecherl SHE 18 which is already a combination of the above herbs and you can also see the tea recipe under “Endometriosis” Supplements.

A combination of evening primrose and fish oil works well (and even more so if vitamin E is in the formula), such as Dr Mecherl Femi Vita M or Femi HH.  Neuromous (Magnesium) is sometimes helpful,  I recommend these daily for three months, and if effective relief is relieved, reduce the dose to two weeks, then re-evaluate every few months to find the lowest helpful dose.

This type of schedule works for a number of natural remedies and the aim is to find the lowest helpful dose that works in your case. Subsequently, some women stop taking all remedies, although their pain may recur following illness or major stress.

Other remedies are exercise such as easy yoga may help ease abdominal tension and improve blood flow and therefore reduce pain.  Some women say a glass of wine or a nip of brandy helps!


Regular exercise throughout each month generally relieves congestion and stress.  Also, you will see under “Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that a scientific trial showed that a vegetarian diet helps reduce period pain.


Always do something about pain, because it increases inflammation, prevents sleep, may cause depression and blocks enjoyment.

Dr Mecherl Lim

An Intuitive Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicine (MD) (MA), Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology (HK), and Functional Medicine (FM)

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Pottinger, the Heart of Hong Kong 别具品味的中环石板街酒店

Don’t judge the book by its cover is exactly what many will agree when it comes to Pottinger Hong Kong. Situated right in Central, this is not a 5 star boutique hotel that one will expect until walking through the main door into a small but beautifully designed lobby and being received by very polite and welcoming staff with big smiles. Unlike some of the big brands with massive rooms and tall buildings, Pottinger Hong Kong houses only 68 luxury rooms with an award winning Italian restaurant Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano serving not only fine Italian cuisine but also a popular afternoon tea for those who desire elegance with a touch of creativity.

Unlike others, Pottinger Hong Kong is perfectly located in between Hong Kong’s heritage and modern vicinities. Pottinger Street nearby itself is a prime example of the island’s rich and varied past. Named after the first Governor, Henry Pottinger, this boutique hotel is the hotel where East meets West and Heritage meets Modernity. Any visitor whose ultimate visit is to experience the true spirit and energy of Hong Kong, then Pottinger Hong Kong is definitely the hotel for you.

别以貌取人,用来形容中环石板街酒店一点也不为过。位处于香港核心地段、精致典雅的室内设计和亲切有礼的柜台接待员,完全颠覆了我对这精品酒店原本的印象。有别于一般的大品牌酒店,中环石板街酒店仅提供68间舒适的套房;被评选为最佳食府之一的附属意式餐厅Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano,除了提供多款经典的招牌意大利菜式,充满创意的精致下午茶也很受众人喜爱。

ThePottingerHongKong_01. Main Entrance on Stanley Street_retouched

ThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_Bar.jpg

A stroll down the road for early morning Dim Sum in Lian Xiang Lou where food is served in push carts while service is still with old style attitude are what old Hong Kong living culture is all about. After breakfast, just around the corner, one can find street stalls selling varieties from Donald Trump’s masks, tourist products to fresh juice aligning the steps luring visitors to spend a few bucks. Walking a few hundred steps up and one will wander onto the first road Hong Kong built in 1844 – Hollywood Road, a place that is famous for its antique dealers, curio merchants and art galleries. If it is already time for lunch, then look for any Michelin star or guide or Hong Kong typical local down to earth coffee shop style will definitely be an experience. From the top, tourists may travel back down by taking the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, while exploring the boutique shops around. Usually by this time, the day would be hot if not raining. This is a good time to make an effort to connect with old friends or associates and the best place to meet and chit chat is non other than having a much needed relaxing hi tea in Pottinger Hong Kong. A sip of fine wine and tasting the little unique classy bites with good friends around is a perfect lifestyle that money cannot buy.



Rigatoni with Tuscan sausage in spicy tomato sauce, sprinkled with ParmesanGradini X Estée Lauder Black Truffle Diamond Afternoon Tea(For one) (1)

After tea, a quick shut eye, a good bath and getting ready, Hong Kong nightlife is yet another adventure one should not miss. One of Hong Kong’s most popular heritage restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Yung Kee is famous for its finger licking good roast goose and fine Chinese culinary dishes. Dinner probably will finish around 9.30pm or 10pm. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of people walking up and down Lan Kwai Fong when you walk out the restaurant because the night is still young and this is when the party begins. Lan Kwai Fong is the place to be when it comes to dining, drinking, socializing and loud music. People there are usually very friendly. Don’t worry about getting drunk and not being able to go back to the hotel as it is only 5 minutes away by foot. After a long day, rooms in Pottinger Hong Kong are considered above average in size and very good in terms of feel and comfort.

For the remaining days in Hong Kong, Central station is just 5 minutes away conveniently connecting almost all tourist and popular destinations including Disneyland and Airport Express. In short, Pottinger Hong Kong is the hotel one should seriously consider if convenience, class and lifestyle experience are what one is looks for when visiting Hong Kong.



ThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_Interior_high ceiling.jpg


Artefacts 工艺品展

Presented as part of the 2018 Melbourne Design Week, Artefacts was a curated exhibition of objects and artworks that explored the boundary between art and design. Curated by Jonathan Ben-Tovim, Makiko Ryujin and Michael Gittings, Artefacts presented a vision of 10 Australian object makers pushing the outer limits of what design can be. Whether they were reinterpreting traditional crafts, exploring cultural references or creating new visual iconography, the Artefacts participants seeked to achieve more than just utility through their work.

Although spanning a variety of disciplines and creative techniques, the participants were tied together by their desire to be hands-on and process driven. By presenting work in a gallery context, they were free to challenge themselves to explore new territories.

Participants include: Jonathan Ben-Tovim, Dan Bowran, Fred Ganim, Michael Gittings, Nicolette Johnson, Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto, Sean Meilak, Makiko Ryujin and Maddie Sharrock.




参与者包括 JonathanBen-TovimDanBowranFred GanimMichaelGittingsNicoletteJohnsonGuy Keulemans and KyokoHashimotoSean MeilakMakiko Ryujin and Maddie Sharrock