Sydney designer Adam Goodrum is the winner of the national Rigg Design Prize for 2015  with his work entitled ‘Unfolding’, a series of translucent folding house structures, overlaid with dichroic film, which reflect a luminous array of colourful images across the gallery walls. This is Australia’s most prestigious accolade for contemporary furniture and object design award with a prize money of $30,000 to an Australian design practitioner.

This year’s judges were two of the biggest names in international contemporary design, Gijs Bakker (Co-Founder, Droog Design) and Wava Carpenter (Former Curator, Design Miami). Revealing a picture of contemporary Australian design that is independent, original, and expressive of present-day issues and values, the Rigg Design Prize 2015 invited seven designers to exhibit bodies of work that communicated their practice and ideas. The exhibition of all seven designers’ works opens at the National Gallery Victoria from 18 September to 7 February 2016.

悉尼设计师 Adam Goodrum 成为维多利亚国家美术馆2015年理格设计奖优胜得主。他的作品 “Unfolding”,


这项对于澳大利亚设计从业者来说也是现代家具与对象设计奖的最高荣誉,奖金高达30000美元。今年的评委是由两名国际当代设计大师Gijs Bakker (Droog设计联合创始人) 和 Wava carpenterMiami设计前馆长)担当。



Adam Goodrum grew up in Western Australia then moved to Sydney to study Industrial Design. Today Adam is focusing on furniture, product and interior design and his work unifies functionality with aesthetic.

“My design philosophy is curios, hands on, fun and rigorous. To me design is creating functional products with personality. Elements such as mechanisms, movement and geometry fascinate me.”

Adam Goodrum 在西澳成长,过后迁移到悉尼学习工业设计。Adam 的聚焦重点是家具、产品及室内设计,他的作品特质是结合功能与美感。


Designer Adam Goodrum, winner of the Rigg Design Prize 2015 in front of his luminous work Unfolding.


Daniel To and Emma Aiston are an Adelaide based design duo that are rapidly becoming super stars internationally. Starting their practice in 2008 they have products produced in France, Denmark and USA and have been part of Wallpaper magazine’s Wallpaper Handmade three times and are frequent exhibitors in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and Berlin.

Daniel To Emma Aiston 是目前驻扎澳大利亚阿德莱德的设计组合,他们迅速崛起成为国际超级明星。2008 年他们在法国、丹麦和美国开始设计制作产品,参与墙纸杂志与壁纸手工制作,并且在纽约、巴黎、东京,伦敦与柏林频繁参展。

Daniel To and Emma Aiston (designers) at their exhibition for Rigg Design prize.


Examples of Brodie Neill’s material driven masterpieces such as his ‘E-turn’ bench for Kundalini (2007), his limited edition ‘Remix’ bench (2008) and his ‘Reverb’ chair shown above, formed part of the exhibition of his work along with much more recent designs for his newish brand Made in Ratio such as last years ‘Alpha’ chair and the magnificent ‘Cowrie’ rocker from Made in Ratio Collection 2.

2007 年开始,设计师 Brodie Neill’s 取材自昆达里尼 (瑜伽式) 的“E转向”板凳被誉为杰作,随后还有限量版的 “混音”和他的“混响”椅子概念,而形成的部分作品展览及近期的设计,包括去年的作品“恒生”,还有壮观的“玛瑙贝椅” ,都是 Made in Ratio 的收藏系列二。

Brodie Neill (designer) in front of his presentation


At 35 Rohde is one of the younger Rigg finalists. A graduate of the Victorian College of Arts in 2001 Rohde set up her own studio a year later and has consistently exhibited since. Rohde describes her work as “shiny, loud, colourful and unashamedly decorative. I’m compelled and repulsed in equal measures by the fantastical environments I make.” The work itself is executed in various synthetic polymers and resins built up into a mesmerising tableau of furniture, vessels and ornaments.

年仅 35 岁的 Rohde 是最年轻的里格设计奖入围者之一。2001年毕业于维多利亚艺术学院的后成立本身工作室,一年后进行作品个展。Rohde 描述她的作品为“闪亮响亮、色彩鲜艳,底气十足,热爱幻想的概念,比较排斥平淡。 ”她的作品色彩强烈,家具,器皿和装饰品大部分为人造橡胶与合成树脂素材的设计。

Designer and maker Kate Rohde created a kaleidoscopic and exuberant reimagining of a Baroque-inspired dining room for the Award.


Russell Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky formed Koskela in 2000 and operate their design studio across corporate and domestic sectors creating entire interior solutions along with individual lighting and furniture products. Koskela has recently added new objects to the line up – the ‘Hoodie’ covered desk, a new range of lights that add a slick spun metal canopy component to the woven outcome and a modular meeting place made up of timber seats and supports with woven panels.

Russell KoskelaSasha Titchkosky 2000 年开始创立 Koskela 设计工作室,为企业和家庭创意设计室内照明方案与家具用品。Koskela 加入了新的题材 – “帽衫”覆盖的小书台和照明设计,外罩光滑的纺金属篷布组件,为会议地点增添了木质和编织材料元素


Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert started their studio in 1993 while working in Germany on lightweight architecture and exhibition design but formerly founded their practice back in Sydney in 1995. Working out of their studio and workshop in Alexandria, the pair produce to both public and private commission while also creating a small range of production pieces.

1993 年于德国工作并且开始创立工作室的 Janos Korban Stefanie Flaubert 这对设计组合,专长是鋁合金轻量级架构与展会设计。而他们在 1995 年回到悉尼后,也开始另外一段设计旅程。

Designer Stefanie Flaubert and metalworker Janos Korban of Korban Flaubert stand next to their work Iron in the soul (Sculptural bench)


Khai Liew is an Adelaide based former restorer, turned fine woodworker and designer. Of Chinese Malay origin, after several decades of working as a restorer of the highest calibre, working on projects for private customers and museums both locally and abroad, Liew launched his design career at the ripe old age of 44. Liew is constantly reinventing the fertile ground that exists between Scandinavian, Asian and Colonial European furniture.

驻扎阿德莱德的 Khai Liew 是修复师和设计师。源为马来西亚华人,拥有数十年高水平修复经验,参与过国内外个人客户和博物馆修复项目,Liew 44 岁的高龄中开始设计生涯,Khai Liew 擅长重塑北欧,亚洲和欧洲殖民地家具

South Australian designer Khai Liew in front of a collection of his exquisite, hand-crafted furniture pieces.

Democratising commercial leasing 大众化的商租



Have you ever tried to lease commercial space? An office? A shop? A warehouse? If so, you’ve probably found the experience quite time consuming, expensive, difficult to navigate and not particularly transparent.

Simon Hanlon (30) is a Melbourne-based lawyer turned tech entrepreneur. He is hungry, well resourced and is part of a new breed aggressively pursuing the Internet enabled dream.

Witnessing first hand the inefficiencies associated with the commercial leasing classified space, he saw the opportunity for an ‘Airbnb-style’ marketplace to open up the commercial property market.

“The online landscape in Australia is locked up and agent-skewed, with a handful of larger players dominating the space, resulting in an often rigid, expensive and non-consumer-friendly experience.”

Sidespace ( is a website connecting vacant commercial leasing opportunities directly with prospective tenants. The company’s vision is to democratise the commercial leasing market.

Unlike existing players, the offering is aimed at all market participants with the site accepting listings from individuals, businesses, property developers, shopping centres, asset managers, existing tenants (sub-leases) and others, including commercial property agents.

The platform also provides an effective channel for those seeking to market non-traditional opportunities – such as sub-leases and short-to-medium-term arrangements – making commercial space far more accessible.

Hanlon’s previous experiences as a commercial tenant were typical of what many encounter and prompted him to take action.

“I was responsible for sourcing a warehouse for 12 months. Despite the six-figure sum proposed, several agents were reluctant to entertain the term or connect me with landlords directly”.

The company is backed by a group of well-heeled private investors including Jason Yeap OAM and the team believes it has the online experience on board required for success.

Emphasis has been placed on a mobile-first strategy, a refined user experience, affordable listing rates, solid customer service and aggressive marketing campaigns ensuring a consistent flow of tenants to the site.

Users of all sizes are listing vacant commercial space on the site, from larger developers like Lend Lease, to smaller companies like Sidespace, who successfully sub-let its own Collins Street offices, thereby contributing substantially to its bottom line.

Please visit for more information or contact the company directly to discuss opportunities. Vacant commercial property can be listed instantly from any device.


30岁的 Simon Hanlon 是一个驻扎墨尔本,从律师转行的科技企业家。他看中了这个新品种资源的潜能,积极追求网络扩展。由于感受到目前商业租赁方式与分类空间的低效率,以美国成功的房屋租赁网站 Airbnb 风格作为开拓商业地产市场方式。


Sidespace ( 是一个连接商业出租者与潜在租户的网站,公司的愿景是拓展大众化的商业租赁市场。

与现有商业现况不同的是,Sidespace 目的是接受所有市场参与者,包括来自个人、企业、房地产开发商、购物中心、资产管理者、现有租户(转租)和其他,甚至商业地产代理。

这个平台还提供有效的渠道寻求非传统的市场机会,如转租或者短期到中期的安排,使需求者更容易租到商业空间。而促使Simon Hanlon展开这个计划,是因为遭遇了一名典型商业租户的经历。


Sidespace 得到私人投资者包括 Jason Yeap  OAM 和一些团队的支持,并且认为这将是一个成功的在线体验案子。


不同规模的用户将在商业空间的网站上汇集,大型的开发商如 Lend Lease,小公司像Sidespace,如果谁能成功转租本身柯林斯街道的办公室,更是极大地促进了成果

请访问 获取更多信息或直接联系公司,空置或等待出租的商业房产立即从任何电子设备上尽情浏览。

ART & CULTURE 轩尼诗与艺术

Hennessy V.S Limited edition bottle was created by internationally renowned contemporary artist Ryan McGinness making this the 5th collaboration between the liquor company with internationally renowned contemporary artists over the 5 years. This limited edition is based on the artist’s “black holes’ series of paintings where the colours glow under black-light on a silver background incorporating McGinness’ signature icons that symbolises the craftsmanship of Hennessy Cognac. Hennessy celebrated the launch of this historic partnership in August with a event titled #ArtoftheChase in New York City with an interactive tunnel of digital McGinness artwork captivating guests with Hennessy cocktails, including the ‘Infinity’ that the artist helped to create. Not to mention a special performance by rapper 2 Chainz. The artist later travelled with Hennessy to further promote and bottle-signings in LA, Miami and Philadelphia.

Very Special Limited Edition by Ryan McGinness

“I felt the bottle was a perfect canvas to extend my Black Holes body of work. The inclusion of the metadata concept was also important for me because it’s an extension of what I’m already pursuing in my work.”

McGinness nobly declares.

轩尼诗限量版的酒瓶是艺术家 Ryan Mcginness 的杰作,这是该国际知名当代艺术家过5来第 5 次与酒类公司合作。这款“黑洞”系列作品在深邃的黑光中闪烁黄色、紫红色和绿色霓虹色涡流线构成百合花图案色彩,结合银色背景的 Mcginness “辐射眼”签名图标,象征着轩尼诗干邑精巧手艺。

而为何配合限量版的艺术酒瓶,轩尼诗 8 月在纽约市启动合作伙伴的酒会派对 #ArtoftheChase,现场除了有电子数码方式展现 Mcginness 的艺术作品隧道,而艺术家们更是创造了“无限”这个主题。而 Rap 歌手 2 Chainz 的现场演出更是增添色彩,这项宣传盛会也将在洛杉矶,迈阿密和费城举行。

Images courtesy of