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Henny Pty Ltd was founded in 2018 by Ben Turner. His professional career has spanned numerous countries including United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, China, Guam and Australia, and with some of the largest global project management and construction firms, across a wide variety of projects. In Melbourne, Ben achieved considerable success as Project Manager on many recognisable high-rise projects – in particular, the multi award-winning ‘Latrobe Tower’, a 40+ level CBD tower.

Eric Loi, Director of Henny, partnered with Ben in 2019, and has been co-instrumental in driving Henny’s organic growth, firmly establishing Henny’s brand equity through strong industry contacts, professional and authentic service, and the capability to simply build better.

Eric joined Henny following a successful career as a Structural Engineer for one of Australia’s largest engineering firms, where he managed a large portfolio of high-profile projects.

In 2010, he joined Nonda Katsalidis (Fender Katsalidis) and created Unitised Building Consulting. It was here that Ben and Eric made their first acquaintance, and their intuitive professional relationship has flourished ever since.

The Henny team has built a solid foundation of exceptional experience with a highly recognised roster of commercial and domestic builders; as a result they collectively possess a deep knowledge and understanding of the local construction market.

With a focus on 100% reliability and delivering top quality projects, Henny maintains a clear hands-on approach. The team limits the number of projects they undertake at any one time, and this ensures that the Directors can continue to manage them all with professional care and consideration. The Directors’ close involvement allows their in-depth construction and engineering experience to become deeply ingrained in every project Henny takes on, this in turn ensures the delivery of top-quality building projects, generating optimal returns for their esteemed clients.

Henny invests heavily in its people, including in-house trade capabilities and onsite fabrication, all of which create a peace of mind for clients to entrust them with their projects, and form a strong foundation for vibrant long-term relationships.

Henny’s project portfolio ranges from low rise to high rise residential apartment buildings and commercial spaces, completed in suburbs such as Armadale, Hampton, Brighton, Collingwood, Carlton and Cremorne, and the list of quality-delivered projects continues to grow!

BEN TURNER Founder of Henny Pty Ltd & ERIC LOI Director of Henny Pty Ltd

Henny Pty Ltd 由 Ben Turner 于 2018 年创立。他的职业生涯跨越了许多国家,包括英国、英属维尔京群岛、中国、关岛和澳大利亚,并与一些全球最大的项目管理和建筑公司合作, 涉及各种类型的项目。在墨尔本,Ben 作为项目经理在许多知名高层项目中取得了相当大的成功,尤其是屡获殊荣的 40 层以上的 CBD 塔楼 “Latrobe Tower”。

Henny 董事 Eric Loi 于 2019 年与 Ben 合作,凭借强大的行业联系、专业和真诚的服务以及卓越的建筑品质,共同推动了 Henny 的有机增长,牢固地建立了 Henny 的品牌资产。

在加入 Henny 之前,Eric 曾任职于澳大利亚最大的工程公司,担任结构工程师,成功管理了大量备受瞩目的项目。2010年,他加入了 Nonda Katsalidis(Fender Katsalidis) 并创建了 Unitised Building Consulting。Ben 和 Eric 就是在这里结识,他们直觉上的职业关系从此蓬勃发展。

” …坚实的基础…对当地建筑市场的深入了解和理解…为其尊敬的客户创造最佳回报。”



Henny 拥有自有施工团队(非外包),配合现场制作。让客户全程无忧,并为充满活力的长期关系奠定了坚实的基础。

Henny的业务涵盖低层到高层住宅公寓楼和商业项目,公司建成的项目遍布墨尔本的 Armadale、Hampton、Brighton、Collingwood、Carlton 和 Cremorne 等地区,并且交付的优质项目清单还在不断增加!

Designing the future with Decibel Architecture & Dylan Brady 尽情构筑未来

Dylan Brady
Conductor of Decibel Architecture dB(A)))
Decibel Architecture dB(A))) 主创总监 Dylan Brady

We at CHTNetwork Australia believe in fostering a constructive, respectful and healthy networking platform that serves as an epicentre for “all good things in life to meet”. Having established an impressive profile as a networking platform in Malaysia for 14 years, CHTNetwork Australia is now dedicated to serving as the bridge that connects Australians, Malaysians and ASEAN entrepreneurs to share a symbiotic connection that is built firmly upon strong bonds of multiculturalism, trust and entrepreneurship. One of the tools which CHTNetwork uses to ‘connect’ is EZ Magazine.
No one can attest to the merits of global entrepreneurship more than Dylan Brady, the Conductor at Decibel Architecture, an architecture firm that passionately fuses art with practical, technical knowledge in the field, as their enthusiastically capable team continues to contribute stanzas to the everlasting poem of human cultural organisation and vivacious expression when society designs cities.
Mr Brady’s prestigious career of nearly 3 decades has birthed paragons of intricately detailed building projects across Asia like the Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre* facade in China and Vietnam’s upcoming Ho Chi Minh City Eco Green Hyatt Tower, to name a few. Apart from creating Australian marvels of architecture like Melbourne’s Federation Square façade, dB(A))) is currently working on a series of significant cultural projects across South-east Asian and China to further fulfill Mr Brady’s dream of how his work can enable the citizens of the cities whose buildings dB(A))) designs to, “continue participating in the economic and cultural conversation of their respective countries and the planet”.  

EZ Magazine Australia is honoured to be acquainted with Mr Brady and was delighted to interview him:

Who is Dylan Brady?  

I was born in Melbourne and have been infused with a deep love of this city and its people. It is a global city with ambition and drive, and the place that I always return to as home.
I describe myself as a Husband, Father and Architect. It’s a reminder – to me mainly – to ensure that what is urgent does not distract from what is important. My purpose has always been bold. Architecture as a profession and passion represents a fusion of art, sculpture, engineering and the fundamental human expression of the City. I have been driven by design excellence all my life – opportunities, creativity and energy can be harnessed to push the boundaries of what might be.

Pixel Building

Decibel Architecture (“dBA”)  is now more than 5 years old and has enjoyed success over these years. What do you think are the 3 most important characteristics of a successful business?  

To me the pillars of successful business are People, Purpose and Product. People are the most fundamental part of a successful business – myself and the team, our clients and their teams, and most importantly our common market. Purpose is the heart of our practice – this enables us to distil and enable our clients’ purpose and embody that in the Product we create. These creations must be exceptional and deliver high performance outcomes, ultimately attracting people to the business, as partners and clients in new work.

To what extent has exposure to architecture from across the globe influenced dB(A)))’s design philosophy? 

Architecture is Human – it’s Global. I have never seen it any other way. Through our work and experiences over the last 20 years through Australia and South East Asia, I see the challenge and opportunity and common purpose of Architecture as Global.  Lessons from one project and place, help enhance and innovate in another – and often the innovation is happening outside developed centres, not just within them. We are interested in culture – in difference and adaption, and in how materials, crafts and processes are enabled by new technologies to deliver solutions in a rapidly changing world.

What is your greatest challenge as founder of studio505 and subsequently dB(A))) and where do you see the company in the next decade? 

Igniting and instilling enthusiasm and passion in the vision of the practice and its projects is the foundation of great work. Being open to the challenge of change is paramount – and we do this by ensuring our adaptability and resilience is responding to external and internal drivers. We thrive in our relationships which ensures we continue to offer ethical, ecological and exceptional outcomes to our clients and staff.  We focus on how we as a business can act to maximise our impact on changing the world for the better. The world in 2030 is guaranteed to be very different from today- change is the only constant. We plan that in that future, dB(A))) has contributed to the shape of that future, and that our core values, our principles and our purpose remains actively engaged in contributing to the next decade ahead.

Why should clients choose dB(A))) compared to other architecture firms? How does dB(A))) maintain the edge over its competitors?

dB(A))) promises fresh eyes. We propose sophisticated responses that meet economic objectives, but that go beyond simply utilitarian expectation. We are powered by deep strategic thinking – exploring, researching and challenging the brief to ensure the best possible vision and value add. We are ethical, ecological and exceptional and are driven by the idea that expectations can be exceeded, and that aspirations can be realised and delivered in creative, inspirational and innovative ways. As such we are unafraid of large and small challenges and enthusiastically thrive on their solution. When you work with dB(A))), you work directly with us, and share in our vivid thinking.

Architects and clients are like artists and businessmen, how do you balance their demands and at the same time not losing your creativity?

Architecture is not simply decoration, it is not only sculpture, it must deliver beyond an aesthetic impression. At dB(A))) we think of our buildings as instruments – take the violin as an example – it must be finely crafted, balanced, functional and beautiful, but its purpose is not itself. Its purpose is also not that someone can play music on it – that is its function – its purpose is for that music to raise the spirits and souls of the audience. The projects we build have functional needs but must still raise the soul – the design embedded in an object has value in delivering those outcomes – functional, formal, and transformative. We think of the design process in the same way – our clients are not merely businessmen and women, but partners in a shared purpose. Equals who guide each other towards exceptional outcomes. Finding this balance can be challenging – all the best experiences are. But it is also hugely rewarding.

Many of your projects are impressive in terms of its scale. How do you achieve the finer details of a project without compromising its overall vision?

From chandeliers to cities – our rigour and continuous attention to detail, consistency of application of design thinking, and ongoing communication of the outcomes we are all seeking to achieve. That last 3% of project is like the last 3% in the Olympics – it transforms good to great, and great to remarkable. By defining what is fundamental to a project, we create a touchstone that guides every hand that works with us, that aligns our efforts and makes everyone a contributor to a coherent whole.

Which is the project that you are most proud of?

You mean who is my favourite child? I am proud of just about every one of our projects – built and unbuilt. Each is radically different, but I have the deepest connection to those projects founded in Purpose. That have required bold innovation to deliver. A shortlist rather than a singular favourite would include our home the Pixel Building, that continues to inspire environmental efforts globally and in our own current work; the Ng Teng Fong Hospital wards that continue to heal people in a remarkably innovative environment of salutogenic design; the One Victoria project that is founded in science, innovation and technical exceptionalism and will create the perpetual fund for the Royal Society of Victoria to eternally advocate for and grow science competency in all Victorians;  and the Wujin Lotus that continues to deliver joy to young and old and make a Place in people’s hearts; I am proud of all these and more, but in the end, the project I am currently most proud of is Decibel Architecture itself – the idea that we can build a culture to design a practice that can deliver and contribute such outcomes is remarkable, and I have a lot of pride in my team.

What are some of the new and exciting projects dB(A))) is currently working on?

We have just completed the new interior fit-out for John Holland – a 7500m2 workplace that we are very excited to see come to life. We have some permits in hand for new wineries and functions centres and are working on some very interesting masterplans in Japan and Tasmania. We have the new ‘Worlds Greenest Building’ underway in Shanghai, as well as the super slender One Victoria project for the Royal Society of Victoria. At the same time, we are delivering a 275m Hyatt Hotel tower in Ho Chi Minh City, three exciting pavilions in the Dubai Expo 2020 and some multi-residential and boutique hotel projects in Melbourne. 

What do you think is the fine balance dB(A))) achieves when it comes to integrating its architecture, urban planning and interior architecture divisions? 

We see no rigid demarcation in design. Design is free from scale and division. We approach a project holistically – be it a chandelier or a city – from yield, through to innovation, we continuously look to understand what the purpose of the project is. We seek to refine and enhance that throughout the ‘disciplines’ in our network. We love to work with specialists in their fields, and to weave them into the story of the projects – a landscape approach to urban design, and interior perspective on facades- this way of seeing with fresh eyes brings intriguing propositions previously unexplored to the fore.

Are the new generation architects as passionate and as hardworking as senior architects like you?

Absolutely. Possibly (and thankfully) even more so! Our team is a diverse and capable tapestry of generations and cultures- all experienced and enthusiastic professionals. We thrive both on our differences and in our common passion for the exceptional.

Any advice for those wanting to pursue a career in architecture?

You have to love it – it has to call you. It will be clear to you already if that is true, so then try to discover what your own personal purpose is- and follow that with architecture as your instrument.

The future of CHTNetwork Australia & dB(A)))?

Considering how CHTNetwork Australia seamlessly comple-ments its “networks” to project the “net worth” of their patrons; 

I believe that dB(A)))’s partnership with one of the most influential networking platforms in the region will be ridden with success, mutual respect and newfound friendship. In a way, we’re both storytellers. Whilst my friends at CHTNetwork Australia help illustrate businesses and the profoundly professional, colourful people who bring them to life; we at dB(A))) take pride in delivering exceptional outcomes by envisaging a world that has yet to exist whilst crafting that tale to our clients in an idealistic but practical manner. We as architects are charged with the rewarding and challenging task of convincing the world to believe in things that don’t yet exist, and the tools we employ in our craft helps us tell these stories more clearly, emotionally and effectively. I am most excited to see our mutually beneficial friendship with CHTNetwork Australia spread dB(A)))’s vision to challenge the status quo and create the opportunity for us to explore, create and deliver on designs for projects that not only beautify, but also improves our world. 

Eco Green Hyatt Tower, Ho Chi Minh City
Wujin Lotus Wujin
Dylan Brady


没有人比Dylan Brady更能体会和意识到企业全球化的优势,在他领导下的Decibel Architecture热衷于艺术的实用表达,有领先行业的技术和热诚干练的团队,致力于谱写关于社会设计城市的永恒的人文诗篇。

Dylan Brady近30年的职业生涯使他的建筑设计遍布亚洲各地,例如中国苏州文化艺术中心的建筑外观,越南即将建成的胡志明凯悦大厦等。另外,除了缔造奇迹的墨尔本联邦广场外观, dB(A)))目前还在东南亚和中国有一系列的重大文化项目正在进行,进一步实践他的梦想“设计以人为本的建筑”,继续参与各地和全球经济与文化的对话。


Dylan Brady是何人?



Decibel Architecture dB(A)))设立至今已经有5年多的历史了,这些年来业务发展如浴春风。你认为一个成功企业最关键的3个特征是什么?

John Holland Headquarters, Melbourne





与其他建筑公司相比,客户为何要选择dB(A)))? dB(A)))如何拉开与竞争对手的差距?



建筑不仅仅是简单的装饰或者雕塑,它必须传递出超越美的印象。在dB(A)))我们认为我们建筑设计就像乐器—以小提琴为例,它必须是精工细作、平衡,功能和优雅完美合一,小提琴的目的并非它本身,也不是让人能用它演奏,那只是它的功能 — 它最终的目的是让用它演奏的音乐给听众带来精神和灵魂上的愉悦。我们建造的项目有功能需求,但仍必须提升灵魂—嵌入到一个对象中的设计传达结果方面的重要价值—功能、形式和变革性。我们以同样的方式看待设计过程—所有的客户不仅是个体,而是志同道合的合作伙伴。我们是平等的,引导彼此走向卓越的结果。找到这个平衡点会有挑战性,但一切最好的经历都是如此。它最终会带来巨大的回报。



你指的是我最喜爱哪个孩子?我对每一个项目都感到自豪,不管是已建成的还是未完成的。每一个都各具特色,但我对那些有明确目标的项目会有更深的关爱,因为它需要大胆的创新来实现。举例来说这些都并非单一例子,比如我们的公司所在地-像素大厦(Pixel Building),它持续激发全球生态建筑的发展和我们当前的工作的灵感; 黄廷芳综合医院(Ng Teng Fong Hospital)的病房,病人在我们创新的医学健康建筑中康复。One Victoria项目,建立在科学,创新和技术例外论的基础上,将为维多利亚皇家学会创建永久基金,倡导和提高维多利亚的科学能力;还有中国江苏常州的武进莲花公园(Wujin Lotus),将持续为当地人带来欢乐,在人们心中占有一席之地。我为这些感到骄傲,但最终,我目前最自豪的是Decibel Architecture本身,因为我们可以缔造一个文化,从设计到实践,然后兑现和贡献令人瞩目的成果,我为这样的团队感到骄傲。


我们刚为John Holland完成了新的室内装修,这是一个7500平方米的工作场所,非常兴奋地看到它焕然一新。我们在筹备设计几个酒庄和宴会中心,还在为日本和塔斯马尼亚州的一些有趣的项目做总体规划。我们在上海有一座全新“世界最绿色的建筑”,还有为维多利亚皇家学会打造超级环保的One Victoria项目。同时,我们还将在胡志明市建设一座高275米的凯悦酒店,2020年迪拜世博会的三个激奋人心展馆,还有墨尔本的一些多功能住宅和精品酒店项目。






关于 CHTNetwork 澳大利亚 & dB(A)))的未来?

考虑到CHTNetwork澳大利亚不间断的投注心力在本身的“网络-networks”,以促进客户的“资产净值-net worth”;我相信,dB(A)))与这个本区域最具影响力的网络平台之一的合作必定取得成功,并且相互尊重,结下新的友谊同盟。在某种程度上,我们都是叙述故事的人。当CHTNetwork的朋友们为大家展示了许多优质企业和深刻的专业,还有将丰富多彩的人们带到生活中; 但我们dB(A)))以一种理想化但实际的方式为客户打造一个尚未存在的世界,并以此为荣。作为建筑师,我们肩负着让世界相信“尚未存在的事物”这一富有挑战性的任务,而我们在专业工艺中使用的工具帮助我们更清晰、更感性、更有效地讲述这些故事。我很高兴看到我们与CHTNetwork的互惠友谊传播了dB(A)))的愿景;即挑战现状,为我们探索、创造和兑现项目设计创建机遇,不仅是美化,也改善我们的世界。

Melbourne Design Showcase, HK 2017 

Building a Legacy 创造传奇新时代

EZOZ21- Maurice Romano 1.jpgMaurice Romano
Co-Founder & Group Managing Director of Romano Property Group (RPG)
Romano Property Group (RPG) 联合创始人兼董事总经理

Celebrating 15 years with the Romano Property Group

“The definition of success is having a good business with a clear strategic vision, looking after all stakeholders in your business and being able to provide for your family”.

These are the confident words of Maurice Romano, who has been the co-founder and group managing director of the Romano Property Group (RPG)¸ since 2005. Driven by the ethos of dynamic collaboration and creativity, this market-driven, innovative property development business is 100 per cent privately owned by Maurice Romano and his family since 2016. RPG champions itself in its ability to manage and control a project from its conceptual genesis through all stages of its development cycle by establishing itself as a distinctive, trustworthy and resilient player in the property market.

The Romano family’s professional experience in the art of property construction and development can trace its roots back to when his first-generation Italian immigrant parents settled in Ballarat during the 1960s. “My dad was a solid plasterer and concreter by trade. My parents started a small construction business in renovation, plastering, concreting and building townhouses”, said Mr Romano. His parents were pioneers in the construction of one of the first boutique triple-storey apartments in Ascot Vale. With an entrepreneurial spirit fostered since young, Romano studied a Bachelor of Economics in Melbourne and was told by his father to, “go work for the bank”.

EZOZ21- Maurice Romano 3.jpg

Despite a series of failed interviews and being told that he simply “didn’t have the right personality for banking”, the persistently diligent young graduate found his niche in sales and marketing when he joined Rexona Unilever as a sales representative. This would then usher in a rewarding 25-year career for Romano, where he excelled, to hold several senior executive positions and directorships across prestigious corporations within the Australian and New Zealand fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry such as Amcal, Pacific Dunlop Food Company, Valcorp Fine Foods and the Australian Convenience Foods Group (ACFG). Romano is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and successfully obtained a postgraduate degree in marketing to complement and consolidate theoretical business principles for practical applications.

Being the eldest of three brothers, Romano led his younger brother to take reign of the Romano construction and development family business to form RPG in 2005. In a decade, the brothers delivered over AUD400m worth of projects across medium-density residential, retail, student accommodation, commercial offices and high-rise medical within the Melbourne metropolitan area. The longevity and trust in RPG within the property market has also enabled it to attract foreign capital from a myriad of international investors. After a fruitful partnership of 10 years, the Romano brothers decided to pursue separate business interests in 2015.

In the spirit of continuing the Romano legacy, Romano then moved RPG to Collins Street and restructured the company to operate under a triumvirate division structure through RPG Capital, RPG Projects and RPG Real Estate. Where RPG capital facilitates debt and equity funding structures for high net worth investors, RPG projects are focused on sourcing, planning and construction of projects which are then complemented by project marketing delivered by RPG Real Estate. Romano holds a full Real Estate licence and is OIEC of this real estate arm. “Real estate development is not for the faint-hearted. You really need an extraordinary team and some robust financing behind you.”

Unlike RPG’s competitors who leverage debt and equity capital from other investors to fund their projects, Maurice is a staunch believer in co-investing his own capital with a suite of trusted partners. RPG’s successful 15-year partnership with trusted financial institutions like the Bank of Melbourne and National Bank is also a testament to RPG being a paragon of excellence and trust within the property development market that is often riddled with volatility. Romano believes that investing 50 percent to 100 percent of RPG’s own capital into every project translates to a symbiotic enhanced cooperation and understanding between the developer and investors.

Adopting both a horizontal and vertical organisational structure enables RPG to focus on core elements of the stages of property development through its “inhouse” staff without losing strategic direction. As “buyers want to deal directly with their developer”, RPG conducts project marketing alongside its inhouse sales team. This successful formula has not only resulted in its developments being sold out 100% but allowed RPG to effectively build and manage a rent roll of 400 plus properties in a manner that always prioritises customer’s needs.

Good rapport with principal consultants like KCL Law, Thompson Geer, Charter Keck Cramer, external accounting firm Hall and Chadwick, and a thorough appreciation of one’s internal talents, are essential elements for a successful property development firm. Romano cares about the career fulfilment and wellbeing of his staff. “You are not only there to keep people employed but, you are actually adding value to someone else’s life. I think that’s something that people tend to disregard.”

Assisted by powerful project development and, sales and marketing teams, RPG has multiple promising projects in premium locations, in the pipeline. These projects are set to deliver long-term value for the company, the community at large and investors over the next 5 years.

One of RPG’s exciting new ventures is their acquisition of 8-10 Grattan Street, Hawthorn a once-in-a-lifetime development of 15 over-generous, luxurious and unique residences within the premium location of St James Estate. Partnered with the architectural genius of Ewert Leaf and the creativity of noted landscaper Jack Merlo , marketing of this Hawthorn project is to commence in August 2020.

Romano is confident that the 15th anniversary of RPG in September 2020 will inaugurate the dawn of a new age and RPG’s continued journey of longevity within the Melbourne property market.

EZOZ21- Maurice Romano 5
Number 8 Grattan Luxury Residences Hawthorn

EZOZ21- Maurice Romano 6
Number 8 Grattan Lounge

EZOZ21- Maurice Romano 7
Number 8 Grattan Kitchen

Romano Property Group共庆15周年


这是出自2005年以来担任Romano Property Group联合创始人兼董事经理Maurice Romano的自信之言。以精诚合作和锐意创新作为企业的精神,这家以市场为主导的创新的房地产开发公司由Maurice Romano及其家族完全私人所有。RPG通过自身庞大的地产开发网络,使其能够控制从概念策划到项目完工的每一个环节,成为行业内独特的,值得信赖的和充满生机的一员。

至于Romano家族在房地产建设和开发方面的专业经验要追溯到上世纪60年代,他的父母是第一代意大利移民,并定居在巴拉瑞特(Ballarat)。“我父亲从事固体抹灰和混凝土贸易。父母开了一家小型建筑公司,提供翻新、抹灰、浇注混凝土和建造联排别墅等业务。双亲也是在阿斯科特谷(Ascot Vale)建造首批精品三层公寓的先驱者之一。Maurice Romano从小就培养了创业精神,他在墨尔本取得经济学士学位后,父亲当时希望他去银行工作。

尽管在面试时候经历一连串的失败,也被告知根本就缺乏“适合从事银行业的性格”,但这位奋发的年轻毕业生却在作为销售代表加入联合利华(Rexona Unilever)后,迅速在销售与营销业务中找到了自己的定位。这也开启了他25年的超卓职业生涯,涉足于澳大利亚和新西兰快速消费品(FMCG)行业领域。包括Amcal,Pacific Dunlop食品公司、Valcorp Fine Foods和澳大利亚方便速食品集团(Australian Convenience Foods Group-ACFG)。Maurice Romano同时也是澳大利亚公司董事机构(Australian Institute of Company Directors – AICD)的研究员,并获得市场营销的研究生学位,辅助和巩固理论商业原则,致力应用于实践。

身为三兄弟中的大哥,Maurice Romano在2005年带领弟弟们接管Romano建设和发展家族企业,并创立了RPG。在10年的时间里,这家兄弟公司成功地交付了超过4亿澳元的项目,这些项目计划横跨墨尔本市区内的中密度住宅、零售、学生宿舍、商业办公和高层医疗中心。RPG在房地产市场上展现出的高度生命力和可信度,也成功地吸引许多国际投资者的投资。经过10年卓有成效的合作,他们决定在2015年寻求独立的商业盈利模式。

本着延续Romano家族文化的精神,Maurice Romano随后将RPG迁移至柯林斯街(Collins Street)并对公司进行重组,通过整合把RPG Capital、RPG Projects和RPG Real Estate作为三大业务框架运营。RPG Capital为高净值投资者的项目提供债务和股权融资结构,而RPG Projects则专注于寻找、规划和构建项目,然后再由RPG Real Estate进行项目营销。Maurice Romano持有正式的房地产执照,也是该部门全权有效管制人员。

“太过谨小慎微的人并不适合房地产开发,你必需要有一个非凡的团队和强力的资金支持。”不过,他们与竞争对手利用其他投资者的债务和股票资本进行项目融资的情况不一样,坚定秉持诚信观念,与一批值得信赖的合作伙伴共同投资自有资本。他们与墨尔本银行(Bank of Melbourne)和国家银行(National Bank)等金融机构以互信互惠的方式成功携手15年,这也证明RPG在房地产开发市场中是卓越和信任的典范,在形势起伏不定的房地产开发市场实属少见。他相信将RPG自有资金的50%到100%投入到每个项目中,能够更紧密增进开发者和投资者之间的合作和理解。


对外,RPG长期与KCL Law、Thompson Geer、Charter Keck Cramer及会计事务所Hall Chadwick等主要咨询顾问保持良好关系。对内,一家卓越的房地产开发公司必须具备充分的内部协调和善于发掘成员天赋的才能,Maurice Romano非常关心员工的职业成就和福利。“你不仅仅是为了让人们保有工作,实际上是在为别人的人生增值。我认为人们往往会忽视这一点。”在RPG强大的项目开发团队和市场营销团队的开拓下,RPG在优越地段中拥有多个前景无限的项目进行中。这些项目将为公司、整个社区及其投资者带来长远价值。

RPG令人振奋的新投资之一是他们收购了位于Hawthorn的 8-10 Grattan Street,在St James最优质的房产地段开发15座非常气派、豪华和独特的永久发展住宅区。这个与建筑奇才Ewert Leaf和著名园林设计师Jack Merlo创意联手的Hawthorn项目将于2020年8月上市销售。

2020年9月,RPG成立15周年纪念将开启一个新时代的曙光,Maurice Romano深信RPG的光芒将长久照耀墨尔本房地产市场。”