Muse on a Mission 沉思的使命

Jill Morgan

Multicultural Arts Victoria, CEO

A once-upon-a-time blank canvas seated at the tip of the unrelenting strokes of a career dipped in artistic ambition, 25-year veteran and Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) chief executive officer, Jill Morgan, is today the focal point of an illustrious gallery which remains the spectacle of many. Positioned at the helm of Australia’s glistening multiculturalism movement, the prominent head of industry charts a well-seeded legacy dedicated towards championing the continuity and relevance of cultural cohesion amidst ethnic diversity specifically through the arts.

While the journey down this road has been no walk in the park, her life’s story, sprinkled with unending tenacity and founded upon sincerity in its most basic form, is truly telling when deciphered through her mind’s eye. “The arts bring people together and can enhance cultural pride and well-being within communities. Cultural diversity can be at the heart of new contemporary works and innovation,” Morgan, the once Executive Director of Kulcha, Multicultural Arts of Western Australia, candidly shares.

Commenting on the arena’s role as a sustainable support system for both the present and future generations, the MAV leader explains how as a double-pronged tool, the arts serve as a fresh, creative, and inspiring voice which bridges the gap between colour and creed whilst making room for cultural dialogue and a shared understanding with and through youth. Having once herself been a vibrant, young lady whose immersion into the world of arts and culture was sparked by a genuine love of drama and theatre alongside a fascination towards literature and history, it’s no wonder her passion for education rings true to this day.

In her fight to preserve the sanctity of a universe where old meets new, the well-traversed Morgan has been indefatigable in her efforts to translate into activity, her underlying message which speaks of enriching individuals and society in general as well as carving from struggle, innovation, redefined identities, and newfound economic and social prowess for a healthier morrow. In defining her vision, she notes: “Culture and identity is central to the well-being of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Arts programmes are an active and tangible way to connect cultures and to educate others about difference.”

For the reasons above, part of MAV’s process and programmes for social inclusion comprise collaborations with the Arts Centre Melbourne, Recital Centre, Melbourne Theatre Company, and Melbourne Festival, among others, to actively promote diversity through the arts whilst protecting the rights, values, and beliefs of refugees and migrants. According to the visionary, arts projects that present positive non-stereotyped images and stories of indigenous groups and artists play a pivotal role in ensuing equity, raising awareness, building self-worth, encouraging community pride, stimulating long-term growth, and formulating respect.

Determined to walk a mile in the footsteps of the late great Nelson Mandela, Morgan is quick to echo the sentiments found in the hugely celebrated political icon’s book, Long Walk to Freedom, when probed on her source of inspiration: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

While the aforementioned accolade was accepted on behalf of Multicultural Arts Victoria, Morgan herself was voted in as a Member of the Order of Australia in 2013 while having been newly called upon to receive the Facilitators Prize at this year’s Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards. Joining an elite list of industry movers and shakers, her sense of fulfilment comes from seeing young people celebrate their cultural heritage as proud Australians. For Morgan, that alone is the ultimate reward and true motivation behind her wanting to press on.

So much so, even when afforded the luxury of time to pursue her personal passions, the family-friendly cat-lover and creative curator is hardly one to wander far from the warm embrace of artistic endeavour. It is safe to conclude that the very essence of her being best finds solace in offerings that capture beauty in naturalness be it through the arts, film, photography, travel, or simply gardening. By her own admission, she enjoys growing organic herbs and vegetables.

An avid traveller not spared the pleasure of exploring multiple global heritage sites like Hampi, Borobudur, The Great Wall, Angor Temple Complex, Bagan, Luang Prabang, Ha Long Bay, Melaka, and Georgetown, her round-the-world adventures are only just beginning.

“I like to travel to Asia and am keen to visit Jaipur, Rajasthan and other parts of India by train to experience the music, food, culture, and dance of that region. I wish also to travel to specific parts of Africa; Ethiopia, Senegal, and Mali. Then, there is Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Colombia.”

As to what the future holds for Jill Morgan, she plans on spending the next five years still discovering what she calls amazing world culture and the arts and the five years after that, doing precisely the same thing. Truly, to be able to devote one’s existence to doing what she loves the most and then finding fun ways to embed her interests into her everyday living is testament that dreams do come true when pursued with the purest of intentions, and without leaving a single stone unturned.







上述奖项是摩根代表维多利亚多元文化艺术馆领取的,而她本人,则在2013年荣获澳洲勋章AM成员奖(Member of the Order of Australia),并在今年刚在悉尼麦尔表演艺术颁奖礼荣膺「推进者」奖。虽然已在业界登上精英的超凡地位,但她最大的成就是看到年轻人庆祝他们的文化遗产时产生的荣耀感。对于摩根来说,这就是推动她继续前进的动力及奖励。





Dr Mecherl Lim

MD (MA) Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology


Vivacious, vibrant and oozing vitality, it’s hard to imagine that this lively lady is well into her 60s. Dressed impeccably in the calming hues of turquoise, she recounts her experience travelling around Australia in a camper with her partner, Ian. ‘If you’re on the road and you see something interesting, you can stop, get out and explore!’ And it is this openness to life and living that has propelled her throughout her own existence.

Despite a difficult childhood wrought with rejection and hardships, Lim was resolved from a very young age to build a successful life for herself. Having completed her secondary school examinations, she braved the working world and worked her way up to become supervisor of the whole factory. But with a keen interest in aesthetics, she took up night courses in the subject and trained to become a beautician. Following her graduation she opened up her own business in the 1970s.

This would prove to be the turning point in her life, as marriage and the birth of her three sons followed soon after. Though her marriage would not last, her career as a beautician proved to be a success – albeit having to manage a household on her own. ‘I always felt torn between caring for my children, managing my business and all the chores related to running a household,’ she remembers. But fuelled by her determination, she carried on.

Balancing the demands on her time and attention, Lim went on to open a second branch of her business. It was at this point that she experienced an epiphany that would direct her to the fundamentals of internal health and how this can affect the external appearance.

She studied alternative medicine via correspondence with a training centre abroad and travelled to Australia, Sri Lanka and the States to explore this branch of holistic wellness further. Michelle Herbs Therapy & Complementary Medicine Clinic, the fruit of her extensive training and research, was founded in 1990 in Penang.

Having been in this field for 24 years, Lim is dedicated to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illnesses through a ground breaking holistic system called Functional Medicine which employs the art of Listen to Your Body Talk. Lim has since developed a unique programme called Detox & Live, an integrated detoxification plan that targets liver and kidney cleansing, digestive problems, candidas and parasite killing combined with a range of protocal herbs, natural supplements and appropriate nutrition.

Adding to her portfolio of holistic therapies is kinesiology, which combines modern medical knowledge with ancient oriental philosophy. Having recently returned from an intensive study course in Melbourne, Lim uses this skill to tap into one’s subconscious and energy centres to counter the negative influences. ‘I firmly believe that knowledge empowers us to take charge of our lives and our health. Without awareness, we cannot change anything,’ said Lim.