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Clive Scott 

General Manager of Sofitel Melbourne on Collins


Once likened to Alfred Hitchcock, especially his side profile, Clive Scott made a cameo appearance as the master of horror in a play in Sofitel, not so long ago.

Scott is fun and spontaneous, a worldly gentleman in the hospitality industry.  Those who know him will agree that he is also one of the most forward-thinking, effective and beloved general managers around town. With decades of experience, leadership and operational skills, any hotel should be so lucky to have him helm their property. Sofitel hit the jackpot for the last 15 years with Scott as their general manager.

His passion for hotel management stemmed from young when he was travelling the world with his parents who worked for United Nations Australia’s Colombo Plan. Although he lives in Melbourne predominantly, he spent a lot of time in Asia. He was schooled in three different countries before doing economics and hotel management in Victoria University. “At that time working in hotels was not so popular. People saw hotels as pubs for drinking, but I liked the environment. I was passionate about it and it has been a good career for me.”

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is where French luxury meets epicurean indulgence in the world’s most exciting city.  Situated at the Paris end of Collins Street, in the heart of the premier shopping, dining and theatre district, just minutes from the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sofitel is built by the late American Chinese architect I.M.Pei, who also designed the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.  

Art is one of the major factors that maintain the society’s creativity and innovation. Youth should be exposed to art to turn on their minds. Art explains that not all lines are straight and black-and-white isn’t just black-and-white  

“Not only a beautiful venue, Sofitel has a special art programme where we organise 18 to 20 art shows every year.  Bringing art into the hotel promotes creativity and innovation amongst the staff. It makes the hotel look exciting, alive and different all the time. Art also expands the mind and enables us to learn about other cultures. The Sofitel French heritage is synonymous to art, gourmet food and excellent wine, demonstrating that the finer things in life are not just elitist but accessible as well.”

Being general manager to such an outstanding brand of hospitality is not a walk in park but Scott takes it well in his stride. “You need to be passionate, otherwise the long hours and busy environment can be daunting. A high level of communication and understanding of many nationalities are preferable. A lot of computer analysis goes on but when you get down to it, it’s really about engagement with the guests and how well they are looked after.” 

Stress is not healthy and medically bad for you.  I don’t think life should be easy, but you should look after yourself and make sure you enjoy life as you go along

Clive Scott一直被认为神似惊悚悬念大师希区柯克 (Alfred Hitchcock),尤其是侧脸。不久前,他在索菲特酒店的一出戏剧中客串演出希区







by  Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik     

Seal of Approval 牢固封印

Michael Steven Taylor 

Partner & Head of Mega Fortris Australia 

Mega Fortris Australia合伙人兼负责人

‘Prevention, Protection and Peace of mind’ – if one can bottle and sell these three elements, it would be trending hotter than the latest episode of Game of Thrones or iPhone or K-pop.

Michael Steven Taylor, better known as Mick Taylor, would know more about this as partner and head of Mega Fortris Australia; a global supplier in high quality, tamper evident and innovative security seals.

“Mega Fortris is one of the largest manufacturers of security seals on the planet with thousands of security experts at work and a distribution network in more than 24 countries across five continents. That’s how we continue to deliver ‘Peace of Mind’ to our clients.”

A founding member of Mega Fortris Australia, Mick has garnered more than 33 years of experience in this industry.  He has designed and been involved in the production of some of the world’s most widely used tamper evident products, covering a wide range of industries including the gaming, racing, transport and utility sectors.

“I’m always striving to find the right product for every client and prefer to look at business relationships, as genuine partnerships rather than a sales-oriented process.”

“Our company provides an extensive range of products and solutions, from security seals, bags, tamper evident labels, tapes and more recently, key management.  By identifying risks and weaknesses, clients can select and implement a resilient and layered tamper evident solution, making their assets less accessible and safe from theft, alteration or damage.  Our proven focus on security, backed by unparalleled customer service, makes us highly competitive and a specialist within our industry.  

With a background in business accounting, Mick also holds a Security Master Licence with affiliations to the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), NSW Chapter, which he served as Executive Secretary from 2015 to 2018.

Born in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mick spent his younger years surfing, playing cricket, rugby league, martial arts and BMX racing.  In high school Mick switched from sports to playing in musicals and rock bands, as the lead guitarist, a passion that still resonates with him today. 

Although no longer playing live music, our man of many talents, is more inclined to enjoy a concert or two nowadays and is an avid collector of more than 20 rare guitars and amplifiers from the 80s, 90s and naughties!

Committed to a gruelling work schedule, Mick finds balance and comfort at home, spending weekends with his family, at the beach, playing sports, camping or on Sydney’s Pittwater. 


Michael Steven Taylor-更广为人知的名字是Mick Taylor,除了身为Mega Fortris Australia的合伙人兼经营者,他更是非常了解:作为一家高质量防篡改和创新安全密封的全球供应商所肩负的责任。

“Mega Fortris 是全球最大的安全密封制造商之一,拥有数千名安全专家在工作,分销网络分布在五大洲超过24个国家,这就是我们继续向客户传递“安心”的方式。”

Mick是 Mega Fortris Australia 的创始成员,在这个行业积累了超过33年的经验。他设计并参与了一些世界上最广泛使用的防篡改产品的生产,涉猎的行业范围广阔,包括游戏、赛车,交通运输和公用事业部门。”

“Mega Fortris是全球最大的安全密封制造商之一,拥有数千名安全专家在工作,分销网络分布在五大洲超过24个国家,这就是我们继续向客户传递“安心”的方式。”






by Sloane Patterson


‘Connect CHT & DLX Celebrate Great Friendship’ was another successful event by CHTNetwork Australia in collaboration with DLX Creative. 

The event was a welcoming night for the new Malaysia Consul General to Victoria, an occasion to celebrate birthdays and a great night to enjoy great food and fine wine with great company. As a surprise, the organisers took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of Penny Sun and Li Lin Tai. Among the VIPs were Jason Yeap OAM, Consul General Mazita Marsuki, MD DLX Creative David Liao, CEO CHTNetwork Australia Ping Chng, MD Miura Group Penny Sun, celebrity chef Jeffrey Tan OAM and others. 

During the night, the founding president of CHTNetwork Chng Huck Theng also officially announced that PIE (Pinnacle International Excellence) Awards will be coming to Australia in 2020. 

“Connect CHT & DLX 的美好友情庆祝会”是 CHTNetwork 澳大利亚与 DLX Creative 联手举办的一项成功活动。同时这也是新任马来西亚驻维多利亚总领事的欢迎会、朋友们的生日派对,大家一起共享美食美酒的美丽夜晚。活动主办当局也借此机会为 Penny Sun 和 Li Lin Tai 庆生。出席的贵宾们包括叶绍礼 OAM、总领事 Mazita Marsuki、DLX Creative 董事经理 David Liao、CHTNetwork 澳大利亚首席执行官 Ping Chng、Miura Group 董事经理 Penny Sun、名厨Jeffrey Tan OAM 等。当晚,CHTNetwork 的创始人庄学腾也正式宣布Pinnacle 国际卓越大奖将于2020年在澳大利亚举行。