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Sky Garage In Melbourne 墨尔本的天空车库

Enrich Realty Group in collaboration with Growland and EZ Australia hosted an exclusive evening preview for selected friends and potential customers showcasing Melbourne’s latest super condominium apartment that will change the meaning of luxury living in Australia. 

Dubbed ‘sky garages’, this latest 20-storey property development by Growland, Neue Grand – Australia’s First Sky Garage Residence – is set to join New York, Dubai and Singapore in providing facilities that allow residents to park their expensive wheels in their luxurious condo next to the living rooms. This is made possible by transporting the vehicles via lifts with state-of-the-art German engineering technology. 

Rothelowman Architects will work with buyers to individually tailor  their tastes and requirements; ensuring that these soon to be called homes will construct their own strands of unique building DNA. Among the 30 VIPS were the CEO of Growland, Ronald Chan; Managing Director of Enrich Property, Hubert Jahja; CEO of EZ Magazine, Ping Chng;  Charlie Xu, David Chandler, David Liao,Toni El-Helou, Christina Chia,  Dr Giovanni Butera, Huy Chau, Jeremy Goh and Ester Choi etc. 

Enrich Realty Group与Growland联同《御智澳大利亚》携手合作,为贵宾朋友和潜在客户们举办了独家晚会预展,展示了墨尔本最新的超级豪华公寓,这也是改变澳大利亚奢华生活方式的新里程碑。

由房产开发商Growland高地集团开发推介,这个被称为“天空车库”的最新20层楼高的豪华住宅项目 – Neue Grand公寓大楼,是和纽约、迪拜和新加坡同步,让买家业主可以通过采用先进的德国精湛工艺技术升降机运送,实现将昂贵的爱车停放在豪华公寓客厅旁边的想法。

而Rothelowman Architects将与买家积极配合,根据他们的品味和要求量身定制住宅设计,并确保这些即将被称为“家园”的地方构建本身独特的DNA印记。出席预展的30位VIP贵宾是 Growland 首席执行官 Ronald Chan、 Enrich Property 董事经理Hubert Jahja、《御智澳大利亚》杂志首席执行官 Ping Chng、Charlie Xu、David Chandler、David Liao、Toni El-Helou、Christina Chia、Giovanni Butera博士、Huy Chau、Jeremy Goh 和 Ester Choi 等。

A Brief Chat Post-Concert With Pianist/Composer Benjamin Martin 与钢琴演奏兼作曲家 Benjamin Martin的短暂交心

Following his memorable, sold-out solo recital at the lavish Ian Potter Sound Gallery in Monash, CHTNetwork spoke briefly with pianist-composer Benjamin Martin, who the great American pianist John Browning called “the young Horowitz” by. When asked how Martin successfully blends contrasting sounds, his eyes lit up. “I try to think of painting different sounds. And as Horowitz puts it, “A pianist need not be confined to watercolours. One can be an oil painter too.” 

Yet why do some find classical music boring? “That’s actually becoming an old-fashioned idea”, he says. 

He believes the term classical needs to be reimagined – “It takes great imagination and an element of risk-taking on the part of the performer to convey truth, and if any of those elements are absent, your audience switches off. Art’s not about being safe”. 

What about musical influences? “Meeting Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood was definitely a pivotal moment for me in my youth. His conducting classes were especially instructive and rhythmic.” 

I then asked how one balances playing and composing? “With composing it’s ultimately necessity that motivates you. The moment you’re gripped by a spell of creativity you just must go with it. Playing and composing are entirely different disciplines” 

And the future of classical music? “As the great cellist Anner Bylsma (who just passed away) said, “Music is so miraculous, when it happens. For instance, you’re sitting in a room with your friends. You’re playing Ravel’s String Quartet – a wonderful piece. Suddenly the walls seem to disappear. You don’t think about your colleagues or your friends anymore. Something happens in the room. I find it mysterious, it suddenly is beautiful. You can’t force it, it happens.”

Below is a link to Benjamin Martin’s arrangement and live performance of Ary Barroso’s ‘Brazil’: 

Stanley Yohanes Benjamin
Benjamin & Krishna

在莫纳什华丽优雅的Ian Potter Sound Gallery音乐厅举行了一场令人难忘、座无虚席的独奏会后,CHTNetwork与钢琴兼作曲家Benjamin Martin进行简短访谈。美国伟大的钢琴家John Browning将Martin誉为“年轻的大师霍洛维茨(Horowitz)”。当被问及他是如何成功将形形色色的声音融合一起,Martin的眼睛亮了起来。“我试着描绘出不同的声音。正如霍洛维茨所说,“钢琴演奏家不必局限于水彩画。一个人也可以成为一名油画家。”

至于为何有些人觉得古典音乐枯燥无味呢?“实际上这是一个已经过时的想法。”他认为,古典主义这个术语需要重新构思 – “表演者需要加入极大的想象力和敢于冒险的元素来传达真理,缺乏这些元素,观众们就会失去兴趣。而艺术与安定是无关的。”

关于音乐影响力的源头。“在坦格伍德见到Leonard Bernstein对我的青年时代来说无疑是一个关键时刻。他的指挥课特别有启发性和节奏感。”


说到古典音乐的未来呢?正如刚去世的著名大提琴家Anner Bylsma所说:“音乐的到来是如此神奇。”例如,你和朋友坐在一个房间里,你在演奏拉威尔弦乐四重奏,一首美妙的曲子。突然,墙壁似乎消失了,而你已经遗忘同事或朋友,空气氛围中已经发生变化,我瞬间感受到它的神秘和美丽,这个是不由自主的。”

以下为Benjamin Martin对Ary Barroso“Brazil”的编排和现场表演的链接

The Australian Property Developers Association Inc. 澳大利亚房地产开发商协会

Panelists of APDA June 2019 Quarterly Event : Unlocking the Financial Equation.
(left-right) : Mr Henry Burbury (CBRE), Mr Shane Wilkinson (PACE), Mr Chris Moyle (Westpac), 
Mr Jamie Westlake (Payton) & Mr Julian White (CBRE)

The Australian property development landscape is a vibrant and challenging business environment that at times can seem too “fast and furious”. Despite the property market’s volatility, the industry continuously invites both seasoned investors and brave souls to venture in its ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. The market is affected by a myriad of factors at any point in time, some of which are semi-predictable – such as decisions relevant to the timing, acquisition costs, marketing, value optimisations and consultant hiring process in preparation for a property sale.  Despite our best efforts to account for them, the property market will always be plagued with unpredictable factors such as shifting policies on government property regulation, taxation, inflation and consumer confidence etc.  

Property developers are often misunderstood by the community to be a grubby and unscrupulous bunch whose sole aim is to make a profit. However, this biased view could not be further from the truth. Not many can appreciate the magnitude of risks and challenges that a competent property developer has to overcome in order to provide a quality, affordable and sustainable housing supply to the community at large. 

APDA Inc. Chairman, Mr Alex Huang, presenting a welcome speech to guests and members

This is where the Australian Property Developers Association (APDA) Inc comes to play. The organisation was established a decade ago by a handful of young and emerging property developers, industry insiders and professionals, that has since grown to encompass over a thousand guests and members. Today, APDA has played host to some of the most well-known names and brands in the local property development community.

The organisation aims to represent emerging, up-and-coming property developers and professionals who see value in community networking, exchanging information and friendly collaboration amidst an ever-challenging landscape. APDA also aims to represent the property development industry when it comes to influencing state and federal government policies whilst maintaining ethical standards of operation amongst its members.

As a testament of its value and contribution to the community, APDA Inc. is supported and sponsored by some of the most well-known brands both within and external to the property and development sector. Some of these involve CBRE, Urbis, Pitcher Partners, Best Hooper Lawyers, Payton, DLX Creative and your contemporary luxury publisher, EZ Australia.

Whether you are already heavily invested in the property development industry or are enthusiastic to begin, feel free to join us as a member or attend one of APDA’s functions by reserving your tickets to our upcoming events. For more information, please visit our official website at: or email us at



Panel discussion involving the then Opposition Leader, The Hon. Matthew Guy MP.
(left-right) : Mr Mark Wizel (CBRE), The Hon. Matthew Guy MP, Mr John Cicero (Best Hooper Lawyers) & Mr Alex Huang (APDA Inc)

这就是澳大利亚房地产开发商协会公司(APDA Inc.)发挥作用的地方。该协会组织成立于10年前,由少数年轻和新兴的房地产开发商、业内和专业人士组成。该组织目前已飞速发展到拥有1000多名客户和成员。今天,APDA已接待当地房地产开发社区中一些成功且知名的品牌。


而作为对社区价值和贡献的证明,APDA也得到房地产和开发行业内外一些高认知度品牌的支持与赞助。其中包括世邦魏理仕(CBRE)、Urbis、Pitcher Partners、Best Hooper Lawyers、Payton,DLX Creative以及奢华格调杂志《御智澳大利亚》出版方。

无论您是否已经在房地产开发行业投入了大量资金,或正积极投身其中,都可以通过预订即将举办的活动门票来参与APDA的任意活动,并以会员身份加入我们。欲知更多详情,请浏览我们的官方网站: 或发送邮件至