Voci Classiche 经典之声

Voci Classiche’s the Dynamic Duo deliver world class entertainment every time with intimate venue options from piano to spectacular eight-piece orchestral accompaniment.

Cosimo Ciccone and Rada Tochalna deliver unforgettable moving music performances that leave audiences in awe. Based in Melbourne, Australia, they offer performances for: private, corporate, industry and global audiences. Their performances aren’t simply music… it’s an art form. Truly theatrical in their delivery, Cosimo and Rada know how to captivate your guests’ attention so that your event is memorable long after the events conclusion.

Winners of numerous international music competitions and having a combined musical training from the USA, Italy, Switzerland and Russia, both are world-class performers in their own right having sung with orchestras and graced the best concert stages throughout Europe and North America.

Voci Classiche has a successful repertoire allowing you to choose from a mix of classical (i.e. Neapolitan songs, opera, etc) and musical theatre tailored for your event needs. 

Please contact us to organise your entertainment needs. 

W: http://www.vociclassiche.com.au

E: cosimociccone@ozemail.com.au

 T: +61 452 419 472

一个充满活力的二重奏组合 – Voci Classiche,每次演出都带来世界级的娱乐体验,从悠扬的钢琴到雄壮的八段管弦乐伴奏,展现绝佳的音乐盛宴。

而 Cosimo Ciccone 和 Rada Tochalna 的音乐表演总是令观众惊叹不已。他们驻扎澳大利亚墨尔本,为私人、企业、行业领域和全球观众倾力演出。而他们的表演不仅仅是音乐……却是一种艺术形式。身为最专业的表演者,Cosimo 和 Rada 善于捕捉观众的注意力,让您的活动或宴会可以在宾客心中留下持久印象。


Voci Classiche 拥有一项既定成熟的曲目编排,可以从古典 (例如:那不勒斯歌曲、歌剧等) 和音乐剧中选择符合您的活动或者盛会主题需求的曲目。


W: http://www.vociclassiche.com.au
E: cosimociccone@ozemail.com.au
T: +61 452 419 472

Image(s) courtesy of Maria Savelieva

Multi-Residential Construction Surge A Welcome Boost To Victoria’s Economy 多元综合住宅建设急速推动维多利亚经济

The Grounds of Kew

Multi-residential masters Beulah International are in the midst of a construction boom with four projects, worth approximately half a billion dollars, now underway across Melbourne.

Defying market odds, Beulah has broken ground on Paragon, Habitus, Fawkner House and The Grounds of Kew, in less than a year, creating a total of approximately 700 jobs within the construction industry.

Led by Jiaheng Chan and Adelene Teh, the company also delivered a 100 percent settlement rate at Hallmark Ivanhoe in January.

As construction forges ahead, Habitus is due for completion in the second quarter of 2020, while both Paragon and The Grounds of Kew are expected to be complete by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Fawkner House is expected to be complete in early 2021.

Fawkner House

Continuing to make its mark as a developer of distinction, Beulah embarked on a groundbreaking global architecture competition for its $2.5 billion Southbank project in 2018, crowning UNStudio and Cox Architecture winners. 

Attracting international attention, the highly anticipated development continues to gain momentum with the town planning application now before City of Melbourne.

Earlier in 2019, Beulah also organised and hosted a worldwide study tour for the two design teams, as they look to revolutionise Southbank. 


墨尔本目前笼罩在多元综合住宅建设的领先者Beulah International所引领的热潮中,目前在当地共有4个价值约5亿澳元的项目计划在推进。

Beulah已经陆续缔造了Paragon、Habitus、Fawkner House和The Grounds of Kew等楼盘的破土动工,短短不到一年,为建筑业创造了约700个工作岗位。

今年1月,在陈家衡 (Jiaheng Chan)与郑恩瑜(Adelene Teh)的带领下,该公司在 Hallmark Ivanhoe 的交易结算率达到100%。

随着建设工程的顺遂进度,“Habitus”将于2020年第二季度竣工,而“Paragon”和“The Grounds of Kew”的楼盘预计2020年底完成。与此同时,“Fawkner House”估计在2021年初完工。

Beulah将持续打响卓越开发商的名号,该公司在2018年启动一项开创性的全球建筑竞赛,为其耗资25亿澳元的南岸(Southbank)项目遴选设计方案,最终由UNStudio和Cox Architecture胜出。




Navigating Uncertain Territories 多变区域的导航

(L-R): Sam Bennett (Pitcher Partners), Julian Chai (NAB), Sally Burgoyne (Payton), Alex Huang (APDA Inc), Craig Smith (Napier & Blakeley)

Members of the Australian Property Developers Association (APDA Inc.) were once again treated to some very exclusive and insightful presentations by the most reputable names in the Australian quantity surveying and construction risk management sector recently.

During the evening, Mr Julian Chai, the Associate-Director of NAB’s Construction Risk Management Department, was accompanied by another well-known professional, Mr Craig Smith, Director of national quantity surveying firm, Napier & Blakeley, who expertly shared on the effects the recent cladding crisis had had on the Australian construction and insurance sectors. Craig also shared upon the regulatory processes that were put in place in Victoria to prevent post-construction structural defects that had been dominating the front page of national news of late.

As a testament of its value and contribution toward the development community, APDA Inc. is supported and sponsored by some of the most well-known brand names inside and outside the property and development sector, such as CBRE, Urbis, Pitcher Partners, Best Hooper Lawyers, Payton, DLX Creative and your very own contemporary luxury publisher, EZ Australia. 

If you are a part of or interested to be a part of the Australian property development community, please feel free to join as a member or attend one of APDA functions by reserving tickets to upcoming events. Further information can be seen at the official association website: http://www.apda.org.au or by emailing info@apda.org.au

最近,澳大利亚房地产开发商协会(APDA Inc.)的成员们再次有幸参与独家且富有洞察力的介绍会,这是由澳大利亚工料测量和建筑风险管理行业中著名公司专员现身说法。

Julian Chai 先生身为本土任职时间最长、经验最丰富的风险管理专业人士之一,代表澳大利亚国家银行(NAB)担任介绍会主讲者。作为NAB建筑风险管理部门的副总监,Julian毫无保留地分享了银行业对当前市场上开发项目的评估选择,还有其相关建筑风险和隐患的看法。

Mr Alex Huang welcomes new guests and regular members of APDA Inc. and shares the founding vision and mission of the association

他在会上提及的风险管理策略对所有在场开发者和建造者显得相当宝贵。当晚,Julian也连同另一位著名的专业人士—国家工程测量公司Napier & Blakeley的总监Craig Smith先生,后者熟练的解说了最近的镀层危机对澳大利亚建筑和保险行业的影响。Craig还提到了在维多利亚州实施的监管程序,以防止建设后的结构隐患,这些问题近期一直占据全国新闻的头版。

PitcherPartners、BestHooper Lawyers、Payton、DLX Creative

如果您是澳大利亚房地产开发社区的一员或有兴趣成为其中的一员,请随时作为成员加入或通过预订即将到来的活动门票参与APDA的活动。欲知更多信息请访问协会官方网站: http://www.apda.org.au或发邮件至info@apda.org.au。