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Surviving Covid-19 Storm with CHTNetwork 一起挺过冠状病毒风暴

In a movie world, the year 2020 could have been written by Stephen King and produced by Quentin Tarantino, but we are not in a movie world and sadly, the casualties are very real and confronting. 

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of the CHTNetwork Gala Dinner this year due to pandemic restrictions. However, it has never been more important for us to fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibility during these trying times. 

Last year we raised more than $10K for Dementia Australia. This year we are raising funds for victims who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the Consulate General of Malaysia in Victoria, 100% of proceeds will be channelled towards the victims of the pandemic.

CHTNetwork is humbled to have the following advertisers who have contributed in this initiative. 

Advance Strata Consulting | Australian Property Developers Association | DLX Creative | Dr Mecherl Herbs | Goldmark | HLB Mann Judd | MORC Interior Fitout Specialist | Pitcher Partners | Sidespace | SHOP.COM

Although we are apart, it is truly important that we stay connected and help each other as much as possible.  This fight against Covid-19 cannot be won alone.  Together we can achieve more and show that we care for the fallen and the front-liners.  A big THANK YOU to all of those who have helped out in making this a success.  Together we can survive the Covid-19 storm!

如身在电影世界,《2020年》原本可以是由史蒂芬金(Stephen King)编撰,让昆汀塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)制作的影片,但事实上我们并非存活在电影世界里,可悲的是,必须直面真实的伤亡情况。

我们深感遗憾地宣布,基于对大流行病的限制因素,取消今年的CHTNetwork 晚会。然而,在这个艰难时期,履行企业社会责任对我们来说是无与伦比的重要。

去年,我们为澳大利亚痴呆症患者筹集了1万多澳元。今年,我们正在为受 COVID-19 大流行病影响的受害者筹集资金。这次与马来西亚驻维多利亚州总领事馆携手合作,100%的收益将用于帮助此次疫情的受害者。

CHTNetwork 很荣幸获得以下的广告商为这一倡议做出贡献:

Advance Strata Consulting | Australian Property Developers Association | DLX Creative | Dr Mecherl Herbs | Goldmark | HLB Mann Judd | MORC Interior Fitout Specialist  | Pitcher Partners | Sidespace | SHOP.COM

Building Through Connection 通过连接建立

During the slight easing of restriction, Eric Loi of Henny organized an exclusive meeting to discuss the challenges of COVID that is impacting the building industry. Attendee included Alex Lim President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Xu of MBCM Hawthorn and Box Hill, Ping Chng CEO of EZ, and David Liao founder of DLX Creative. Everyone shared their perspectives and all agreed that we can only overcome challenges by connecting together and build for the future. We look forward to organizing future functions at the new HQ for Henny located in Hawthorn.

由来自 Henny 的 Eric Loi 作为组织召集人,趁着疫情限制略微放松的时刻举行了一次独家会议,出席者包括中华总商会会长Alex Lim,MBCM Hawthorn 和 Box Hill 的 Charlie Xu,《御智》的首席执行官 Ping Chng 以及 DLX Creative 的创始人 David Liao,共同讨论 COVID 疫情对于建筑工程行业造成的影响。与会者都分享了自己的观点,并且一致认同,大家只有团结凝聚,为创建未来而努力,才能克服挑战。 我们期待着在位于 Hawthorn 的 Henny 新总部组织未来的职能。

Connect CHT with Olivigna

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CHTNetwork has always placed friendship as the utmost importance before business. Hence it is also a tradition in this network to connect and expand its circle of friends. Connect CHT with Olivigna was one of the events that saw old and new friends come together to meet and explore further collaboration potentials. A perfect evening with good friends, very good food and fine wine. John Di-Pietro, the owner of Olivigna, is an Italian gentleman with a big heart. He prepared a spread of delicious Italian food for guests including Nicole Chow, Tony Battersby, Patrick Ng, David Liao, Eric Loi, Jeffery Tan, Alex Lim, Charlie Xu, Lena Kay and Daniel Loh. Olivigna is not only a restaurant but the only winery near the city of Melbourne with a breathtaking view and the perfect place to host friends, weddings or just simple family gatherings.

为彼此的友谊碰杯!CHTNetwork总是把友情摆在商业利益之前,因此,联系和扩大朋友圈也是联系网的一个传统。“CHT携手Olivigna”就是其中一项活动,让新老朋友相聚并探讨进一步合作和寻求商机的可能性。有好朋友、美食和美酒,这是一个完美的夜晚。Olivigna餐厅经营者John Di-Pietro是一位心胸宽阔、和善的意大利绅士,他准备了许多美味无比的意式餐点。受邀的嘉宾包括Nicole Chow、Tony Battersby、Patrick Ng、David Liao、Eric Loi,Jeffrey Tan、Alex Lim、Charlie Xu, Lena Kay 与 Daniel Loh。Olivigna不仅是一家餐厅,还是墨尔本周边唯一一家拥有迷人景色的酿酒厂,绝对是招待朋友、举办婚礼或简单家庭聚会的最佳选择。