Masters of Choreography 编舞艺术大师

By Madilyn Y

Beats on Pointe, a dance show that perfectly encapsulates the fusion of two dance worlds, classical ballet and modern and old skool street dance, successfully completed its 2018 season in Australia and London. To achieve a sellout season on London’s West End is a pinnacle moment for any dance company, and that was what Beats on Pointe had accomplished. Director of Masters of Choreography, the dance production company behind it all, Jennifer Masters said: “A touring theater show is a glorious travelling mess of joy and heartbreak, a rollercoaster of emotions, and that is before anyone even sets foor on stage! But it’s moments like these that make it all so worthwhile.”

Masters of Choreography was started by Jennifer Masters and her husband, Milo Masters, back in 2013. Since then, Masters of Choreography has gained recognition in the dance world for its exquisite productions that have never failed to blow away the audience. 

Jennifer expressed that her husband, Milo, is her greatest pillar of support. He mainly looks after the more business and administrative side of things, providing attention to detail to the aspects behind the scenes. Jennifer herself has been a dancer her entire life and a choreographer for many years. She comes from an arts-minded family and was enrolled in jazz and ballet classes at an early age. This has provided her with knowledge that in her growing years, has blossomed alongside her burning passion for dance. Taking every opportunity that comes her way, Jennifer has progressed from her classical dance background to many different styles, such as street dance and many others that have broaden her horizons. Her love for dance and many years of experience have allowed her to project her vision out to many more like minded people that have come together to contribute to this motion.

 “You live your passion, it just becomes everything. That is what I tell our dancers, you have got to live in the moment, make every performance count.”

Alongside touring shows like ‘Beats on Pointe’ and ‘Raise the Barre’, Jennifer has produced not only shows, but also product launches, promotional videos, entertainment and major corporate showcases and more, fulfilling corporate clients of their needs and wants. Masters of Choreography has worked with some big name brands like Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Puma, and MTV. Recently, Masters of Choreography provided choreography and dancers for two massive national annual events, namely the Melbourne Cup – The Race That Stops The Nation and The Australian Grand Prix. The dancers had the honour of performing with the likes of British R’ n’ B superstar, Jay Sean, and Heather Small of 90s dance music legends M People. 

In addition to that, Masters of Choreography has also in recent time performed at the Arnold Schwarzeneggar Sports Festival. Being one of the largest fitness expo and multi-sport festivals in Australia, it has successfully attracted over 60,000 visitors across three days. Rather than putting a standard performance on stage, Masters of Choreography decided to add a twist to spice things up, so they staged a flash mob instead. It was such a huge success that even Arnold Schwarzeneggar himself was incredibly impressed with the performance and shared it across his social media which conjured a big buzz!

Masters of Choreography is excited to announce that after an exceptional year of sold out shows and especially their smashing success of ‘Beats on Pointe’ in London’s West End, that they will be back bigger and stronger than before! Their 2019 world tour will include a full tour of Australia across two months, 5 weeks in London before moving on to Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool; Dubai, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore and Hong Kong, and will finish in New Zealand across Nacier and Auckland.

“A touring theater show is a glorious travelling mess of joy and heartbreak, a rollercoaster of emotions, and that is before anyone even sets foot on stage!”

Marking their debut in Asia, they will be performing at the Hong Kong Concert Hall on the 25th and 26th of July 2019 at The Victoria Theatre and on the 18th of August in Singapore. “It fills us with pride to be able to perform in such incredible multicultural locations. Asia is filled with incredible talent and in Australia we are so priviledged to have so many incredible touring shows visit. It is such an honor to be able to share, and we are humbled by the opportunity,” said Jennifer.

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完美融合衔接了古典芭蕾与新旧skool街舞的舞蹈巡回演出“Beatson Pointe”在澳大利亚和伦敦2018年的季演圆满落幕,对于任何一家舞蹈公司来说,巅峰时刻莫过于在伦敦西区实现销售旺季,而这正是“Beats onPointe”所缔造的成就。至于作为幕后功臣的舞蹈制作公司-Masters of Choreography的总监Jennifer Masters认为,巡回演出是一场充满欢乐与伤悲的波澜壮阔之旅,也是情绪的过山车,尤其在任何人登上舞台之前!但正是这样的时刻让一切变得如此有意义。”

2013年,JenniferMasters和丈夫MiloMasters创立了Mastersof Choreography。从那时起,他们以杰出的精彩作品赢得舞蹈世界的认可,并且从未让观众失望过。


除了“Beats on Pointe”和“Raise the Barre”等巡回演出,Jennifer 不仅肩负演出制作,还一手包办产品发布、宣传视频、娱乐节目和大型企业展示等,尽量满足企业客户的需求和愿望。Masters of Choreography也曾与哈雷戴维森、梅赛德斯-奔驰、欧莱雅、彪马和MTV等知名品牌合作过。最近,他们还为两项大型国家年度活动提供舞蹈指导和舞蹈演员,即墨尔本杯-全国屏息以待的竞赛和澳大利亚大奖赛。这些舞者有幸与英国R’n’B超级明星Jay Sean和M People主唱Heather Small等90代传奇舞蹈音乐家一起表演。


Masters of Choreography也激动地宣布,在经历销售火热的特殊一年,尤其是“Beatson Pointe”在伦敦西区取得空前成功之后,他们将比以往更强大!2019年的世界巡演将包括为期两个月的澳大利亚之旅,在英国伦敦进行5周,过后将前往伯明翰、曼彻斯特和利物浦,紧接着是迪拜、马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡和香港,最后一站是新西兰的纳皮尔和奥克兰。



Probuild Strengthens National New Business Leadership 巩固全国新商务领导层

Probuild is pleased to announce Nathan Theos has returned home to Probuild as Executive Director – New Business, with a position on our group board.

Nathan will provide executive-level support to our state new business teams in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria. This means that, as a business, we can strategically partner with clients and allow more time to understand their needs from the very beginning of projects – providing better solutions through to delivery.

At Probuild, we service our existing client groups with the utmost priority while responding to the market’s demand for quality buildings. Nathan’s appointment shows our commitment to providing the highest possible customer service.

With equally strong new business and delivery teams, Probuild and our industry-leading people have the capacity to convert and continue delivering more of Australia’s major projects.

We look forward to building greatness, together with clients old and new, in 2019.

Probuild隆重宣布Nathan Theos重返担任该集团董事会执行董事这个新商务职位。Nathan作为高级别执行领导者,将为Probuild昆士兰、新南威尔士州、西澳和维多利亚州的新商务团队提供管理支持。这意味着,我们可以与客户进行更有互动性的商务战略合作,从项目开端将拨出更多时间了解客户群的需求——提供最佳解决方案直至完成交付。

在Probuild,我们为现有的客户群体提供优质和优先服务,同时满足市场对高水平建筑工程的需求。Nathan Theos的任命表明我们致力于不断提升客户服务质量。



Flight of the Phoenix 凤凰涅槃

Ping Chng 庄雪冰
CEO of CHTNetwork Australia
CHTNetwork 澳大利亚首席执行官

Recently calling Melbourne home, Ping Chng first arrived here in 1997 to study law in Monash University. Falling in love with Melbourne at first sight, she enjoyed her Australian university life but went back to Malaysia to build her legal career.

“Everything starts from the first step.”

Her first six years were spent in litigation before moving on to corporate law and eventually settling in conveyancing. With 20 years of law practice in Malaysia, she is still attending to Malaysian clients in the areas of conveyancing and corporate law. 

January 2018 marked her milestone move to Melbourne. Malaysia’s loss is Australia’s gain. With a heavy heart Ping left behind family, friends and a successful career in Malaysia to embark upon her new journey in life. Equipped with top class legal expertise and a wealth of experience and wisdom, it wasn’t long before she was admitted as a lawyer in the state of Victoria. “Everything starts from the first step. This new chapter of my life is not going to be easy, but my mind is set, and I’m determined to make this crucial journey a successful one.”

Putting her legal career on the back burner and re-inventing herself, Ping added dimension and diversity to her portfolio. Diving into the world of publishing, this multi-talented individual took up the position of chief executive officer with CHTNetwork, a publishing company set up by her brother Ch’ng Huck Theng in Melbourne, Victoria. Championing and celebrating the good things in life, Ping is now heading EZ Australia magazine with extensive online and hardcopy subscriptions. She is also managing the CHTNetwork office, promoting the company’s art gallery and art/event space in Collins Street. Running CHTNetwork, producing the EZ Australia magazines and immersing herself in the art industry and the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the worthy and the artistic, has propelled Ping into the upper echelons of Melbourne high society. Modestly she claims that, “Every day is a learning process for me.”

“Always let go of the past and live in the now.”

In retrospect the move did not come without challenges. Juggling between her business, social duties and family life in a new country can be trying and demanding, at best. Always a trooper, Ping remains optimistic and persistent in achieving her goals. Born into a family which has been in the food manufacturing and retail business for 165 years, she has always believed in credibility, being fair and genuine in life. Her stronghold on values have won her many acquaintances, school mates and clients who have evolved to become good friends and business partners even. 

One will always know where one stands with Ping as she is honest to a fault, principled and shares her views and comments sincerely. Commanding respect and admiration, she has always strived for the best in all her endeavours. A compassionate and loving personality, she firmly believes in friends and family, and is extremely grateful for all their support and love. “Always let go of the past and live in the now.”

Ping also holds a fascination in property investment. Coupled with her legal background and a keen eye for interior design, Ping has displayed quite a good track record in property investment for the last 10 years. One of her goals in this new chapter of her life is to become a successful property developer in the beautiful and bountiful land down under. 

从最近定居墨尔本,Ping Chng 犹记得1997年首次来到墨尔本,是在莫纳什大学攻读法律。而当时她第一眼就爱上墨尔本,享受了几年的澳大利亚大学生活,直至后来返回马来西亚发展律政事业。








Photography by David Liao & text by  Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik