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a Triumph of Custom-Made Craftsmanship 繁复华贵手编霓裳

Inspired by the reminiscent of ancient Hollywood glamorous, tailor-made label PAOLO SEBASTIAN emphasizes on creating whimsical and ethereal pieces to accentuate the beauty of an individual with opulent silks, beaded embellishments and French lace.

American TV presenter Giuliana Rancic, often attends red carpet in PAOLO SEBASTIAN, and her recent appearance in PAOLO SEBASTIAN was at the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA). Other celebrity supporters of PAOLO SEBASTIAN include

Catt Sadler, Dannii Minogue, Samantha Jade, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonia Kruger.

灵感来自古老的好莱坞迷人的怀旧,手工特制的标签,PAOLO SEBASTIAN 强调创造异想天开和空灵的作品强调一个人的美与华丽的丝绸,串珠装饰和法国蕾丝。繁复的工艺以及奢华的细节,大量运用蕾丝刺绣等元素,把这个来自澳大利亚的品牌显得更奇货可居。

美国电视节目主持人 Giuliana Rancic 经常出席 PAOLO SEBASTIAN 的红地毯,她最近的一次是出现在澳大利亚收费电视和无线电协会 (Astra)有关该品牌的活动。另外,名人支持者也包括 Catt Sadler, Dannii Minogue, Samantha Jade, Shraddha Kapoor Sonia Kruger

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