‘Striking’ and ‘Seductive’ were the two words used to describe the new Rolls-Royce Dawn by Torstein Mueller-Outdoes, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Hailed as the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built, Dawn is seen to be setting a new benchmark in open-top, super-luxury motoring for those who wish to bathe in the sunlight in class and style.

Contrary to media speculation, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is not a Wraith drophead. 80% of the exterior body panels of the new Dawn are newly designed to accommodate an evolution of Rolls-Royce’s design language and to encapsulate highly contemporary, four-seat super-luxury drophead architecture. The aim was clear. To do what no other car manufacturer had achieved so far – make a car that looks as beautiful with its roof up as with it down and the roof had to be graceful, beautiful and sensuous whilst remaining one of the largest canopies to grace a convertible car. One could almost say that the result of the design team’s restless endeavours has been to make the new Rolls-Royce Dawn two cars in one. Deliveries on the new Rolls-Royce Dawn commence in the second quarter of 2016.P90196577_highRes

“惊艳”和“诱惑”是出自劳斯莱斯汽车有限公司的首席执行员 Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes 对于最新劳斯莱斯车款曜影的形容。




而劳斯莱斯曜影将定于 2016 年第二季度完成交付全球首批车主。


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney – leading consumer fashion runway event, showcasing all the hottest Australian labels and brands direct from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  Australia 2015 runway. Mix of high end designer brands, and affordable Aussie fashion, ensuring any fashion lover can experience the runway from the front row!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney Media Call
Coco Rocha and her MB Car

International supermodel and digital influencer Coco Rocha will present as the MBFF Sydney Official Event Ambassador on the Opening Night of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. Rocha has over 16 million social media followers.

To name a few, Celebrity guests list resembling the who’s who of the Australian fashion and entertainment industry included Lindy and Michael Klim, Nikki Phillips, Amanda Shad forth, Carissa Walford, Samantha Harris, Heather Maltman, Monika Radulovik (Miss Universe Australia) and  Tanja Gacic.

The 7 runway shows showcased over 40 leading Australian fashion labels such as Dion Lee, alice mcCALL, Bec & Bridge, Michael Lo Sordo, Ginger & Smart and many more.

Red Carpet - Runway - MBFFS 2015
Dress Steven Khalil and Calibre

梅赛德斯-奔驰悉尼时装周再领跑时尚,为悉尼这个城市潮流注入新鲜感。而这次的悉尼时尚周的焦点除了还是展现各界高端设计师品牌,最大的话题就是国际名模 Coco Rocha 成为了时装周的代言人和大会的开幕嘉宾。Rocha 是现今国际时尚与社交界红人,在社交网络上拥有1600万名的粉丝追随者。

出席的贵宾包括耳熟能详的澳大利亚时装与娱乐领域佼佼者,LindyMichael KlimNikki PhillipsAmanda Shad forthCarissa WalfordSamantha HarrisHeather MaltmanMonika Radulovik (澳大利亚环球小姐) 与 Tanja Gacic

7组领先秀台的澳大利亚时尚前锋多达 40 个品牌,计有 Dion Leealice mcCALLBec & BridgeMichael Lo Sordo Ginger & Smart 等等

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Jean Paul GauLtier Crystalizing 结晶作品

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier will be staging the exhibition spaces of the two Swarovski Kristallwelten Stores Wien and Innsbruck in his own inimitable manner. The result is a unique combination of art and haute couture. The new installations can be admired on the performance stage and in the glass bay windows of Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien from September 14th, and in Innsbruck in the Chamber of Wonder from September 18th. Swarovski Kristallwelten Stores Innsbruck welcomes visitors with a glance at haute couture creations from recent years. The models are dressed in unconventional designs, each serving as a perfect backdrop to the crystals. The low-ceilinged space intensifies the drama of the mannequins’ setting, positioned diagonally before the visitors.

法国设计师Jean Paul Gaultier以独特的思维方式设置分别位于维也纳与因斯布鲁克的施华洛世奇水晶世界店展览空间,呈现的结果非常亮眼,将艺术和前卫时尚完美组合。独具匠心的表演舞台可以透过在维也纳世界店的玻璃凸窗观赏得到。


Installations By Designer Jean Paul Gaultier At The Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Vienna

Installations By Designer Jean Paul Gaultier At The Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Vienna

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