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Giving It Forward艺术是温柔的武器

Jason Yeap, OAM

Chairman, Mering Corporation

Malaysian-born lawyer, property developer, with a passion for art and culture and a drive for philanthropy, Jason Yeap began his career in 1985 as a lawyer. In time, his shrewd business acumen saw him stake his trademark in the property industry and earn his reputation as a property investor. He launched Mering Corporation in 2004,  which is a property investment and development company.

“…they thought I could contribute, I did, and the rest is history…”

Jason was invited to the Board of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in 2004. Since then he has served the maximum of a nine year term with the Board. His tenure with the NGV Board of Trustees broadened his perspective of what the Australian community as a whole was all about. It was an opportune moment for Jason as he was in a position to draw on his resources and contacts available via his active involvement with the Chinese communities and Associations, to activate significant contributions to the community.

Jason comments that “of course there was a significant change in my perspective of art ever since I joined the NGV. Before, in my case it was about art as an investment. However now I look at the administration of art and what art can do to and for the community.”

In 2010 Jason was recognized “for service to the arts, particularly through the National Gallery of Victoria and to community” with the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia.

2012 saw Jason take the Chair of the NGV Foundation and in 2014 he was appointed as a council member to the National Gallery of Australia and looks forward to an extension of his current term with the Council. Recently he was announced as a Patron of Multicultural Arts Victoria. (MAV)

“…there are enough opportunities, perhaps not enough given…..”

Jason believes that politicians and others can play a key role in alleviating this imbalance of opportunities available and opportunities given. Jason states part of this change process is to have the ability to speak and act on what one believes in and what is right without fear in society.

In his advocacy for philanthropy, Jason and his wife established the Wong Swee Soon International Science Internships Award under the auspices of the Global Challenges International Science Internships Fund. Through the fund, students in the new program will be supported through an international internship.

His other involvements include being a member of the Board of Directors of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the largest Research Institute for Children in Australia. In 2012, he was made Board member for The University of Melbourne – I Believe Campaign – that aims to raise $500 million by 2017, one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Australia to date. Since 2014 to date, Jason holds the Chair of the Asian Advisory Board, University of Melbourne.

In 2013 Jason was named an Ambassador of The Australia Day Ambassador Program, an initiative that sees high achieving and proud Australians attend local Australia Day celebrations in towns and cities across the nation

Through his years of experience Jason shares that integrity is that one “ingredient that will make the difference between a good businessman and THE businessman.” “Integrity is what will get you on the right side of people in order to earn their respect.” Jason himself sets the benchmark of what it means to be THE businessman as his various roles will testify. As of 2014 till present, Jason is actively involved as a Board Member with the Asian Advisory Board, Bank of Melbourne and a member of the Trade & Investment Policy Advisory Council (TIPAC) Department of Foreign Affairs.

He feels most people recognise that in about 10 years’ time; Australia will inevitably be a vital and major player of the region. The focus for now should be, according to Jason, on how to capitalize on the integration of Asians in Australia.

For Australians, Jason says, an appreciation of the fact that they definition of an Australian has changed. An Australian now incorporates into its definition people like Jason himself, he says.   This is largely due to the migration factor prevalent in Australia and the incorporation of Asians in Australia.

His role and his work through the MAV is perhaps one of the many platforms available for Jason to achieve a means to this particular end. Jason says that “It is a great privilege and honour to advocate for MAV because of its mission to reach out to the new arrivals to this country through innovative cultural engagements. It has brought better understanding and respect for all in Australia.”

Jason acknowledges there is a lot more that can be done and any advocacy for MAV and the likes, that advances its mission “is very essential and personally satisfying.”

Jason Yeap 身上可以看到传统华人的3大特点:勤奋、精明和经商。这名出生在马来西亚的澳大利亚籍华裔,与很多漂洋过海的华人命运雷同,自1978年来到澳大利亚,完成高校教育后,顺其自然的就在这片土地上扎根。






可是,在他2005年正式作为董事加入维多利亚国家美术馆 (NGV),紧接着就是成为基金会会长。这一次,艺术彻底颠覆了他的人生观和生活。

我可以这么形容:政治是沉重的,商业是激进的,只有艺术是温柔的。其实对于Jason Yeap来说,艺术何尝不是温柔的武器,悄无声息的攻入了人们柔软的心房。



2014年至今,他除了担任墨尔本大学亚洲顾问委员会董事会主席、墨尔本银行亚洲顾问委员会董事会成员,也是澳大利亚外交部贸易与投资政策咨询理事会(TIPAC) 的成员。


此时此刻可说是 Jason Yeap 人生的黄金时光:回馈社会、享受生活、拥有事业资源、感受艺术、爱好摄影,与家人共度旅行的美好时光……


Wheels of Fortune 财富轮回


Rolls-Royce launched its new luxury showroom in Richmond, Melbourne to a most discerning and elite clientele.  The stunning lifestyle-themed motor space is the largest in Asia Pacific, outside of China. Focusing on hospitality, the Bespoke Lounge is appointed with a full-service bar and café amidst elegant surroundings. To mark the occasion the avant-garde ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’ super luxury Drophead Coupé was also unveiled.

Global client sales manager Ian Grant presided over the launch, together with the executive team from Zagame Automotive Group, the sole dealership for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Victoria, Australia. Lead designer Michael Bryden was also present to share features of haute couture customisation. “Like Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Zagame strives for excellence and outstanding customer service.  Rolls-Royce is delighted to be partnering with this highly regarded luxury retailer here,” Grant said.

Kerry Armstrong & Christopher Hope
Areti Arvanitis, Peter Arvanitis, Stacey Antonopolis & Tony Antonopolis
Karen Smith & Anthony
Henry Jiang & Lydia Li
Jack Merlo & Mr Ricardo Merlo
Bobby Zagame & Kate

劳斯莱斯为了迎合品味挑剔的精英客户们,在位于墨尔本的 Richmond 推展全新的豪华展示厅。这个在中国以外被誉为亚太区最大的汽车展示空间是以令人惊叹的奢华生活方式为主题。除了以酒店式服务为重心,特别打造的贵宾厅也具备优雅装潢并提供全方位服务的酒吧和咖啡馆。为纪念这一先锋时刻,“曜影”这款由时尚启发灵感的超豪华敞篷车也开展推介。全球客户销售经理 Ian Grant 和来自Zagame Automotive Group 的高管团队共同主持此次发布会。该集团是劳斯莱斯汽车在澳大利亚维多利亚州的唯一经销商。而首席设计师Michael Bryden也在场分享高级定制服装的特点。“就像劳斯莱斯汽车一样,Zagame 努力追求卓越和最佳客户服务。我们很高兴能与这个备受信赖的奢华车零售商合作。” Ian Grant说。


First Watch in Space Turns 60 首枚太空表迎60岁

OMEGA celebrated the 60th anniversary of its iconic Speedmaster watch with a star-filled event in London. George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin were the guests of honour at the “Lost in Space” evening, a theme which paid tribute to the Speedmaster’s legacy in space exploration. Sixty significant Speedmaster models made between 1957 and 2017 were presented at London’s Tate Modern.

The OMEGA Speedmaster was famously known as part of Apollo 11 in 1969 when Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface, in that moment, the OMEGA Speedmaster became the first watch ever worn on the moon. The “Lost in Space” event concluded with a performance by ESKA, who gave a rousing rendition of David Bowie’s classic song “Space Oddity”.

OMEGA Speedmaster 'Lost In Space' Dinner at Tate Modern
Gemma Arterton
Liu Shishi
OMEGA Speedmaster 'Lost In Space' Dinner at Tate Modern
Pixie Lott
OMEGA Speedmaster 'Lost In Space' Dinner at Tate Modern
Liv Tyler
OMEGA Speedmaster 'Lost In Space' Dinner at Tate Modern
Raynald Aeschlimann & Joely Richardson

欧米茄(OMEGA)在伦敦为标志性的“超霸系列- Speedmaster”腕表欢庆60周年。明星 George Clooney 和 Buzz Aldrin 是“迷失太空”晚会的贵宾。而这一主题是致敬太空探索的超霸风采,从1957年至2017年间,伦敦泰特现代美术馆展出了60个关键的超霸系列款式。1969年,当 Buzz Aldrin 登上月球表面时,作为阿波11号的一部分戴上了欧米茄的超霸系列,那一刻,超霸成为首枚登月的手表。另外,“迷失太空”晚会的表演嘉宾ESKA重新演绎了大卫鲍伊(David Bowie)的经典歌曲“Space Oddity”,并贡献一场撼动人心的演出。