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Life Giveth 生活赐予

David Chu
Partner of ShineWing Australia

The life of an accountant certainly seems far more enigmatic post-Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Christian Wolff in the movie ‘The Accountant’. For David Chu, life has always been an inspiring adventure, having lived, raised a beautiful family and managed a thriving business in two continents.

A dapper and disarming gentleman, Chu is affable and smart in appearance as well as intellectual capacity. He is comfortable in his impressive height, and strides well in an elegant suit that seems to be tailored just for him.

With a brilliant smile, he shared that he was raised in Hong Kong, graduated from the University of Hong Kong, with a degree in Economics and Accounting. He started looking beyond familiar shores, when it came to providing the most holistic education for his three children.

Having gone through a thorough search, the Chus focused on Australia with great interest. They found a cultural and well-balanced education system in Melbourne and soon set about to make it their home in the early 1990’s.

“I would say I came at the right time.  It was Paul Keating’s administration and he was keen for Australia to form closer business ties with Asia.” Hence a young David Chu started working for a mid-tier accounting firm, where he was primarily responsible for looking after Asian companies doing business in Australia and vice versa. After 15 years of trudging through rank and file, integration and learning about the businesses in a new country, David established ShineWing in Melbourne in 2008.

“ShineWing is the largest domestic accounting firm in China with a clear objective of becoming an internationally recognised provider of accounting, finance and advisory solutions. ShineWing has always been a leader in the globalisation of Chinese accounting firms.”

Branching out extensively, ShineWing established offices in Hong Kong in 2005, Singapore in 2006 and eventually in the able hands of David Chu, the Melbourne operation in 2008.

“I did not establish ShineWing’s presence in Australia at the best of times. It was during the 2007/2008 global financial crisis and everyone was sceptical about new business ventures. However, the level of trust and faith from ShineWing China was pivotal in my persistence with the business landscape here.”

“I strongly subscribe to the vision of our Chairman in China. Keep persisting. However long the journey, if you keep persisting, you will succeed.”

“It is also the vision of our Chairman for ShineWing to be a globally recognised, leading brand in the accounting profession, both within China and throughout the world. This can only be achieved from vision, persistence and excellence. Easy to quote excellence but difficult to attain. To us excellence is about the quality of our work, our people and our clients.”

Looks like ShineWing China is right about entrusting their brand to David Chu. Today the ShineWing entity ranks no. 20 in the world, based on revenue. They are also the first Chinese firm to achieve a world ranking position thus far.

Headquartered in Beijing, ShineWing has 22 offices in China. In 2014, the Australian office of ShineWing merged with Moore Stephens Melbourne to create a new brand in the market place; ShineWing Australia. Initially based out of Melbourne, the network continued its rapid expansion along the eastern seaboard of Australia and now offers clients access to over 30 Partners and 200 staff. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and a wide-ranging clientele, ShineWing Australia continues to attract top senior talent and expand their geographical coverage to deliver extra value to their high-profile clients.

ShineWing’s expansion hasn’t been limited to Australia either. Over the last 12 months, the network has added offices in Pakistan, Egypt and India, as it assists clients capitalising on the opportunities associated with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

So what does David Chu the successful business man say about David Chu the family man? “There is no clear demarcation. I like to leave a grey area where business can interact with family. All my clients have become friends of my family and we get together with for dinner and social outings regularly.”

Unbelievable but this debonair individual is a grandfather of two. “My wife has done a great job in raising our daughter and two sons with love and care, while providing proper guidance all the time. Not an easy job and she does not get off at five or six o’clock like our business. Interestingly, all my children are now living and working in Hong Kong,” he smiles at the irony.

“We feel blessed. Transitioning here has been mostly easy and fun for us. In Melbourne, it’s all about footy, so I had to pick a team. Since I was based in Hawthorn earlier on, the choice was obvious and it turned out to be the right team for me after all. In Hong Kong we used to drink cognac but over here it is more about wine, so I attended wine classes to be able to swap stories,” he laughed good-heartedly.

“My wife and I try to do our bit for the community. She volunteers for the elderly while I get involved actively with the Fred Hollows Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides cataract surgeries for people in Asia and Africa.” Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, David has also been a regular presenter on the Cantonese programme of SBS Radio on Australian economic affairs.

Having achieved all that, David has not forgotten about his Chinese heritage. “I aspire to be a role model for my children and intend to demonstrate a healthy balance in preserving our culture and successfully integrating with the Australian community and lifestyle.”












过去1年内,信永中和澳大利亚彰显了无限的发展潜能,分别在巴基斯坦,埃及和印度设立办事处,这是协助客户利用与中国相关的商务机会,即 “一带一路” 的策略。







The Law of Reality 真实法则

Lim Eu Ming

Thomson Geer Law Firm Property and Development Partner

When you think “commercial property lawyer”, someone in a suit, clean cut hair and sleek court shoes would play the stereotypical part. But Lim Eu Ming is not that stereotype, well, aside from the suit, he dons a grungy rock star look and long wavy locks.

Originally from Malaysia, Melbourne has been home to Lim for over 20 years together with his vast experience in practicing property and development law in this thriving city.

His primary focus is commercial property, with particular expertise and experience in a variety of property and property related matters. He is now a partner of Thomson Geer, a distinguished law firm specialising in areas of banking and finance, corporate advisory, constructions and projects, intellectual property and more. But in all honesty, it’s not Lim’s professional career that makes him impressionable, it’s his down to earth philosophy to life.

“I’m just a regular guy –  I don’t come from a rich family where my father handed me the business so I just had to be resilient and persistent. I have two boys and one of them is autistic, so that challenges what we can do as a family and what I can do as a father. Migrating to Melbourne to study was challenging, but when I returned to Malaysia and decided to come back here in the early 90’s, that’s when it was pretty difficult,” he said.

Originally from Penang, Lim grew up in Kuala Lumpur (KL). His choice to study in Australia in 1980 was one made by his parents due to the “lower” education fees in comparison to the UK, Lim’s first preference.

“Coming to Melbourne at that time was really alien to me as it was predominantly an Anglo society and I just thought the city was like the South Pole, until I got here. It was good because I studied law here for five years and it gave me a chance to assimilate well with the Australian culture.”

In 1985, he decided to move back to KL but after four years, returned to Melbourne for personal reasons. When his family moved here, he started his career by working in boutique law firms.

After almost three decades, he has assisted in over $800 million of commercial and development site acquisitions in Melbourne from 2012 to 2014 financial years. He also advised and assisted at all relevant levels of property development in Melbourne (especially 7 to 9 multi-storey development projects in the Melbourne CBD) from 2012 to 2014 financial years.

For Lim, it’s really his core values that kept him going and has him in check with reality.

“When we moved to Melbourne, it wasn’t a great time because of my son’s autism and Australia was slowly slipping into a recession. But because we struggled a bit, it helps us to appreciate what we have now and that hard work and sacrifice do pay off in the end,” he said.

当你对“商业房地产律师”还停留在西装笔挺、整齐短发和发亮鞋履既定外观印象时,Lim Eu Ming 将打破这一切刻板感觉:就外形而论,他完全是一名摇滚明星,一头桀骜不羁的波浪长发。


他的主要重点是商业房地产,具备专业知识和经验,为客户解决各式产业或相关事务。他加入合作伙伴Thomson Geer著名的律师事务所,专门从事银行金融业、企业,建筑和项目计划,包括知识产权等特定服务。但坦白说,让人钦佩的并非是他的专业工作精神,而是朴实的生活哲理。








Getting Ahead with the Challenge 跨越挑战巅峰

Luke Stambolis

Managing Director – Victoria of Probuild, Australia

There’s no shortcut to success and usually, it takes persistence, patience and hard work to get there. That’s not an earth shaking statement but many people want it the easy way and often talk about the “should haves, could haves and would haves”.

Instead, someone like Luke Stambolis decided to wake up from his dreams and pursue them many years ago.

His road to success started then and has taken him to become the Victorian managing director of Probuild, a national tier one construction company in Australia.

He has a 20-year career in construction and has worked on several iconic projects in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Luke has a proven track record of working with clients and key stakeholders to ensure consistently high quality delivery of projects. With a Degree from RMIT in Construction Management, he has spent the last two decades refining his skills in all facets of projects from concept, feasibility, master planning,  pre-construction to construction delivery.

“I believe that hard work will get you to where you want to be – I’ve always applied myself whether it’s in work or my personal life.”

“In the beginning, I was inspired by my uncle who was a residential house builder and I think it’s also to do with my European heritage as we are known to build great buildings. So, it’s all in the blood,” Luke says with a chuckle.

After he graduated from RMIT in 1996, he worked on the Crown Casino project. “I was invited to be part of the special effects delivery team and that involved building the waterfront fire brigades and main lobby water fountains. It was a very exciting time for me, especially as it was my foray into the industry.”

After that project was completed, he worked as a cadet for another tier one builder at the time. He made such an impression in his time at the company working on hospital, retail and high rise projects that Stambolis soon became the project and site manager for several of its major developments.

“When I was 30, I went to the UK to work on Westfield London, a billion dollar project that was a huge success. I joined Probuild a few years ago, mainly to oversee its high rise portfolio in Melbourne CBD,” he explains.

Probuild is one of Australia’s largest construction companies with a national pipeline of projects worth $4 billion and an annual turnover of $1.8 billion with their line-up of retail, commercial and residential developments.

Aside from being responsible for multiple million dollar projects, Luke also likes to challenge himself outside work.

“I like fly fishing even though I’m not very good at it. It’s a constant torment that’s similar to golf because if you’re not doing it often enough, you can’t master it. But one of the main things I love about it is that it makes you go to places you have never gone before so it gives you an opportunity to explore mother nature,” he says.

Luke is married to his wife Eve, who’s also in the industry working with interior design and they have two sons. “I believe that hard work will get you to where you want to be – I’ve always applied myself whether it’s in work or my personal life. I can’t always sit still for very long – I love to learn new things and am now developing my kids hoping to pass on some knowledge and wisdom to them,” he says.

Probuild works across commercial, educational, industrial, residential, retail, entertainment and sports and leisure sectors, overseeing all facets of project delivery, construction planning and management. It is currently delivering some of Australia’s largest construction projects including Victoria One, Eastland and Chadstone shopping centres in Melbourne, Grand Central Shopping Centre in Toowoomba and The Towers in Western Australia which will include the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel.

坚持、耐心和努力方能铸就成功,无任何捷径可言。虽然这并非石破天惊的声明,但许多人却追求简易之道:常想着应该做、可以做与本来会做,却留下一片空白。相反,Luke Stambolis多年前已毫不犹豫展开他的梦想。









Probuild的建设显现在商业、教育、工业、住宅、零售业、娱乐、体育与休闲领域,负责全面性的项目交付、建设规划和管理。现提供一些澳大利亚大型的构建项目包括VictoriaOne,墨尔本的Eastland与Chadstone购物中心,位于图文巴的GrandCentral购物中心和西澳的The Towers,并且包括豪华的Ritz-Carlton酒店。