WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a crazy year? The world fell apart. Everything closed and everything shut down. My heart goes out to all the families that were upside down on everything or was directly affected by Corona Virus. Nobody knows the hardship that everybody else has felt.

We need to be strong, and we will get through this. It is so many things at one, and social media has not been our best friend. 

We all have to say that 2020 has been a year of change. Many things have happened to us since the beginning of the year, especially March 2020. 

Our Friends, Family and Children have been affected by what is going on NOW!!!!!! 

We never thought we would have to wear MASK.

HAHAHA——-Only Bank Robbers wore masks, RIGHT?  Now we are all walking around looking like bank robbers. We are all trying hard to find something positive to work with and trying not to get so affected by Covid-19 emotionally.

Depression is really hard, some of us have been affected financially, but some of us have been hit hard. What we have found out from my counselling sessions are people who can’t stay in their homes and have to move. How devastated they feel, but there is always hope.

There’s always your Angels, your guides people from the other side, your family members sometimes we just need to talk. 

I am a firm believer of Law of Attraction. There are so many wonderful things on youtube nowadays to listen to, to get your mind back to being happy. I always have the mindset that if you ask and believe yourself, you will have your prayers answered. No matter what religion you are, think Positive, sure you will get it. 

Learn to move, find strength and thrive with 7 Chakra tools that are based on energy, body & life phases.

These tools focus or challenges that often face owning our power, balancing work and family & maintaining physical & emotional wealth.

Featuring on colors, clarifying chakra figures helps to manifest your highest potential. Each chakras helps to explore within your daily life for long term growth, overcoming blocks,  healing traumas and move chakra, & empowered your journey in practical ways as you recovered the energy of your empowered self.

Using beautifully constructed Visualization, Affirmation and Exercise, we are able to move forward, empowered with their inherent  strength and wisdom renewed.

We are able to work our mind & body holistically through our energy anatomy with guided exercises also a real understanding of how to shift our entire way of being in the world.

Gucci’s G-Timeless Watch Collaborates with Artists 古驰G-Timeless融合艺术元素

Gucci has pioneered several collaborative projects, sharing its vision in the digital space. Now, Gucci’s House Creative Director Alessandro Michele has invited a number of international visual artists to indulge their imaginations and create artworks featuring various models of G-Timeless automatic watches. The Gucci G-Timeless watch features a stone dial decorated with the House’s famous bees, while the transparent case back gives a glimpse of the automatic movement that powers the timepieces.

There are eight Swiss-made variations of the G-Timeless in all, with a 38mm or a 42mm case. Three models combine an 18kt yellow gold case with a black onyx, brown tiger eye or green malachite stone dial. Five further variants combine a steel case with a blue lapis stone dial or a black onyx stone dial.

Balfua for Gucci

古驰(Gucci)已经开创了几项表达数字空间愿景的创意计划。如今,古驰的创意总监Alessandro Michele邀请了多位国际视觉艺术家,让他们尽情发挥想象力,创作出各种款式的G-Timeless自动手表艺术品。这款古驰G-Timeless手表以石头表盘为特色,表盘上装饰着古驰著名的蜜蜂图案,而透明的表壳背面则清楚展现提供动力的自动机芯。


Eyes That Spark 火花闪耀之眼

One of a kind, Spark Optics is a stylist independent optical shop, available in-store and online. Since its humble beginning in 2015, this is a place to go for everything extraordinary.

“We think differently, rebellious by nature, free spirited, independent and yet passionately honoring our heritage” says founder of Spark Optics Wayne Ng. The shop-in-café concept is unique and located at the heart of Penang’s heritage enclave, Georgetown. With the attitude of not not settling for any less than perfection for customers, Spark is led by an experienced optician of more than 25 years, together with a rigorously well-trained & multi-talented team.

Spark is home to many local and international “indie eyewear” brands from around the globe. Housing only unique artisanal, hip and period eyewear brands for those with a hunger for independent thinking. For those who need a good pair of spectacles and not forgetting to look cool with it, Spark is definitely a place to eye on.

Spark Optics 是一家具有独立风格的光学眼镜商店,采取线上网络和线下商店销售模式。从2015年开始,这是一个让一切变得不同凡响的地方。

“我们与众不同的思维方式,天性叛逆,自由自在,独立却又充满热情的尊重本身传统。” Spark Optics 的创始人 Wayne Ng 这么认为。而他们位于槟城乔治市中心地带的咖啡馆概念店是独一无二的。Spark由拥有25年以上经验的配镜和眼镜商所领导,配合训练有素、才华横溢的团队,坚持不懈的为客户提供完美的服务理念。