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The Whispering Forest of Memories 记忆的森林耳语

_MG_4020.jpg_MG_4129 copy.jpg‘‘The whispering forest of memories’ combined couture, theatre and floristry to simulate a surreal forest experience. The fully immersive installation created a liminal world for guests to escape. The collaboration between Linda Britten (couture designer), Pam Davison (photographer), Cameron Menzies (creative director), Tim Britten-Finschi (conceptual designer) and Victoria Whitelaw (florist) aimed to challenge the notion of interactive installations. Guests included Chairman of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Ms Laura Anderson, all of whom enjoyed beverages from Rockwell Management partners Perrier Water, Vodka O, Tokar Estate wines and T2.

_MG_4168.jpg记忆的森林耳语是结合了时装、戏剧和花艺之模拟超现实的森林体验,为来宾们创造了一个可以逃离纷扰的阈限世界。由 Linda Britten (时装设计师)、Pam Davison (摄影师)、Cameron Menzies (创意总监),Tim Britten-Finschi (概念设计师) 和 Victoria Whitelaw (花店) 的携手合作,旨在挑战交互式设置的概念。参与的来宾包括维珍澳大利亚墨尔本时尚节主席Laura Anderson,而大家都尽情享用 Rockwell Management 合作伙伴的Perrier Water,Vodka O,Tokar Estate wines 和 T2 所供应的美酒和饮料。


Meet & Greet 相聚一刻

Ramon Marzbani (Investor) & Paul Webber (Director Webber Design Structural Engineers)

Film Producer Deborah Gray hosts a lavish lunch at her Sydney Home.
电影制作人 Deborah Gray 在悉尼豪宅办奢华午宴

Film producer Deborah Gray recently hosted a lavish lunch at her stunning home in Sydney to celebrate good friend Interior decorator Catherine Campbell’s birthday.

The Asian infused menu of duck, beef and seafood was inspired by Society caterer Serena Sanderson and her chef Seungkon Baek.

Victoria and Tony Downing were in town visiting from Monaco and Jane Ferguson had just returned from her travels to Bejiing where she has been working on Prince Andrew’s upcoming business trip. Real Estate woman about town Victoria Morish was fashionably late after clinching a property sale.

Deborah Gray (Film Producer) & John Scott (Platform Me)

Fashion Icon Charlie Brown took time out from planning her exciting new business venture to celebrate with Catherine. Former Melbourne housewife Susie McLean flew in from Melbourne for the lunch.

After the ladies lunches their partners were invited for a drinks party hosted by Paul Webber.

Deborah Gray (Film Producer), Catherine Campbell (Interior Decorator), Charlie Brown (Fashion Icon), Susie McLean (Television Personality), Victoria Morish (Di Jones Real Estate), Victoria Downing (Interior Designer) & Jane Ferguson (Director Jane Ferguson Consulting)

电影制作人 Deborah Gray 近日在她悉尼令人赞叹的家中,举办了一次奢华的午宴,庆祝好友室内设计师 Catherine Campbell 的生日。

宴会菜单灵感来自饮食承办者Serena Sanderson 和她的厨师 Seungkon Baek,以鸭肉,牛肉和海鲜烹制了一道道充满亚洲风味的飨宴。

Victoria 和 Tony Downing从摩纳哥前来,Jane Ferguson刚从旅行回到北京,在那里她将和安德鲁王子有工作上的往来,房产佼佼者Victoria Morish 则因必须完成房产销售而稍微迟到。

时尚设计师 Charlie Brown 暂时从她繁忙的工作中抽身,与 Catherine Campbell 庆生。前真人秀节目《墨尔本的家庭主妇》艺人 Susie Mclean 也从墨尔本飞过来聚餐。在女士午餐后,他们的伴侣被邀请参加由Paul Webber主持的酒会。


Bvlgari’s Serpent Unveiled 宝格丽标志蛇形揭开面纱

Alicia VikanderJane ChuckSET UP 5Singaporean actress Zoe Tay - Copy

Bvlgari has unveiled the SerpentiForm exhibition that is now officially open to public at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands until 15 October. The exhibition unfolds over all the ten petals of the iconic lotus-inspired building of the Museum. A 70 mt. installation in the exhibition featured 500 video mapped scales and floating Serpenti creations. Precious antiquities from East and West examine the different symbolic meaning of the snakes in various myths and legends: a statue of a young Hercules strangling the snakes from 2nd century AD and apotropaic snake jewels from Ancient Rome, 4th century BC. The serpent vision in modern and contemporary art will emerge with works by leading artists – such as Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, Keith Haring, and many more. The exhibition is also enriched by costumes from prestigious theatre and cinema archives. There is also a review of splendid Bulgari Serpenti creations from the Maison archives and private collections.



(如Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder与 Keith Haring 等)。展览会也陈列了许多在著名电影与戏剧档案中亮相的服饰,让内容更丰富。至于在公司档案和私人珍藏品中,也让人回顾了宝格丽蛇形的辉煌创作设计。

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