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GUCCI Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Ready-To-Wear  秋/冬季新系列 – 细节的诱惑

Gucci’s Autumn/Winter collection for 2015-16 – Ready-To-Wear – celebrates untimely details and quintessential interferences. The show was in the details – the loafers, the bags, the floral prints – and going back to that original idea of Gucci luxury and heritage pieces.

Everything about this collection was soft, youthful and had a sense of freedom. There was also a distinct aristo-Englishness to it, something a little eccentric and ambiguous.

Gucci秋/冬系列 (2015-16) 展现不合时宜的细节但又不突兀的经典。注重细节的皮鞋、箱包,还有典雅的花卉图案……仿佛回到 Gucci奢华又传统的原味。新系列的一切显得温柔而年轻,有一种自由的感觉,当然,也有明显英伦贵族性,加上一点古怪和暧昧作为点缀。

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