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Duo In Collaboration 协作二重奏


Luke O’Grady & Kevin Ng

Director of InCollaboration Projects Pty Ltd

When the opportunity arose to join the CHT Network and be part of the EZ Australia magazine Luke O’Grady and Kevin Ng jumped at it. A network built around friendship very much aligns with who they are, how they connect with people and their philosophy with running their business.

Luke and Kevin started InCollaboration Projects in September 2017 out the back of a friend’s real estate office and today has grown into a dynamic client focussed property development and consultancy business aimed at assisting their Client’s to maximise their equity returns through a focussed approach to their development portfolio.

Both Luke and Kevin have had unique journey within the industry.  Luke come’s from a family entrenched in the property industry with his father John O’Grady recognised as a leading Commercial Valuer in the industry.  Luke’s journey started in retirement living before spending 7 years at Stockland.  He then joined a private built form development company to gain experience in medium density and high rise apartments and finally moving on to a local boutique project management consultancy.

Kevin was born and bred in Hong Kong, China before moving to Australia 20 years ago.  Kevin’s experience is diverse and he has navigated a career that includes private and public companies, different industry’s such as telecommunications and ‘infrastructure building materials’ before he found his feet in the property industry working with a local Chinese developer and then in the same boutique project management consultancy as Luke.


‘InCollaboration’ is an appropriate name, as it stands as the headline for how we operate, Luke said.

They aim to work collaboratively with their clients as partners. They also acknowledge that every developer is different, and every developer has different skill sets, so it is never a one size fits all approach. They aim to always provide a flexible service to assists developers deliver on their vision and development objectives.

Luke and Kevin’s core values are evident in their approach. Luke describes them as (1) to be fair and equitable, this forms the foundation of all their decision making, is this decision fair to the Client, to us, and to all Stakeholders. (2) there must be value in the service they provide, their Clients must always see value in what we do, and (3) to build trusting partnerships, they aim to build long lasting trusted partnerships with our clients, where we are considered not just a consultant, but an integral part of the team and in most cases, a friend.  They aim to simplify the complicated, communicate honestly and openly with the good and the bad, and believe in no surprises.

As a multi-disciplinary development company and consultancy, InCollaboration has nearly $1 billion worth of projects under management including master planned residential mixed-use developments, residential land subdivision developments, medium density apartment projects and townhouse developments.

It’s a privilege to be part of the CHT network and Luke and Kevin look forward to meeting more friends and like-minded people along the journey.

当 Luke O’Grady 与 Kevin Ng 两人获悉有机会加入 CHTNetwork并成为《御智》杂志的一部分,他们欣然接受。而从建立的友谊网络系统持续延伸,着重人与人之间的联系,符合他们的协力合作经营理念。


Luke与Kevin在业内分别有着独特的经历故事。Luke来自一个和房产行业有着千丝万缕关系的家庭,他的父亲John O’grady被认为是该行业中最领先的商业估价师。Luke的旅程始于退休生活,之前在Stockland任职7年。过后加入了私人建筑形式发展公司,积累中密度和高层公寓方面的经验,最后跳槽到一家当地的精品计划管理咨询公司。








Photography by Layzhoz Yeap & David Liao

Cutting Edge 切入中心

EZOZ14-Sally Smart1.jpg

Professor Sally Smart

Australia’s Top Contemporary Artist

Destined to be an artist, Professor Sally Smart is where censorship meets avant-garde and freedom. One of Australia’s top contemporary visual artists, Smart enjoys global representation for her work in large-scale cut-out assemblage installations. The recipient of numerous awards, Professor Smart is currently Vice -Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne, and Deputy Chair at the National Association for the Visual Arts.

“I grew up in a very remote part of Australia – the Flinders Ranges. My parents owned a rural property and worked on sheep, cattle and grain.  Every morning I’d talked into a radio receiver and do my lessons by correspondence.” Her earliest inspiration was her great-aunt Bessie Davidson, a famous Australian artist living in Paris then. “As a young girl I knew there are women artists and that was really important for my own identity. It gave me a frame, so I just set about wanting to be an artist and now I am.”  Smart attended an art school in South Australia, then the Victorian College of the Arts where she did her postgraduate in painting and master’s in fine arts.

EZOZ14-Sally Smart2.jpg

I take things on to make sense of the world and make art. I hope my methodologies, interpretation and philosophies can give pathways to find poetry, to give voice, image and space to women.

Among her notable work, The Exquisite Pirate enlivens the legacy of female pirates. “I discovered there were actually a lot of women pirates, their histories often forgotten. Now I’m working on the artists of the Ballets Russes, discovering their colonialism, Orientalism, sort of like a western view of the east.”

Often called the politics of cutting, Smart sees her work from a feminist point of view, to cut things out of history and reconstruct them, to place women back in history if they have been cut out. “Women are disadvantaged in many industries. We must try harder, go further. It happens with people on the periphery but that’s probably an advantage for me.”

To young artists, I say, ‘education, momentum and collaboration’. Don’t get too hung up on failures.

Regardless of that bias, there are plenty of high moments for Smart. “Seeing my sculpture in Docklands, 19 metres across and 12 metres high, seeing the pieces being craned in the sky, that was pretty amazing for me. My first show of The Exquisite Pirate in New York was a highlight too.”

“Art is not a necessity, but we need art more than anything. That’s the paradox of art. When it’s taken away, then you realise something incredible is missing. Art has the power to make sense and manifest. It gives us a future, ways of celebrating, acknowledgment and relief.”

Sally Smart教授注定要成为一名艺术家,投身这个检视和自由前卫邂逅糅合的领域。身为澳大利亚最顶尖的当代视觉艺术家之一,她的作品在世界各地都有广泛的代表性。Sally Smart教授曾多次获奖,目前担任墨尔本大学副校长学者研究员,同时也是国家视觉艺术协会的副主席。

“我在澳大利亚偏远的弗林德斯山脉(Flinders Ranges)成长。父母有个生活农场,饲养牛羊和种植粮食。每天早上,我都要对着收音机进行函授课程。”她最初的启蒙来自她的姑婆Bessie Davidson,是当时旅居巴黎的一位著名澳大利亚艺术家。“作为懵懂的年轻女孩,女性艺术家的存在对于我的身份认知非常关键。这为我打造了开始想成为艺术家的梦想框架,直至现在完全实践。”

EZOZ14-Sally Smart4.jpg


Sally首先就读澳大利亚南部的一所艺术学校,随后进入维多利亚艺术学院(Victorian College of the Arts)完成绘画学士和美术硕士学位。在她出色的创作中,“绝妙海盗”让女海盗的文化历史变得活泼生动。“我发现实际上有很多女海盗的存在,但她们的事迹经常被遗忘。目前我在研究俄罗斯芭蕾舞团的舞蹈艺术家,探索他们的殖民与东方主义,像西方观望东方的视角。”

由于Sally Smart从女权主义者的角度看待本身的创作,她常被称为 “切割政治学”(politics of cutting),从历史的角度切入裁剪并重构,将女性重新置于历史之中。“女性在许多行业领域处于劣势,我们必须更加努力才能前进,这些常发生在周边人们身上,但这对于我可能是一项优势。”




Text by Sloane Patterson  / Photography by Layzhoz Yeap

When Change is a Wonderful Thing 当改变是美妙的

Peter Bingeman

Peter Bingeman
Chief Executive Officer of Visit Victoria

By Karina Foo

Applying for jobs is already a full-time job. It’s also a tough one, as the quality of your day may likely be determined by an acceptance or a flat-out rejection which usually doesn’t come with a reason.

But when you’re vying for a C-Suite position, the process becomes more intense and challenging.

Peter Bingeman knows all about this as when he contended to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the tourism organisation Visit Victoria, it was the most rigorous and lengthiest recruitment process he endured.

“The recruitment process lasted for six months as I went through six interviews and did a number of strategic presentations. Needless to say, it was demanding but very rewarding,” recalls Peter, who commenced with the organisation in May 2016.

For the former Managing Director of Mondelez International in Singapore and Malaysia, making an industry and career switch presented more similarities than expected differences.

“I took a big leap of faith to expect a major change from working for 25 years in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry into tourism and events.”

It doesn’t quite matter what industry you work in, as long as you understand and are dedicated to the fundamentals, vision and mission of the brand you work for,” said Peter who applied for the job after hearing about it from his networks.

Just like a FMCG brand, Visit Victoria is also a brand and icon that aims to provide people a great experience. While the two industries are vastly different, they share the same purpose and philosophy,” explains Peter who managed the growth of Procter and Gamble, Cadbury and Kraft.

The biggest risk, he believes is the one taken by this government body to have made their final decision to hire Peter. They were impressed by his experience and credentials in successfully heading the sales and marketing process of Cadbury and Kraft mergers that became Mondelez.

Just like the mergers he handled previously, Peter’s first mission in Visit Victoria was to manage and oversee the unification of Tourism Victoria, Victorian Major Events Company and Melbourne Convention Bureau into one brand. As an entity, it aims to capitalise on commercial opportunities in an increasingly competitive and dynamic global tourism market.

“My team and I focused on creating a long-term strategy to deliver great results. I’m so pleased to say that tourism and growth in visitor numbers have been substantial,” said Peter.

The work has evidently paid off as since September 2017, the total expenditure in Victoria from visitor economy reached a high of $26.4 billion.

“I’ve always loved working in a team – when growing up, I enjoyed team sports. I understood the power of teamwork and wanted to use the type of positive synergy to deliver exceptional results. That has led me through my career and gotten me to where I am today where I’m so fortunate to work with great people.”



Peter Bingeman对此经历清晰无比,因为他在成功任职旅游组织“观光维多利亚” (Visit Victoria) 首席执行官的过程中,历经最严格、最漫长的招聘流程。


对于这位前任亿滋国际 (Mondelez International) 驻新加坡和马来西亚的董事经理来说,行业领域和职业转型带来的相似之处多于预期的差异。

“我的信念发生了巨大的转变,从工作长达25年的快速消费品(FMCG)领域,到旅游业和各种活动,其中也发生重大变化。不过其实在哪个行业效力并不重要,只要足够理解并致力于所在品牌的基础、愿景和使命。”这名曾掌管宝洁公司 (Procter and Gamble P&G),吉百利 (Cadbury) 和卡夫 (Kraft) 公司的管理者这么认为。