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A Chat with Sidney Baillieu Myer, AC 真情对话录

Sidney Baillieu Myer, AC

Sidney Baillieu Myer, AC
Co-Founder and Past President of The Myer Foundation

“Why are you interested to interview a retired old man?” was the question posed before I even got a chance to introduce myself and EZ Australia. First impression of Sidney Baillieu (Bails) Myer AC was that although at 91 years of age, he is still very sharp and alert with a very strong voice. The interview with EZ Australia was conducted in Bail’s beautiful house in Toorak. The residence was immensely decorated with carefully selected antique furniture and Chinese works of arts together with Aboriginal artifacts displayed on walls and tables overlooking a charming garden. Tea and slices of ginger cakes were served while wife Sarah sat quietly next to the man she married for 60 odd years ago.

The Myer family have very deep roots in the hearts of Australians especially with the iconic brand Myer, Australia’s largest department stall, the numerous charity works that this family has contributed throughout the years to the society of Australia and also their support towards Australian and Asian arts.

Bails was born in San Francisco, California on 11 January 1926 of Russian parentage which later the family moved to the great land down under. He was filled with pride while talking about his father and when asked about the Myer shopping center, Bails explained that his father wanted customers to receive friendly services and valuable experiences when they visited the store during the early days it first started in Bendigo. When asked how difficult it was to maintain the business after the passing of his father in 1934.

“Ken and I took over the business, worked hard and finally took the business nationwide. I was the last to retire in 1996. ” said Bails without hesitation.

Besides the shopping business industry, Bails has also ventured into the farming and winery business activities include a Santa Gertrudis cattle stud, a Quarterhorse stud at Yulgilbar in Northern New South Wales, and wine making at Elgee Park on the Mornington Peninsula.

On the other hand, Bails is also very into art and antique.

“I think this love and passion is in my DNA especially growing up with a major Chinese collection that my father bought in San Francisco, later brought it all the way to Australia and the collection is still with us since 1932” Bails answered with a smile when asked why.

In his art journey, Bails has provided extensive leadership in the Australian art world through organizations such as National Gallery of Victoria and has put together important art collections that some have been donated to public institutions. Bail and Sarah have been long term art collectors who are highly respected in their field. Some of the significant focus collections are contemporary Australian art from the 1980s, Aboriginal art from the 1990s, sculptures from 2000s and two collections of Japanese art namely the medieval period Negaro Lacquer works and the Japanese baskets.

Bails was indeed very proud when the conversation turned towards family. He first met Sarah in a family party then again in London, got engaged in 1955 and married three months later. Bails jokingly said, “… the first 60 years were tough and the last 2 years were very good” when asked about his marriage. However he continued with confidence claiming that Sarah would say ‘Yes’ if he proposes again and he will definitely marry her and only her. He said that it was a blessed and very happy marriage made possible through laughter, sense of humour and shared interests. Today, Bails is a father of 3 and a grandfather to 12 amazing grandchildren.

Sarah was there with all smiles when Bails was telling his love story. She added that Bails was a very energetic guy who is interested in a lot of things including wine, country, politics,… and he is very flexible. Asked why did she say ‘Yes’ to Bails 62 years ago, her answer was “It seemed like a good idea then and we had a lot of fun through the years”. Switzerland was the place they spent their honeymoon and it is still their popular and regular destination.

It was a true honour for EZ to have the opportunity to interview this great man and his wife but this article alone touches only on a very small part of the life of Baillieu Myer AC. One should get hold of a copy of Bails recent memoir ‘IN Full Stride – The Life And Times Of Baillieu (Bails) Myer’ that was recently launched.

“为何有兴趣采访一个退休老人?”在我还没来得及介绍自己和《御智澳大利亚》之前,他就抛出问题。说到对Sydney Baillieu (Bails) Myer AC的第一印象:虽然已经年届91岁,但他仍然非常敏锐、机智,声音洪亮。《御智澳大利亚》的采访是他在Toorak区的漂亮房子里进行,这座住宅装饰着精心挑选的古董家具,还有挂在墙上和摆在桌上的中国艺术品与原住民土著手工艺品,俯瞰着迷人的花园。在端上茶和姜饼后,妻子Sarah安静地坐在这个结缡60多年的男人身边。



“Ken和我接管了经营业务,我们努力的进行维持和开拓工作,最终在全国范围内拓展业务。我是在1996年,也是最晚退休的人。” Bails 毫不犹豫地说。

除了购物商场业务之外,Bails还涉足农业和酿酒厂,包括 Santa Gertrudis 牛种、新南威尔士北部 Yulgilbar 的夸特马、以及莫宁顿半岛的埃尔吉公园酿酒工艺。

在他的艺术倡导之旅中,透过维多利亚国家美术馆等组织在澳大利亚艺术界发挥了广泛的引导作用,并将一些贵重艺术收藏品捐赠给了公共机构。Bail 与 Sarah长期以来受到艺术收藏家高度尊敬。重要收藏品包括20世纪80年代的澳大利亚当代艺术、20世纪90年代的原住民土著艺术品、21世纪的雕塑和两个日本艺术收藏品,即中世纪的 Negaro 漆器作品和日本篮子。



《御智》有幸采访到这名领军人物和他的夫人,但是本文仅触及很小部分的 Baillieu Myer AC。而随着近期推出的回忆录:全速迈进 – Baillieu (Bails) Myer 的生命和时间。让每个人对于这位伟大企业家有更全面的了解。


Cooking A Dream 烹调出梦想

Chef Jeffrey Tan, OAM

Celebrity Chef, Australia

Jeffrey Tan Cover.jpg

Everybody has a dream, but not everybody is prepared to go through the grind to make their dreams come true.

For Malaysia-born Jeffrey Kang Hee Tan, he persevered through the grind and has reached for the stars. Now residing in Melbourne, Tan became known worldwide as ‘the humble chef’ and has been an inspiration to many. Known to many as Chef Jeffrey Tan, the Johore native is well-known for his good heart, great appetite and humongous talent.

With such big extolment, it all began with food – a simple, yet solid reason that propelled him to become what he is today.

“Nobody can take my passion away from me, I do not let others get on hold of my destination. And of course, have fun in what you do, without fun, it becomes a routine.”

Tan was a chartered accountant before answering to his calling and pursuing his passion in food. “Nobody can take my passion away from me, I do not let others get on hold of my destination. And of course, have fun in what you do, without fun, it becomes a routine”, he said when asked why he dabbled into the cooking world.

Being an Asian and a non-professionally trained chef was difficult for him to enter into a White dominant chefs’ community in Australia, not to mention climbing the ladder of success. “People then were not as friendly and opened like today,” he mentioned.

Jeffrey Tan

However, through persistence and hard work, he finally earned a voice proving to other fellow chefs that not only he can too, but he is unique and with his own character. He became the very first non-professionally trained chef who was invited to join the leading culinary organisation in Australia, the Les Toques Blanches. While sharing his success story, Jeffrey emphasised that it was not all about passion and commitments but one also needs to know how to brand and market oneself. ‘Sometimes it is not only about are, but who you know’ said the chef.

As Epicurus once said, “Of all the things wisdom can provide one to live one’s entire life in happiness, the most important possession of which is friendship.” Jeffrey added, ‘There is nothing better than mesmerising yourself into a delicious dish while sipping a good wine with good company’.

Today, This once cooking for fun chef cooks for charity dinners throughout Australia and abroad helping to raise money for the less fortunate. “Fundraising is a by-product and we are blessed to have so far raised nearly $4,000,000 with Cooking for Charity”, Jeffrey Tan proudly acknowledged.

When asked about his cooking style, he put it very simply as ‘an international cuisine with an Asian twist’. His unconventional creations have been described by others as “a blend of new and not-so-new traditional cooking techniques, fresh Australian produce, and simplicity in its creation and presentation.” Chef Jeffrey Tan is also a member of the Australian Culinary Federation and recently appointed the Brand Ambassador of Ghee Hiang, a heritage brand celebrating 162 years famous for its 100% pure roasted sesame oil and traditional hand made Chinese pastries.

It is without a doubt that he continue to cook for more charities and raising more monies. His contribution will not only benefit the society but his achievements will definitely inspire others to follow. In short, Chef Jeffrey Tan is indeed ‘A Humble Chef’ cooking up dreams for himself and for the needed.


出生在马来西亚柔佛州的小男孩,目前成为了举世闻名的“谦和厨师”,这对很多人来说是憧憬的梦想激励。现今定居于澳大利亚墨尔本的明星大厨Jeffrey Tan (Kang Hee Tan)以其善良的心、海量的食欲和无限的才华成为重点特质。而所有的一切都源于他对食物的热爱,就是这个相当简朴却又坚实的理由造就今日的他。

执行主厨 Jeffrey Tan 在应对心的呼唤并追随食物的热情之前,曾是一名注册会计师。“没有什么能夺走我的激情,我不会让目标轻易被占据。”至于为何要涉足烹饪界?他说,在你做的事情中寻觅快乐,如果没有乐趣,就成了例行公事。而作为一名亚裔和非专业厨师,打入澳大利亚这种白人主导的厨师圈子非常艰难,更不用说一步步攀登成功的阶梯,那时的人们并非如今天这样友好和开放。然而,通过坚持不懈和加倍勤奋,他最终赢得了欢呼声,向其他厨师证明他不仅可以,而且还是独一无二和别具特色。他成为了第一位非专业训练的厨师,虽然没有本身的餐厅,也没主持电视节目,却被邀请加入澳大利亚领先的顶级烹饪组织 “Les Toques Blanches”。Jeffrey 在分享成功故事时强调,这个过程不只是关于激情和承诺,但也必须知道如何品牌化和推销自身。“有时候,口碑的推广是依靠认知你的人们。”


为慈善公益事业而烹饪是他最自豪的成就之一。最初开始慈善烹饪的原意是庆贺扶轮社会员之间的友谊,共同分享鉴赏生活中欢愉的事物。不过,与其说是为了筹款,不如说是大家共度美好时光。正如哲学家伊壁鸠鲁曾说过,智慧能使人在一生中活出幸福感,其中最重要的是友谊。他补充,没有什么比与各方知音者们投入一场色香味盛宴和香醇红酒更能吸引人的了。目前,这名乐享烹饪的厨师在澳大利亚和国外举办慈善晚宴,为那些不幸者筹集资金。“筹款只是副产品,我们很幸运,到目前为止已经为慈善事业筹获近4百万澳元。”Jeffrey Tan 骄傲的说。

对于本身的烹饪风格,他简单归纳为具有亚洲风味的国际美食。至于他的非常规创作被其他人描述为“一种介于新派和非新派的传统烹饪技术,结合新鲜的澳大利亚农产食材,以及简单纯粹的创作和展示。”JefferyTan也是澳大利亚烹饪联盟(AustralianCulinary Federation)的成员,他最近还任命为义香(Ghee Hiang) 的品牌大使,这是一家拥有 162年悠久历史的传统品牌,以100%纯香麻油和传统手工制作的中式糕点闻名。

毫无疑问往后他将为更多的慈善事业而烹饪,并筹集资金。他个人所作出的贡献不仅造福社会,所获得的成就也必将作为他人追随的模范。综合来说,Jeffery Tan大厨是不折不扣的“谦和厨师”,为自己和需要的人烹调出梦想。

Pomeroy and Splendour 专属Pomeroy的波澜壮阔

Dug Pomeroy

Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific

By Sloane Patterson

Dug Pomeroy Cover

Giving Victoria’s landscape new artistic strokes ever so often, the Dug Pomeroy signature has been emblazoned across Melbourne for the past 47 years, and is still trailblazing across the country with style and vehemence.

A qualified Master Builder, this Executive Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific holds Unlimited Building Licences in commercial and residential construction, and has a project portfolio in the billions of dollars.

Born in Tel Aviv, Dug is a special import from Israel.  He came to Australia at five and has been infatuated with the Australian lifestyle and infrastructure ever since. “I consider myself Australian. I love Australia, it’s my home and my country.”  Educated at a well-known private school in Burwood – Mount Scopus Memorial College, young Dug was always building something – model battleships, aeroplanes, cars and then moved on to brick and mortar behemoths. It was really no surprise that he studied architecture when he left school.

From a small three-metre-by-three-metre office with flannel wallpaper and pretty curtains at $8 rental per week, Dug’s first purchase and development was a piece of industrial land with no services or facilities. “I designed the industrial buildings and came up with an interesting toilet system like those on boats. Before we knew it, the first plot was leased and sold at record price.  Suddenly we were buying up the surrounding sites. Five years on, we had something like 20 different projects.”

Some of his notable works were 553 St Kilda Road where the American Consulate is based, Clarendon Towers, Southern Cross Tower and Queensbridge, to name a few. “We built the Boroondara Aquatic Centre, with the first swimming pool in the southern hemisphere to have a floor that can be raised. The Qantas Flight Simulator and the ABC Television Studios were also our projects. We were the first to start tilt-up construction and we had the reputation of undertaking the most difficult and complex building projects.” Some of the biggest houses in Victoria, shopping centres in the CBD and Box Hill, and more than 40 factories were all Pacific Pomeroy projects.

“We endured a massive haemorrhage from the 1990 recession, but survived. In the same year we also decided to concentrate more on project development management and project delivery. Those are exercises where we provide a full menu – from assessing site feasibility and purchase, financing, leasing and selling. We take the client through the development process until where he can cash his chips and make money. It’s not necessarily about the lowest price, it’s about the right price.”

As a teenager, all Dug wanted was to have a Gibson guitar like Paul McCartney and to drive an E Type Jaguar.  Having achieved that and then some, Dug of today, “Wants to be in a position where I can afford to have a reasonably full life. If you are dedicated and constantly strive for perfection, the money will follow. There is no room for compromise. Near enough is never good enough.”

The Pomeroy philosophy is to enjoy many things in life. “I love music, musicals, movies, art, fashion, cars, watches, books and travelling. I’m never bored.” There are, however, pet peeves.

“I dislike rudeness, ignorance, and am not a fan of belligerence.” 

“When I think of a company, it’s like passengers travelling on a train journey. They look out the window and can see what’s happening. I like to think of myself sitting on top of the train where I can see where we’ve been, my surroundings and where we are going. That is the key of being chairman of a company.”


过去的47年里,让维多利亚州的景观绽放全新的艺术风格,Dug Pomeroy 标志性的风格已经积极贯彻墨尔本各角落,并穿梭在全国范围内展开一场品味和激情的探索。

作为一名具备资格的建筑大师,Pomeroy Pacific这名执行主席在商业和住宅建设工程中持有无限建筑物许可证,并拥有数十亿元的项目投资组合。

他出生在以色列的特拉维夫,属于非常特殊的“进口”人群。在5岁时候来到澳大利亚,他就爱上了这里的生活方式和基础设施。“我认为自己是澳大利亚人。我爱它,这是我的家园和国家。” 在 Burwood 区一间著名的私人学院 – Mount Scopus Memorial College,这名年轻人一直在构建特别的作品—战舰、飞机或汽车模型,然后再转向砖头和水泥等庞然大物。他在离校后投入建筑设计,其实完全有迹可循。

从一间仅有3公尺长高,内部装饰着法兰绒壁纸和漂亮窗帘,每周租金8元的小办公室作为开端。Dug Pomeroy首次买下和发展的是一块没有任何服务或设施的工业用地。


他的杰出工程包括位于 St Kilda 路 553 号的美国领事馆基地、Clarendon Towers,Southern Cross Tower 和Queensbridge等。“我们建造了 Boroondara 水上中心,这个是南半球的第一个游泳池具备上升式的地板。澳洲航空公司的飞行模拟器和ABC电视台也是我们的计划。我们也是首个开始倾斜(立墙平浇)工程的公司,维持着承接高难度和复杂建筑项目的声誉。维多利亚州的一些大型住宅建筑,中央商务区 CBD 和 Box Hill 的购物商场,以及40多家工厂都是 Pomeroy Pacific 的项目计划。”


在青少年时期,他向往着像 Paul McCartney 那样拥有一把 Gibson 吉他,开着一辆捷豹跑车。在实现了这一点之后,他现在想要处于一个合理充实的生活位置。


Pomeroy 的哲学是尽情享受生活细节。“我喜欢音乐、音乐剧、电影、艺术、时尚、汽车、手表,书籍和旅游,我从来不无聊。然而,还是有厌烦的事物。我不喜欢鲁莽、无知,而且我也不好战。”