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Watches Of Switzerland Providing Best Of Two Worlds Under One Roof 瑞士表同一屋檐下的精粹复古和现代

Rolex Daytona ‘Zenith’

The modern and vintage watch collectors previously seldom cross paths simply because both have very different obsessions. One prefers to own pieces of historical importance whereas the other tend to go after contemporary engineering and amazing finishing. Furthermore the boutiques selling these modern and vintage timepieces are very different but now this perception is definitely changing.

Luxury watch retail giant Watches of Switzerland acquired Analog Shift Watches. This new partnership will see an unprecedented offering of both vintage and modern watches under the same roof. It is definitely a strategic move for Watches of Switzerland as moving forward they will be penetrating the vintage watch market while maintaining its strong existence in the new branded watch industry. Analog Shift Watches have the expertise in authenticating and servicing vintage watches whilst providing guarantees for buyers.


瑞士奢华手表的零售巨头-瑞士钟表集团(Watches of Switzerland)收购了Analog Shift Watches。双方全新合作伙伴关系将在同一个屋檐下且史无前例的聚集复古和现代手表产品。 对于瑞士钟表而言,这绝对是一项大胆战略举措,他们将进一步渗透复古钟表市场,并依旧在现代品牌钟表行业中保持强大的市场地位。 Analog Shift具有鉴定和维修复古老式手表的专业知识,同时为买家提供保证。

Universal Geneve Triple Register Chronograph

Available Exclusively at Watches of Switzerland SoHo

Stainless steel case is approximately 36mm (excluding the crown). Universal Genèeve reference 22499. Universal Geèeve manually-winding movement. Circa 1943.

Overall Condition: The case is in fantastic condition overall showing little signs of wear consistent with age and use. Luminous salmon tone dial is in excellent condition with Radium patinated indices and matching handset. Unsigned crown. Caseback shows light signs of wear.

Includes brown leather strap with steel pin buckle.

Heuer Oversized Chronograph

Stainless steel case is approximately 38mm (excluding crown). Reference 2447. Circa 1940s/50s.

Overall Condition: Case is in very good condition with moderate signs of use and wear. Dial is in very good condition with crisp printing and signs of age to the luminescent elements of the hour markers and hands. Unsigned crown. Case back has some signs of use and wear.

Includes one 20mm dark brown suede strap with contrast stitching.

Omega Seamaster Olympic Cross of Merit

18K Yellow Gold case is approximately 34mm (excluding crown). Omega Reference 2850SC. Omega Caliber 471 Automatic movement. 1956.

Overall Condition: The watch is in good condition over all, with some signs of previous polishing throughout. The Chinese lacquer dial shows ultra-fine cracking throughout consistent with dials of this type. The Olympic Cross of Merit seal shows some degradation, particularly to the bottom two inlay panels; center Olympic ring is missing its inlay. Dauphine hands are in good condition; gold Omega-signed crown. Snap case back is lightly polished but shows some light scuffing from wear.

Includes one dark brown 18mm leather strap with contrast stitching.

Rolex Daytona ‘Zenith’

Available Exclusively at Watches of Switzerland SoHo

Stainless steel Oyster case is approximately 40mm (excluding the crown). Calibre 4030 automatic-winding chronograph movement by ZenithZ. Circa 2000.

Overall Condition: The case is in near mint condition overall, showing little to no signs of wear. Luminous white dial is as new. Signed crown. 

Includes 78360A/SEL Oyster Bracelet, inner and outer boxes, papers, booklets, COSC tag, and hangtag.

information & image(s) courtesy of Watcher of Switzerland

A New Normal Chinese Fashion Week 中国时装周新常态

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With the theme ‘Healing Through The Exploration Of Space’, the China International Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2020 saw an unprecedented mega fashion show with no physical crowd but reaching millions through online. A gathering of brands, designers, buyers and critics, this fashion show also replaced the traditional catwalks on T-stages with public spaces including PageOne bookshops, at the front of heritage buildings, gardens, etc.

Over 170 brands from 15 countries and regions participated in this first of its kind online event. Tapping into the huge potential of e-commerce: more than 70 brands were selling live online. Organiser and some designers had the opinions that customers were more receptive to online sales than the usual offline sales. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely taken a toll on this industry but this unique fashion showcase has proven that the fashion industry in China is evolving and moving forward with the New Normal.

Image(s) courtesy of China Fashion Week, Sohu, WeiXin & Xin Hua News


Shirley Keon

Couture Designer & Owner of Keon Couture 

高级服装定制设计师和Keon Couture经营者

Shirley Keon features ubiquitously at the atrium of Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, a hotel that exudes French sophistication interlaced with the elegant and chic Australian style of hospitality. This time, with Australian couturier extraordinaire Shirley Keon’s work emblazoned across its Atrium Gallery, Sofitel pays homage to the fashion icon in a specially commissioned body of work by photographer Heidi Victoria that showcases the story of Keon in her Collins Street Studio.

Inspired and trained by her mother, Keon was sewing and creating her own clothes at an early age, in an era that celebrates authentic and organic works of art by hand, long before digital domination. “My mother instilled in me the beauty of creating individual and unique pieces.”

A couturier with a long list of celebrity and socialite clients, Keon started her career as a seamstress in the famed Flinders Lane, embroidering a name for herself stitch by stitch. She honed her skills in garment construction and hand detailing while attending night school to master fashion design and pattern making. “I’ve always drafted my own patterns.  I believe the pattern and construction of a garment are signatures of couture.”

Keon works with fabrics from the houses of Valentino, Armani and Givenchy. Sometimes she wonders if her idol Valentino uses the same fabrics. “Valentino has always been my inspiration and I admire his fabulous couture collections.”  

“I’ve always drafted my own patterns. I believe the pattern and construction of a garment are signatures of couture.”

The couturier’s success would not have been possible or meaningful without the love and support of her husband Philip Keon, who is a jewellery designer himself. Both make a chic and sophisticated couple among the Melbourne high society.

The most iconic and fashionable women in Australia and worldwide have worn the Keon label for years, a creation that has withstood the test of time and been passed down for generations. After five illustrious decades in the fashion industry, Keon has finally decided to retire from the fashion industry in March 2020, leaving behind a legacy of unsurpassed bespoke designs, artwork and enduring trends. 

“Shirley Keon”优美地渗透了墨尔本索菲特柯林斯酒店(Sofitel Melbourne on Collins)的大堂中庭,这家酒店散发着精细法式风情,掺杂着典雅别致的澳大利亚式待客之道。这一次,澳大利亚杰出的时装设计师 Shirley Keon的作品装饰在中庭画廊,索菲特酒店透过特别授权委托的摄影师Heidi Victoria的一系列作品向这位时尚偶像致敬,而Heidi位于柯林斯街工作室中展现了Shirley Keon的故事。

Shirley Keon自小在母亲的启发和训练下,开始缝制和制作自己穿戴的服装,那个时代推崇的是真实、有机朴质的手工艺术品,远早于数码时代。“母亲向我灌输了创作个性和独特美丽的哲理。”


从著名的弗林德斯巷(Flinders Lane)作为一名女裁缝师起始,Shirley Keon一针一线细密的缝纫出自己的名声。直至成为拥有众多名人和社会名流的服装设计师,在夜校期间,她磨练了服装结构和手工制作技能,掌握了时装设计和图案制作。“我一直在琢磨本身的特质设计模式。我认为服装的样式和构造是高级定制的标志。”


这位时装女设计师的重大成就离不开其丈夫Philip Keon尽心尽力的爱与支持,否则一切对她来说毫无意义。Philip Keon身为珠宝设计师,两人是墨尔本上流社会中时髦、长袖善舞的一对佳偶。


By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik