WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a crazy year? The world fell apart. Everything closed and everything shut down. My heart goes out to all the families that were upside down on everything or was directly affected by Corona Virus. Nobody knows the hardship that everybody else has felt.

We need to be strong, and we will get through this. It is so many things at one, and social media has not been our best friend. 

We all have to say that 2020 has been a year of change. Many things have happened to us since the beginning of the year, especially March 2020. 

Our Friends, Family and Children have been affected by what is going on NOW!!!!!! 

We never thought we would have to wear MASK.

HAHAHA——-Only Bank Robbers wore masks, RIGHT?  Now we are all walking around looking like bank robbers. We are all trying hard to find something positive to work with and trying not to get so affected by Covid-19 emotionally.

Depression is really hard, some of us have been affected financially, but some of us have been hit hard. What we have found out from my counselling sessions are people who can’t stay in their homes and have to move. How devastated they feel, but there is always hope.

There’s always your Angels, your guides people from the other side, your family members sometimes we just need to talk. 

I am a firm believer of Law of Attraction. There are so many wonderful things on youtube nowadays to listen to, to get your mind back to being happy. I always have the mindset that if you ask and believe yourself, you will have your prayers answered. No matter what religion you are, think Positive, sure you will get it. 

Learn to move, find strength and thrive with 7 Chakra tools that are based on energy, body & life phases.

These tools focus or challenges that often face owning our power, balancing work and family & maintaining physical & emotional wealth.

Featuring on colors, clarifying chakra figures helps to manifest your highest potential. Each chakras helps to explore within your daily life for long term growth, overcoming blocks,  healing traumas and move chakra, & empowered your journey in practical ways as you recovered the energy of your empowered self.

Using beautifully constructed Visualization, Affirmation and Exercise, we are able to move forward, empowered with their inherent  strength and wisdom renewed.

We are able to work our mind & body holistically through our energy anatomy with guided exercises also a real understanding of how to shift our entire way of being in the world.