Bilateral Torque 多谋善虑

Senator David Van
Victorian senator of the Australian Parliament

Senator David Van was born and raised in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.  Van was elected as a Victorian senator for a six-year term in the Australian Parliament in 2019 representing the centre-right Liberal Party.   

Prior to his election, Senator Van ran his own business specialising in crisis management.  His unique approach to solving reputational problems meant his skills were in demand in Australia and internationally, including Malaysia.   

“Australians and Malaysians share many values and this leads to better outcomes when working together.  I would like to work closely with Malaysia on areas of mutual interest and, where possible, bring Malaysian innovation and investment to Victoria.” 

Senator Van has been a long-time supporter of Victoria’s diverse and multi-cultural demography.  Since his election to the Senate, this experienced and well-liked politician used his position to try and bring the many communities together in Melbourne by regularly hosting consular round tables, ensuring all voices are heard.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Van called out on the racism facing international students in Australia.  In a letter to The Star he wrote, “It is unacceptable that anyone should have to put up with such cowardly and reprehensible racist behaviour.  It is utterly un-Australian and is condemned by all Australians.  Every person in Australia – whether they arrived here recently, or their families have walked these lands since time immemorial – should never face aggressive acts based on their heritage.”  

Senator Van also believes strongly that the best way to improve people’s lives is to give them the ‘dignity of work’ in secure, well-paid and safe jobs. A champion for small businesses, this dapper individual has a passion for helping them overcome many hurdles. “Small businesses are the engine room of the Australian economy and enabling them to thrive with lower taxes, less red tape and more opportunity is the best way to give more Australians a secure future.”

He enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, especially diving and has dived in some of Malaysia’s best dive spots. 

David Van参议员出生和成长在墨尔本的海湾郊区。身为右派的自由党代表,自2019年开始,他当选为维多利亚州的参议员,并且在澳大利亚议会展开了6年的任期。  

在作为参议员前,David Van创立经营一家专门从事危机管理的公司。而解决信誉问题的独特方式也让他的技能在澳大利亚和国际上的获得热烈需求,其中包括在马来西亚。 


David Van一直以来都是维多利亚多样和多元文化构成的拥护者。他自当选参议员以来,试图运用本身职务之力将墨尔本众多社区联系在一起,定期举办领事圆桌会议,确保维多利亚社群的声音被聆听。  



另外,David Van爱好各种户外活动,尤其是潜水,他曾在马来西亚一些最好的潜水景点体验。