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Rolls-Royce Dawn ‘Inspired By Music’ 劳斯莱斯曜影向音乐致敬

Following the hugely successful footsteps of Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’, Dawn ‘Inspired by Music’ features the unrivalled aural experience of the marque’s Bespoke Audio system; the Lyrical Copper exterior paint finish is presented with a blend of brushed and polished textures, elegantly hinting at the use of copper found in only the very best audio systems. An alternative exterior colour-way of Andalusian White may also be specified. A hyper-sensitive microphone was used to capture the mechanical and electrical tones of Dawn, including the soft closing doors, the umbrella exciting from its home in the door, the windscreen wipers, indicators and the Spirit of Ecstasy proudly taking her place on the prow of the motor car. These sounds were then mixed together with deconstructed music stems to create a wholly new track.


在劳斯莱斯魅影-Wraith Inspired by Music 取得巨大回响之后,曜影(Dawn)“向音乐致敬”的灵感来自于独家定制的音频系统,无与伦比的听觉体验,藉由经拉丝处理和抛光工艺混合处理后的抒情铜金属色外漆,优雅而具现代感的铜质材料成就具环绕立体感的音响系统。另外,也可以指定另一种安达卢西亚白色外观。而超敏锐的麦克风被用来捕捉曜影的机械和电子音调,包括柔软的关门声,打开雨伞的声响,挡风玻璃雨刷,还有指示灯等。这些声音与解构的音乐混合在一起,创造了一个全新的音轨。


The Definition Of Luxury 奢华的定义

Rolls-Royce has had the pleasure of conveying some of the world’s most powerful, influential and remarkable men and women since its inception in 1904. Continuing in this vein, Rolls-Royce gathered an eminent group of individuals for the world’s first ‘cars and cognac’ assembly; an occasion where guests captured the phenomenon’s spirit with an evening of fine-dining, followed by a cognac tasting in a private and beautiful farmhouse barn. Dining tables were flanked by a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge adorned with the new Aero Cowling and a Rolls-Royce Dawn from the Adamas Collection. At the head of the table was Phantom, the marque’s flagship, equipped with a bespoke Picnic Hamper from which a Cognac sommelier advised tasting practices and notes. Guests either stayed within Soho Farmhouse or were returned home by a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce after the end or this extreme luxury event.

劳斯莱斯自1904年创立以来,很荣幸的介绍了许多世界上最强大、最有影响力和杰出的人们。因此按照有关思路,罗尔斯罗伊斯(劳斯莱斯)召集了一批优秀的人们参加了世界上首次“车与干邑白兰地”晚会。而当晚出席的精英宾客们聚集精致的晚宴上,并且真实演绎这个现象的精髓:在一个私人、优美的精品农舍谷仓里品尝白兰地酒。餐桌两侧是劳斯莱斯曜影(Dawn)黑色徽章,上面装饰着新的 Aero CowlingAdamas 系列的劳斯莱斯。至于在桌子的顶端是“幻影”(Phantom),这是旗舰车型标志,并且配备了定制的野餐篮,品尝晚会上也有专人解说各种品酒建议和注意事项。而晚会结束后,客人们可以选择继续待在精品农舍里,要么由司机所驾驶的一辆劳斯莱斯送回家。


Connect CHT with Yung Kee CHT与香港镛记

Good friends and associates were invited for dinner with Ronald Kam, owner of Yung Kee Restaurant in Hong Kong famous for its delicious roast goose and other authentic delicacies. Nicole Wong from Nicole’s Kitchen, Roger Teow from Bank of China, IT specialist TK Tan were some of the invited guests. This was the first Connect CHT in Hong Kong where specially invited friends exchanged thoughts and ideas from Malaysian politics to the definition of good food. It was indeed a successful and memorable evening.


好友与合作伙伴受邀与香港镛记掌门人甘琨礼共进晚餐,镛记是以驰名中外的烧鹅及香港风味美食见称。这场晚餐盛会的座上宾还有来自 Nicole’s Kitchen 的创办人黄婉秋,中国银行的 Roger Teow,科技专家 TK. Tan 等。这也是 Connect  CHT 首次在香港与友人们共同分享从美食到政治的想法和课题,共度一个难忘又有意义的夜晚。