Chiang Rai

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Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

The New Shade of Thailand’s Local Luxury


As one of the most alluring destinations in Thailand, Chiang Rai, located at the northern region, offers a staggering range of amazing attractions for tourists around the world. The rolling hills, sweeping mountains, lush green forests and nature, and rich melting pot of cultures, extravagant resorts and spas, and the way of living of the locals will encourage you to indulge yourself in the tranquility of the scenery and fresh air. These make Chiang Rai one of the most engaging places to visit.


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Boon Rawd Farm

Scenic Mountain Views

Chiang Rai is known for its majestic hills and mountains. It is a best place for those who love trekking and a little adventure en-route to the Northern Province’s breathtaking views.

Many small villages are filled with Thai local experiences that are far different from those found in the bigger cities of Thailand. The culture of this region has been inspired by Lanna, Karen and other indigenous ethnic groups providing tourists, both foreign and domestic travellers, with a noticeably friendly and vibrant atmosphere.




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Splendid Resort & Spa

There is also a wide variety of luxurious hotels and resorts in Chiang Rai. Most of them are surrounded by nature. Nothing beats waking up to fresh air and serenity, while witnessing the way of local living of the Thais.

Thai spa treatments are also famous in this area. Spa-based medical tourism is a global phenomenon and Thailand as Asia’s Spa Capital, reaps returns on its decades-long strategy while riding a rising tide of female driven consumer demand. In regard to this, Chiang Rai is second to none in terms of relaxing and secluded spa retreats.



泰式的SPA (水疗)护理名闻国际,这里随处可见且专业的水疗护理中心,让游客可以彻底地放松身心,好好感受清莱这片美丽土地所带来的充沛能量。


Text by Sweezy Tan & image(s) courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand