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The Painted Phantom by Quinn for £888,000 奎恩的彩绘幻影售88万英镑

It will never be modest or even an affordable affair when one puts Rolls Royce and Marq Quinn together for a charity cause.  Rolls-Royce’s ‘Evelin Art for Allergy x Dine on the Line’ helped raised £1.7 million in support of allergy research at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. The star of the show is undoubtedly the art piece that was bid for £888,000 where world-renowned artist Marc Quinn created a magnificent artwork on a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The artwork takes inspiration from Quinn’s on-going series of iris paintings, named ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’. 

The evening included an exquisite and immersive dining experience, where guests enjoyed a menu carefully curated by world-renowned chef, Giorgio Locatelli. Following the auction, singer-songwriter John Newman entertained guests, before DJ Fat Tony closed out an extraordinary evening of philanthropy. 

当劳斯莱斯(Rolls Royce)和马克奎恩(Marq Quinn)为了慈善事业而走在一起时,绝对是既价值不菲又高端的话题。而Rolls-Royce的 “Evelin Art for Allergy x Dine on the Line” 为伦敦埃维莉娜儿童医院筹集了170万英镑,用于支持过敏研究项目。其中又以一辆劳斯莱斯幻影标轴版车型艺术品创出88万英镑的竞标价,这是著名视觉系画家马克奎恩在劳斯莱斯幻影基础上再创作的杰出作品。灵感来自他正在进行的虹膜绘画系列,名为“We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars”。

当晚盛会除了精致且典雅的用餐体验,宾客享用由世界级大厨 Giorgio Locatelli 精心策划的菜单。拍卖会后,歌手兼音乐人John Newman呈献表演,然后由DJ Fat Tony结束了非凡的慈善之夜。

Image(s) courtesy of Rolls-Royce

When Stars Glitter 当群星璀璨闪耀

CHT Gala Dinner 2019 – The Host

It was as if the universe conspired to make the CHT Gala Dinner 2019 one of the most celebrated events in Melbourne this season.  Held at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, the event saw to the attendance of more than 300 socialites, entrepreneurs, tycoons and the well-heeled, in their finest attire. Designer evening wear, sequins, tuxedos were the order of the night, while some even spotted capes and lacey trains.  

Master of ceremonies Ian Goldsmith started the glittering event by introducing the CEO of CHTNetwork Australia Ping Ch’ng who gave an inspiring speech. The audience was also held captive by brother and founder of CHTNetwork Ch’ng Huck Theng who concluded his speech with flair and panache, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am Ch’ng Huck Theng.”

The evening took on a high note with spell-binding performances by Voci Classiche opera singers Cosimo Ciccone and Rada Tochalna who delivered an unforgettable and moving repertoire that left the audience in awe. Reigning over the runway was the creative and talented international designer KL Ho who recently showcased his collection at the New York Fashion Week. In Melbourne his work is nothing short of spectacular.  

Winners of the Best Dressed Awards, Nicole Yap, Penny Sun, Nicole Pugsley, Christina Chia, Mazita and Nicole Chow, paraded on the runway for all to admire and emulate their ensemble of the evening. Ripples of excitement floated through the glitterati when famous auctioneer Toni El-Helou from Biggin & Scott took the floor to auction off art masterpieces, dinners cooked by celebrity chefs, media and photography services from KMT Events and DLX Creative respectively.

Just when the guests thought things could not get anymore exciting, the latest issue of EZ Australia magazine was unveiled featuring Kim Lowman from Rothelowman Architects, on the cover. This was followed by a rousing and boisterous raffle draw offering prizes like air tickets from Odyssey Travel, high tea and hotel accommodation from Sofitel, eight-course degustation meal from Silks at Crown, beautiful songket fabric from the Malaysian Consulate office, electrical goods from Buffalo, wines from Rochford Estate, Royal Selangor pewter, OMI dining vouchers, and beauty treatments from Secret De Beaute. 

Winners of the Best Dressed Awards, Nicole Yap, Penny Sun, Nicole Pugsley, Christina Chia, Mazita, Nicole Chow & Ping

The exquisite menu for the night was specially designed by celebrity chef Jeffrey Tan (OAM) who paired beautiful wines with Sofitel’s delectable cuisine of salmon, duck, lamb, fine cheeses, pastries and desserts.  

Finally, when the curtains closed, a great night was declared by all, with many exchanging contacts and promises to keep in touch, venture into new social and business partnerships. 

仿佛宇宙浩瀚的星群闪耀使2019年CHT晚会成为本季墨尔本最令人瞩目的红毯盛会之一。在墨尔本柯林斯索菲特酒店(Sofitel Melbourne on Collins)聚集了300多名盛装赴会的社会名流、企业家与大亨们。设计师的晚装、亮片、燕尾礼服是当晚的主流,而带斑点花纹的披肩和蕾丝裙裾也成为晚宴的亮点之一。

典礼司仪 Ian Goldsmith 介绍了CHTNetwork澳大利亚的首席执行官 Ping Ch’ng,并发表了鼓舞人心的演讲。观众也聚焦于其兄长-也是CHTNetwork创始人庄学腾(Ch’ng Huck Theng)的精彩演说,他在演讲结束时潇洒地说:“谢谢,谢谢,谢谢,我是庄学腾。”

至于当晚表演嘉宾 Voci Classiceh 歌剧演唱家 – Cosimo Ciccone 和 Rada Tochalna 的现场演出曲目引人入胜,让观众留下了深刻印象且动容万分。另外,占据T台的是富有创造力和才华横溢的国际设计师KL Ho,他最近在纽约时装周上展示了出色的设计。在墨尔本,他的作品更是显得锋芒毕露。

最佳服装奖的优胜者-Nicole Yap, , Penny Sun, Nicole Pugsley, Christina Chia, Mazita和Nicole Chow等都是一抹绚丽的风景,聚集不少欣羡的目光。而当来自Biggin & Scott的著名拍卖师Toni El-Helou分别为艺术品杰作、名厨晚宴,KMT Events与DLX Creative公司的媒体和摄影服务进行拍卖时,在晚宴席间掀起一阵兴奋的涟漪。

而当来宾认为惊喜不再的时刻,大会也宣布了最新一期的《御智澳大利亚》杂志的封面人物是来自Rothelowman Architects的Kim Lowman。紧随着就是激动人心的抽奖环节,奖品包括奥德赛旅行机票、索菲特酒店的住宿和下午茶,皇冠酒店Silks餐厅的8道美味佳肴、马来西亚领事馆办公室送出的Songket金绵缎纺织品,Buffalo电子产品,Rochford Estate的葡萄酒,皇家雪兰莪锡制品,OMI餐饮代金券和 Secret De Beaute美容产品。

当晚的精致菜单是由名厨陈江熙-Jeffrey Tan (OAM)特别设计的,他用美味的葡萄酒搭配了索菲特美味的三文鱼、鸭肉、羊肉、奶酪、糕点和甜点。


Faces of Melbourne • Influential Captains & Upcoming Leaders

From Left – Right: Ping, David Liao, Alex HK Lim, Dr Giovanni Butera, Chef Jeffrey Tan, OAM, Ken Ong, OAM, Mazita Marzuki, Penny Sun,  Kim Lowman, Jason Yeap, OAM, Nicole Chow, Nicole Yap, Carolyn Masson, David Chandler, Josh Chye, Toni El-Helou, Ven Chin & Ch’ng

EZ Australia was launched 5 years ago and it was the initial trust and support of the Melburnians that made this magazine where it is today. Hence we have decided to acknowledge the selected few Melburnians that have contributed and shaped this beautiful society as ‘Faces Of Melbourne’. 



To celebrate a remarkable year for 2019, CHTNetwork Australia has organized an appreciation night at Space@Collins with Malay Buffet Dinner sponsored by Sijori Malay Eatery to say a BIG THANK YOU towards their friends, sponsors, business partners and the team behind who had contributed in one way or another in making the journey of CHTNetwork in Australia especially the CHT Gala Dinner a success. On the night, CHTNetwork also celebrated the birthdays of their two advisors Jason Yeap, OAM and the Consul General of Malaysia, Mazita Marzuki. 

With the trust and support from all friends and business partners, CHTNetwork Australia has brought the year to a close with bigger and more powerful friendship and business alliances. 

为了欢庆2019年这非同凡响的一年,CHTNetwork澳大利亚在Space@Collins主办了一场庆功晚宴,特别向他们的朋友们致以最大的谢意,对于赞助商、业务合作伙伴和背后团队付出的贡献,以各种形式让CHTNetwork在澳大利亚的推广之旅,特别是CHT晚宴取得空前成功。这场马来风味的自助餐由Sijori Malay Eatery 赞助。当晚,CHTNetwork 还为两名顾问:叶绍礼-Jason Yeap(OAM) 与马来西亚总领事Mazita Marzuki庆祝生日。

在所有朋友和商业伙伴的信任和支持下,CHTNetwork Australia 也以更广泛、更强大的友谊圈和商业联盟,为今年划上圆满的句号。