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William Lye Wins INPenang International Awards for Australia 宣扬卓越杰出品格

A unique international award that only recognizes Penang borns and organisations that have achieved milestones in their respective careers and industries. The INPenang International Awards recently celebrated its 4th edition honouring some of Penang’s bright and successful personalities and organisations in a sophisticated soirée. Endorsed by the Penang State Government, 19 awards were presented on the evening attended by over 400 locals, foreign VIPs and dignitaries including Guest of Honor the Chief Minister of Penang Chow Kon Yeow, Malaysia Deputy Agricultural Minister Sim Tze Tsin and Chairman of PETACH Yeoh Soon Hin.

Chng Huck Theng, Chief Minister of Penang Chow Kon Yeow & William Lye, OAM S.C

Penang born William Lye, OAM S.C., who won the Barrister of the Year 2017 Award in Australia was among the five INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Award 2019 winners together with Maimunah Mohd Sharif for Kenya, Yeap Huey Huey for Myanmar, Adrian Ng and Henry Goh for Malaysia. The INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Lim Gait Tong, the Chairman and CEO of Farlim Group (M) Bhd, a prominent figure known for his relentless fortitude who continues to contribute to Penang and Malaysia’s economic growth today. Other award recipients include 10 INPenang National Awards and three very talented young achievers who received the INPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Awards.

‘Phantom of the Opera’ by the Penang Symphony Orchestra

Guests were entertained with serenading tunes from the popular musical show ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by the Penang Symphony Orchestra which was a wonderful opening act to the night. As a hallmark of CHTNetwork, a runway fashion show was specially presented by The MOD House, Venessa Diamonds and Marque Deluxe. A high energy dance performance titled ‘Echo Victory 2019’ was also presented by Triple I Production House as the finale show. Luxury items auctioned for the evening included a painting by watercolourist Khoo Cheang Jin, handcrafted carpets by Nasim Carpet, a glamour photo shoot session with Michael Deeb, traditional cheong sums by The MOD House, a luxury bag by Marque Deluxe and jewelleries by Venessa Diamonds.

Sponsors for InPenang International Awards 2019 are Thai Airways International, RHB Premier, Cycle & Carriage, Schwarzkopf Professional, Red Box, Venessa Diamonds, Marque De Luxe, The MOD House, Nasim Carpets, Focal Concept,Malaysia SME, and Miura Group from Australia.

这是一项非常独特且意义深远的国际奖项,表彰了槟城出生以及槟城的组织中,在各自行业领域中取得辉煌里程碑的人们。最近,第四届 INPenang 国际大奖颁奖典礼正式举行,表扬槟城州一些取得卓越成就的人士和组织的精致晚会。这个由槟州政府鼎力支持,共设19个奖项的颁奖典礼,有逾400名本地、外国宾客及达官显贵列席参与,其中包括尊贵的槟州首席部长曹观友、马来西亚农业及农基工业部副部长沈志勤与槟州旅游发展、文化、艺术与古迹事务委员会 (PETACH) 主席杨顺兴。

出生于槟城,荣获2017年澳大利亚年度大律师奖的黎尤铭 (William Lye, OAM S.C.) 与肯尼亚的 Maimunah Mohd Sharif、缅甸的 Yeap Huey Huey,马来西亚的 Adrian Ng 和拿督吴志兴分庭抗礼,作为2019年 INPenang 国际杰出成就奖的五位获奖者之一。另外,发林集团有限公司董事长兼首席执行官丹斯里林玉唐获得了 INPenang 终身成就奖。林玉唐是一位以不屈不挠之奋斗精神著称的杰出人物,多年来持续为槟城和马来西亚的经济增长做出贡献。其他奖项包括10名INPenang全国大奖的得奖者,还有3名聪明有干劲的年轻人拿下 INPenang 新兴企业家奖项。

晚会上,来宾们还欣赏了槟城交响乐团精彩演奏的热门音乐剧“歌剧魅影”的组曲。CHTNetwork的标志性节目包括由The MOD House,Venessa Diamonds和 Marque De Luxe 特别呈献的T台时装秀。最后由 Triple I Production House 为大家呈现了一场名为 “Echo Victory 2019” 的热力四射舞蹈表演。而当晚的拍卖会环节,拍卖的珍藏品包括水彩画家邱昌仁的一幅画作、Nasim Carpet 的手工地毯、与 Michael Deeb 的一场魅力摄影会、The MOD House 的典雅旗袍、Marque De Luxe 的奢华名贵手袋以及 Venessa Diamonds 的珠宝。

INPenang国际大奖的赞助商为泰国国际航空公司、RHB Premier、Cycle & Carriage、Schwarzkopf Professional、Red Box、Venessa Diamonds、Marque De Luxe、The MOD House、Nasim Carpet、Focal Concept、马来西亚中小企业和澳大利亚的Miura Group。

INPenang Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong

INPG Lifetime Achievement Award 2019.jpg

INPenang International Awards Winners

  • Best Tourism (Museum) Penang – Wonderfood Museum
  • Top Bridal Studio – Anovia Bridal
  • Best Musical Conductor – Maestro Dato’ Woon Wen Kin
  • Best Geomancy Sevice Industry – David Xuan
  • Best Automotive Manufacturing Industry – Hong Seng Group
  • Top Developer – Ideal Property Group
  • Best Household Brand Group – Sunshine Retail
  • Top Health Food Manufacturer Industries Sdn Bhd – TG Ocean Health Food
  • Best Plastic & Aesthetic – The M Clinic
  • Best Transformed Tourist Attraction – The Top, Penang
INPG Awards Winners.jpg

INPenang International Outstanding Achievers Awards Winners

  • Adrian Ng (Malaysia)
  • Dato’ Maimunah Mohd Sharif (Kenya)
  • William Lye, OAM S.C. (Australia)
  • Yeap Huey Huey (Myanmar)
  • Dato’ Henry Goh (Malaysia)
INPG Awards_International Winners.jpg

INPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Awards Winners

  • Derick Ooi Tze Wei
  • Jason Ong Han Yee
  • Tan Li Mei
INPG Awards_Emerging Winners.jpg

The Finale 2018 – A Small Effort to Say A Big Thank You 2018年终末尽一个小小的努力,说一声大大的谢谢

Possibly the earliest Christmas celebration to be held on Collins Street, Melbourne this year, CHTNetwork Australia invited close associates and friends to join ‘The Finale 2018 – A Small Effort to say a Big Thank You’, an appreciation cocktail party on the 22nd of November. The evening started off with a warm welcome speech by Ms. Ping Chng (CEO, CHTNetwork Australia), followed by a short speech by CHT himself (Founding President, CHTNetwork) who flew all the way from Malaysia to join this joyous occasion. 

Three years ago, CHTNetwork took a big step and expanded its wings to Australia, launching the prestigious high society and beyond contemporary luxury lifestyle magazine – EZ Australia (available in print and digital copies). Today, EZ Australia is widely available in many airline lounges which include Qantas Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and SkyTeam, selected premier banking and hotel lounges, branded boutiques, cafes etc. Apart from the success EZ Australia has achieved, Connect CHT which is also presented by CHTNetwork is another international platform created to bring together good friends and associates to events so they have the opportunity to connect and further explore possible collaboration opportunities.

Melbourne is well known for its unpredictable weather, and during this occasion it turned out to be a rather wintry day on what was supposed to be a warm day of spring. The chilly evening saw many guests arrive shivering from the cold, but they eventually warmed up with all the big smiles, friendly greetings and handshakes being exchanged around. The glowing lights of the Christmas tree gave that extra magical touch to this auspicious event at Space@Collins. Guests were in a merry mood, taking many ‘selfies’ and ‘wefies’ with old and new friends. An impressive flower arrangement stood tall over an impressive spread of scrumptious food which included spring rolls from Michelin Star restaurant Tim Ho Wan, chocolates from Lindt, satays, smoked salmon pastry puffs, a fancy cheese platter, fresh fruits etc. Beverages included award winning beer by Temple Brewing Company and a free flow of red and white wine by Bass Phillip. Not forgetting Ghee Hiang, the 163 years heritage brand handmade biscuits that were flown in all the way from Penang. 

The Art Exhibition

Complimenting the evening was a solo art exhibition by Yao Yao Jiang. It was a CSR effort by CHTNetwork to help promote art and culture, this time being an emerging Chinese artist residing in Malaysia. Yao Yao is an up and coming artist showcasing  her work for the first time in Australia. The response was very encouraging as some artworks were sold and collected before the night ended.

The Farewell

Three years ago, CHTNetwork surprised Consul General of Malaysia, Westmoreland Palon, with a chocolate cake during a dinner function when he first arrived in Australia. He was again caught off guard when CHT presented him with the same chocolate cake to congratulate him on his new posting as Malaysia Ambassador to the Vatican City. West thanked CHTNetwork in his speech for the wonderful friendship and believes that this proudly Malaysian brand would go far in the world of media and networking. It was indeed an emotional yet joyful moment for West and his lovely wife, Elwina.

The Salute

One would think that there were no more surprises left, but CHT still had something up his sleeve. Another cake was presented to celebrate the birthday of Jason Yeap OAM, who also happened to be the owner of Mering House, Underbank Development in Bacchus Marsh and Temple Brewing Company. Over the years, Jason’s advice and guidance has been instrumental in the success story of CHTNetwork and EZ Australia. It was the perfect opportunity for CHT to show appreciation towards his contribution. This was then followed by all guests singing Happy Birthday together for the birthday boy. His son, Chuan Jun, and daughter, Nai Yan, were also among the guests invited.

Coming Soon 2019

In his final note, CHT hinted that CHTNetwork would be organizing a new and exciting red carpet gala in 2019. 

这可能是今年在墨尔本Collins Street所举行最早的一场圣诞节庆典活动-澳大利亚CHTNetwork邀请了所有亲密无间的同事与朋友参加11月22日举行的“2018年终末——尽一个小小的努力,说一声大大的谢谢”感恩鸡尾酒会。

首先,由CHTNetwork 首席执行官Ping Chng女士致序幕词,随后由CHTNetwork的创始人兼总裁-CHT本人致词。他从马来西亚远道而来,参加了本次聚会。

三年前,CHTNetwork迈出了一大步,将业务触角伸向了澳大利亚,推出了上流社会和超越当代奢华生活方式的高端杂志—《御智》澳大利亚,同时发行印刷和电子数字版本。如今,《御智》已在澳洲航空、新加坡航空、国泰航空、天合联盟等多家航空公司的候机室,精选的银行及酒店贵宾室、品牌精品店、咖啡厅等广泛上架传阅。另外,Connect CHT也是CHTNetwork提供的另一个国际联系平台,将好友和伙伴透过活动聚集在一起,让他们有机会直接会面沟通,进一步探索合作商机。


在Space@Collins盛会现场,圣诞树明亮闪耀的灯光为这喜庆活动增添了一抹奇妙的色彩。宾客们心情愉快,主动和新老朋友们自拍、合影。而令人印象深刻的美丽鲜花布置在美食之中,有米其林星级餐厅“添好运”所呈献的精致点心春卷、Lindt巧克力,还有沙爹烤串、熏鲑鱼糕点泡芙、花哨的芝士拼盘,水果等。而全场饮料包括获奖的手工啤酒,由Temple Brewing Company酿酒公司提供,还有Bass Phillip的红与白葡萄酒。别忘了,尚有具163年历史的传统品牌手工饼干“义香”,从槟城千里迢迢而至。

Yao Yao Jiang 个人艺术展为当晚的活动增添创意姿彩。这是CHTNetwork为倡导艺术和文化,作为履行企业社会责任(CSR)的努力,而Yao Yao Jiang这位居住马来西亚刚崭露头角的华裔新兴艺术家,作品首次在澳大利亚展出。在当晚活动结束前,展出的艺术品也成功卖出和被收藏,反响鼓舞人心。

三年前,当马来西亚总领事Westmoreland Palon刚到澳大利亚时,CHTNetwork在一次晚宴献上惊喜的迎接巧克力蛋糕。这一次,CHT再次送给他同样的巧克力蛋糕,却是祝贺他担任马来西亚驻梵蒂冈大使,他又一次猝不及防的被感动。Westmoreland在演讲中感谢CHTNetwork的精彩友谊,并相信这个让人自豪的马来西亚品牌会在媒体和网络传播世界中走得更远。对Westmoreland和他美丽的夫人Elwina来说,这是令人喜悦和难忘的时刻。


叶绍礼也是Mering House, Underbank Development in Bacchus Marsh和Temple Brewing Company的创始经营者。多年来,叶绍礼在CHTNetwork和《御智》澳大利亚成功进驻的路上,提供许多起了重大作用的建议和帮助。这也是CHT对于他的无私贡献表示感谢。当晚所有的宾客一起愉快的唱起“生日快乐”祝福,而他的儿子Chuan Jun和女儿Nai Yan也在受邀嘉宾之列。


Thumbs Up for The Humble Chef 为谦卑厨师 竖起大拇指

CHT and friends gathered at Lau’s Kitchen to celebrate the recent AOM award bestowed on celebrity chef Jeffrey and him being selected to be on the cover of EZ Australia. Jeffrey has help raised over AUD 4 million through his cooking for charity projects over the years. Trained as an accountant, Jeffrey gave up the business world and pursue his passion in cooking and provide for the needed.