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Banking on the Money Man 金融家钱线

Scott Tanner

CEO, Bank of Melbourne

There’s only one thing Melbourne native Scott Tanner loves as much as his home city – his job. For a sit-down with the chief of Victoria’s local bank, Deborah Joy Peter takes a number and cashes in on the opportunity.

Bank of Melbourne chief executive, Scott Tanner, might have started out in the financial services sector around the mid-1980s as a computer engineer with a RMIT degree in applied science mathematics, but the long-time Executive MBA holder has gone on to become more than just a buttoned-down, business-as-usual banking specialist who crosses his Ts, dots his Is, crunches the numbers, and spits out forecasted figures.

Scott Tanner2


Needless to say, three decades of having dabbled in the field coupled with a deep-seated fascination with finance has taught the Australian banker that the most treasured exchange in any transaction is the rolling up of one’s sleeves and getting involved. Such chutzpah is exactly the engine that powers the corporate juggernaut’s drive to lead the aforementioned people-centric brand as ‘the bank for Melbourne’.

Tanner’s illustrious career is testament of his commitment to his organisation, its people, and the community. It was experience, adopting a hands-on approach, and dedication towards a heartfelt vocation which transformed the great thinker into an exceptional doer. “I’ve always been interested in finance, in particular, the role that it plays in shaping the global economy and the impact the local financial services industry has on our lives,” he tells Essenze.


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Shooting Stars 闪耀星空

Deborah Gray


Deborah Gray has travelled the world extensively working and enjoying a long career in media, entertainment and corporate communications. An author who has appeared on the NBC today show, a radio personality, a journalist and a business facilitator.

Deborah Gray,在世界领域媒体、娱乐和企业通信行业中游刃有余的资深工作者;并且大胆跨行且身兼多职,目前担任美国全国广播公司(NBC)节目作家,同时也是出色的电台节目主持人、新闻记者和业务服务商。

I have been very fortunate to have worked in big business and to learn from some very successful and entrepreneurial clients. A number of years ago I was offered a position as a National Marketing Manager in a big company and a mentor gave me the best advice that I always apply to any new project.

“Does it make sense to you? Does it stack up? If it does not make sense, don’t do it.” Sounds simple really, but so often we do not apply this approach and ignore our instincts and common sense.

Along the way I married a film producer and moved to Los Angeles for seven years and when that relationship soured I really wanted to return home to family and friends and raise my son Geoffrey here in Melbourne. That turned out to be a smart decision as I met my soul mate and best friend and one of the most successful structural engineers in Australia, Paul Webber.

“Australia is home but I really enjoy new challenges and having lived and worked in the United States I was looking to find a new project that really excited me over there.”

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