The Young Advocate 《杨》艺念

Sitting in his Melbourne home in 2008, contemporary Australian artist John Young Zerunge AM was surprised by a phone call from 10Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, informing him that the curatorial team from M+, Hong Kong’s premier new Museum, yet to be built, had arrived unexpectedly to purchase almost the full suite of Young’s work. 1967 Dispersion, as the exhibition was titled, dealt with the year of Young’s departure from Hong Kong as he travelled to Australia.

Diaspora, Psyche exhibition Bunjil Place, Victoria , 2021 © Bri Hammond, Artist Profile

Since then, Young, now Australia’s most senior Asian artist, has spent a four-decade career as a painter and installation artist investigating the condition and experience of bi-culturalism. These investigations have generated major exhibitions globally, including representing Australia at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York and major travelling exhibitions around Asia. Young has permanent installations in institutions spanning Germany and Japan, the National Library in Canberra, and the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong. Throughout it all, he is devoted to multicultural advocacy as an artist towards regional development, working closely with Australian institutions to develop an infrastructure and public for Asian art in Australia. He was instrumental in establishing the 4A Centre for Asian Art, Sydney in 1995 and over the last decade has delivered the first visual history of the Chinese in Australia since 1840.

Young’s efforts have been widely acclaimed. In 2021, he was featured in the culminating chapter of art historian John Clark’s magisterial opus The Asian Modern (2021), and in 2020, conferred to the Order of Australia (AM) in recognition of his contributions to Australian visual art.

John Young’s works were recenty on show at Bunjil Place Gallery, Victoria, in the survey exhibition Diaspora, Psyche and The Shiva Paintings at Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.


杨子荣的心血结晶得到了广泛的赞誉。2021年,他的特写出现在艺术历史学家John Clark的权威作品《亚洲现代》(the Asian Modern, 2021)的重点章节,并于2020年被授予澳大利亚勋章AM,以表彰他对澳大利亚视觉艺术的贡献。

他的作品目前在维多利亚的 Bunjil Place 展览馆展出,名为“Diaspora, Psyche”.

Diaspora, Psyche exhibition