Building Through Connection 通过连接建立

During the slight easing of restriction, Eric Loi of Henny organized an exclusive meeting to discuss the challenges of COVID that is impacting the building industry. Attendee included Alex Lim President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Xu of MBCM Hawthorn and Box Hill, Ping Chng CEO of EZ, and David Liao founder of DLX Creative. Everyone shared their perspectives and all agreed that we can only overcome challenges by connecting together and build for the future. We look forward to organizing future functions at the new HQ for Henny located in Hawthorn.

由来自 Henny 的 Eric Loi 作为组织召集人,趁着疫情限制略微放松的时刻举行了一次独家会议,出席者包括中华总商会会长Alex Lim,MBCM Hawthorn 和 Box Hill 的 Charlie Xu,《御智》的首席执行官 Ping Chng 以及 DLX Creative 的创始人 David Liao,共同讨论 COVID 疫情对于建筑工程行业造成的影响。与会者都分享了自己的观点,并且一致认同,大家只有团结凝聚,为创建未来而努力,才能克服挑战。 我们期待着在位于 Hawthorn 的 Henny 新总部组织未来的职能。