No Limits, No Boundaries 无极限,没界限

David Liao (Founder and creative genius of DLX Creative)

He is a man of many talents – some say he’s a photographer, an architect, a property agent who’s also good at many other sporting activities.

In reality, David Liao is a down to earth and successful entrepreneur who is definitely all of the above, but keeps focused with the services that his company provides in the real estate community.

After owning and running DLX Creative for seven years, the business focuses on developers to create marketing material for the latter’s architectural projects – making their projects come to live.

“We are a marketing service agency that provides services purely for property developers. The services are to build long-term partnerships, working closely with our stakeholder groups, and meeting their requirements to ensure an open and collaborative dialogue throughout the production process. We carry out thorough and extensive research for every project, developing considered creative solutions that work,” explains Liao.

DLX has grown as a business housing seven specialised staff and is relatively a young agency which projects a vibrant and forward thinking team. “Our goal is to deliver highly effective solutions in a cost-effective manner. We tailor solutions for developments of all sizes.”

“Three years ago, another person joined me as a partner who has 15 over years in print. The company has grown since then and we do around 20-30 projects in Melbourne and some in China. DLX are my initials – David Liao and X stands for Exponential potentials – no boundaries, no limits in our services.”

With a rather impressive list of projects under its belt, Liao hopes to explore more opportunities in the future.

“I’d like my team to have more ownership of the company and project. I like to focus on different things and tap into new industries.  There’s another project in the pipeline to do with tourism from China to Melbourne where there is huge potential because of the amount of Chinese tourists who come here every year.”

And so, there is definitely exponential potential for Liao where he will take on these new projects with no boundaries and no limits.

他多才多艺-有人说他是摄影师、建筑师、产业代理,甚至擅长体育活动。在现实中, David Liao 是脚踏实地的成功企业家,这是公认的事实,并且一直集中在为房地产社群提供专业服务。

运营 DLX Creative 的7年来,他们的业务专注于创建房产建筑项目的市场营销方案,让客户的房产项目更具活力与神采。



3年前,随着一名具有15年印刷经验的合作伙伴加入,那时起,DLX 在墨尔本有20 – 30个服务订单,还有一些是在中国。DLX 是由 David Liao 名字首字母组成,而X代表潜力指数 – 服务无极限,没界限。