Building The Way to The Future 构筑未来

Nicole Chow Managing Director, UAG (United Asia Group)

The housing industry is one that is tough and without the proper know-how, it is one that is not easy to build a success from. Blazing her way through this tough industry, Nicole Chow is now known as the developer who produces creative and functional living spaces that not only look good but offer a stylist alluring lifestyle to her customers. The dynamic developer shares her thoughts with EZ recently on leading UAG Group of Companies towards greater success in the Land Down Under.

The pivotal year in Nicole Chow’s life would have to be 1997 when she started UAG with a target of building beautiful luxurious homes in Australia. Ever since that crucial year, the UAG Group of Companies has created a name for itself as a formidable developer with over 40 projects under its belt.

Today, the developer has stepped up in scale and prestige so UAG is now constructing projects that cost well in excess of AUD$100 million. The secret to Chow’s success has to be her strong determination in achieving her goals and taking a strong hand in leading her team towards her goals. “I like to think that my creativity allows me to identify an opportunity efficiently so I quickly rule out any project that does not stimulate me or a project that doesn’t allow me to build upon our young but significant brand identity,” she shared.

The managing director of UAG Group says she works strategically to ensure that her company pursues only worthwhile projects that she and her architect husband from SJB, Tony Battersby, can be proud of. “We both know that a project will often take years to come to fruition, so you need a beautiful, satisfying and hopefully profitable project that will keep you energized and focussed for the entire life of the project,” she said. This is the reason why UAG continues to pave the way in building prestigious projects as it rolls from one good project into the next with a passion.

It is never easy leading such a large group but this does not deter Chow from taking the reins and holding it firmly. She believed it is her strong passion for her profession that kept her going despite her demanding schedules that involved extensive travelling and long work days on site or in the studio. Despite her tight schedules, she always ensures that she travels in style and she always engages professional consultants and builders who understand her vision for her projects. “I also balance out the draining aspects of my role in the company by having a really cool office…currently my studio is located in one of my recent projects – Emblem,” she said.

The outspoken lady loves the idea of becoming an architect but she decided that her business skills are much better put to use, a decision that led to the creation of UAG and her current success as a developer.

“I was perhaps too impatient to endure the five long years of an architectural degree but I still retain a passion for design and architecture which I combined with my business acumen to build UAG into my new Australian empire.”

All UAG’s projects are a stylish representation of an alluring lifestyle and Chow is extremely passionate about each project they undertake.

Each UAG project bears Chow’s signature of a prestigious location and a sophisticated architectural design that combines thoughtful and liveable floor plans with beautiful materials and finished palette. She may have been in the industry for almost two decades but the process of creating new living spaces continues to fascinate her till this day. “It is wonderfully satisfying to locate a site, engage a talented team and actively lead and manage the team all the way through the challenging journey from start to finish,” she said of every project UAG completed.

UAG has shifted to larger scale projects recently which Chow agrees represent a significant increase in risk but she thinks it is time for the company to make the shift to align with market conditions for continued success. She said UAG is now versatile enough to respond rapidly to these opportunities in the market especially when backed with a talented team of designers, advisors, bankers and builders.

“We have a new boutique scaled development in the beautiful suburb of Armadale called 881 that is scheduled to commence very soon,” the Melbourne-based developer says. The new project will feature 70 apartments with a broad range of types from expansive four bedroom residences to one and two bedroom units. “The apartments will be beautifully designed by my favourite architect and his clever team,” she said, adding that the project will also boast a stunning rooftop pool and garden terrace.

The future of UAG looks bright as Chow promises to forge ahead by continuing to search out wonderful locations and building gorgeous residences in Melbourne. “We remain eager in building creative liveable spaces and we are always on the hunt to create another signature UAG Project,” she promised.

Nicole Chow 3

所谓外行看热闹,内行看门道,房产行业如缺乏确凿的业务技术和长远思路,其实是一个不容易建设且取得成功的事业。而具备炽热理念的 Nicole Chow 却通过这艰难的行业证明了自己:她所创立的UAG集团(United Asia Group)目前被视为是集无限创意、功能性和优美生活空间于一身的房产开发公司。这位以优美奢华风格闻名的设计型房产开发商,与EZ分享了她的构思与主导的集团在土地上迈向更长远的未来路途。

1997年,这对 Nicole 来说是关键的一年,为了在澳大利亚建设美丽豪华住宅的想法,她开创UAG集团,而现在公司日愈强大,已开发逾40个房产项目。随着加大规模和延续声望,目前具有超越1亿澳元巨额成本的建设项目。


我觉得是创造力让我找到机会,并且迅速排除任何没有鼓舞性、无法建立我们品牌象征的项目。作为UAG集团的董事经理,她指出,公司只追求有价值的项目,这是她与来自SJB公司的建筑师丈夫 Tony Battersby 皆感到自豪的一点。




领导一个庞大群体不是件易事,但这并不妨碍 Nicole 在业务上的掌控能力。


我在公司里扮演着平衡的协调角色,并且有一个很酷的办公室……目前我的工作室坐落在我们近期的代表性项目 – Emblem 精品公寓。她直言有成为建筑师的想法,但运用自己的业务技能,作为一个成功开发商引导UAG更为重要。


UAG 所开发的房产项目具代表性特征:那就是精选优雅地点和繁复建筑设计相呼应,还有宜居平面图搭配优美材料成品。



我们有一个新的精品规模计划,在美丽高级郊区 Armadale 881公寓项目,


总部位于墨尔本的UAG集团将锐意进取寻找精彩的方向,在当地建设华美的住宅。我们持续着创造宜居空间的渴望,寻觅并落实另一个UAG代表性项目。”Nicole Chow承诺。

Giving It Forward 艺术是温柔的武器

Jason Yeap, OAM

Chairman, Mering Corporation

Jason Yeap1.jpg

Malaysian-born lawyer, property developer, with a passion for art and culture and a drive for philanthropy, Jason Yeap began his career in 1985 as a lawyer. In time, his shrewd business acumen saw him stake his trademark in the property industry and earn his reputation as a property investor. He launched Mering Corporation in 2004,  which is a property investment and development company.

“…they thought I could contribute, I did, and the rest is history…”

Jason was invited to the Board of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in 2004. Since then he has served the maximum of a nine year term with the Board. His tenure with the NGV Board of Trustees broadened his perspective of what the Australian community as a whole was all about. It was an opportune moment for Jason as he was in a position to draw on his resources and contacts available via his active involvement with the Chinese communities and Associations, to activate significant contributions to the community.

Jason comments that “of course there was a significant change in my perspective of art ever since I joined the NGV. Before, in my case it was about art as an investment. However now I look at the administration of art and what art can do to and for the community.”

In 2010 Jason was recognised “for service to the arts, particularly through the National Gallery of Victoria and to community” with the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia.

2012 saw Jason take the Chair of the NGV Foundation and in 2014 he was appointed as a council member to the National Gallery of Australia and looks forward to an extension of his current term with the Council. Recently he was announced as a Patron of Multicultural Arts Victoria. (MAV)

“…there are enough opportunities, perhaps not enough given…..”

Jason believes that politicians and others can play a key role in alleviating this imbalance of opportunities available and opportunities given. Jason states part of this change process is to have the ability to speak and act on what one believes in and what is right without fear in society.

In his advocacy for philanthropy, Jason and his wife established the Wong Swee Soon International Science Internships Award under the auspices of the Global Challenges International Science Internships Fund. Through the fund, students in the new program will be supported through an international internship.

His other involvements include being a member of the Board of Directors of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the largest Research Institute for Children in Australia. In 2012, he was made Board member for The University of Melbourne – I Believe Campaign – that aims to raise $500 million by 2017, one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Australia to date. Since 2014 to date, Jason holds the Chair of the Asian Advisory Board, University of Melbourne.

In 2013 Jason was named an Ambassador of The Australia Day Ambassador Program, an initiative that sees high achieving and proud Australians attend local Australia Day celebrations in towns and cities across the nation

Through his years of experience Jason shares that integrity is that one “ingredient that will make the difference between a good businessman and THE businessman.” “Integrity is what will get you on the right side of people in order to earn their respect.” Jason himself sets the benchmark of what it means to be THE businessman as his various roles will testify. As of 2014 till present, Jason is actively involved as a Board Member with the Asian Advisory Board, Bank of Melbourne and a member of the Trade & Investment Policy Advisory Council (TIPAC) Department of Foreign Affairs.

Jason Yeap3.jpg

He feels most people recognise that in about 10 years’ time; Australia will inevitably be a vital and major player of the region. The focus for now should be, according to Jason, on how to capitalise on the integration of Asians in Australia.

For Australians, Jason says, an appreciation of the fact that they definition of an Australian has changed. An Australian now incorporates into its definition people like Jason himself, he says.   This is largely due to the migration factor prevalent in Australia and the incorporation of Asians in Australia.

His role and his work through the MAV is perhaps one of the many platforms available for Jason to achieve a means to this particular end. Jason says that “It is a great privilege and honour to advocate for MAV because of its mission to reach out to the new arrivals to this country through innovative cultural engagements. It has brought better understanding and respect for all in Australia.”

Jason acknowledges there is a lot more that can be done and any advocacy for MAV and the likes, that advances its mission “is very essential and personally satisfying.”

Jason Yeap 身上可以看到传统华人的3大特点:勤奋、精明和经商。这名出生在马来西亚的澳大利亚籍华裔,与很多漂洋过海的华人命运雷同,自1978年来到澳大利亚,完成高校教育后,顺其自然的就在这片土地上扎根。






可是,在他2005年正式作为董事加入维多利亚国家美术馆 (NGV),紧接着就是成为基金会会长。这一次,艺术彻底颠覆了他的人生观和生活。

我可以这么形容:政治是沉重的,商业是激进的,只有艺术是温柔的。其实对于Jason Yeap来说,艺术何尝不是温柔的武器,悄无声息的攻入了人们柔软的心房。



2014年至今,他除了担任墨尔本大学亚洲顾问委员会董事会主席、墨尔本银行亚洲顾问委员会董事会成员,也是澳大利亚外交部贸易与投资政策咨询理事会(TIPAC) 的成员。


此时此刻可说是 Jason Yeap 人生的黄金时光:回馈社会、享受生活、拥有事业资源、感受艺术、爱好摄影,与家人共度旅行的美好时光……


CHTNetwork – Where all good things in life meet… 脑网络延伸

CH’NG Huck Theng

Founding President CHTNetwork

CHTNetwork was founded in 2008 by CH’NG Huck Theng as a professional network that focuses on lifestyle branding, publications and prestigious events. The Network brings together a wide spectrum of clients, associates and friends to create a close-knit network of creativity and excellence known as “The CHT Community”. It is an exclusive community of beautiful people, excellent products and discerning clients.

Over the years, CHTNetwork has built a reputation of professionalism, credibility and integrity in its publications, impressive events and notable awards ceremonies. It is now one of the most sought after communications, marketing and event specialists in Malaysia and abroad.

Blazing a path in branding and lavish events, CHTNetwork established its two iconic global awards – the CHT Awards and Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Awards. These awards are the marks of excellence bestowed on leading brands, captains of industries and top corporations that are the talk of town since its introduction.

Ever mindful of the fact that social welfare is an important component of any society, the CHTNetwork introduced a series of corporate social responsibility programmes. At the forefront of its programmes are charity auctions and art sales in aid of less fortunate children and education. These programmes also provided a platform for local talents to promote and showcase their skills.


Year 2015 is the start of another milestone for CHTNetwork. The network is now building a strong presence in Australia, first with the launch of Essenze Australia and then the launch of its event space – SpACE@Collins, a posh venue for many signature CHTNetwork events in times to come. It will mark the beginning of a new era of glitzy events and the introduction of outstanding brands through its luxury lifestyle magazine. Surely, Australia will feel the buzz and excitement of a widespread network that brings people and industries together through memorable events.

Who is CHT?

CH’NG Huck Theng is a businessman to many but essentially, he is the man who brings people together through art and an extensive network of lifestyle brands, influential publications and beautiful people. A man of many talents, and hats for that matter, CHT is the heart and brains of his network in which he nurtured close friendships, introduced talents to the world and created inspiring events.

CHTNetwork was invited to cover the launch of Rado HyperChrome collection in Shanghai, China 2012.jpg
CHTNetwork was invited to cover the launch of Rado HyperChrome collection in Shanghai, China 2012

A world renowned artist and sculptor with a host of awards under his belt, he is also a publisher, art collector, curator and the founder of One East Museum. The museum is a testament of his artistic and creative talent along with his eye for superb quality. Well known for being the man behind glittering affairs and the launcher of great brands, it is no mean feat to hold as many accomplishments as he has.

On top of his professional accomplishments, CH’NG is currently the President of the oldest art society in the country, the Penang Art Society. He has earned numerous awards and recognition in business and art including McMillan Woods Global Awards, Nokia & Le Prestige ‘Malaysian Top 40 Under 40’, the Asia Art Award in Seoul, Korea, the shortlisted winner of London International Creative Competition (LICC), to name a few. His masterpieces are displayed in renowned art institutions and museums the world over including the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris, Hong Kong University Museum & Art, Singapore Art Museum, National Art Gallery Malaysia and Shanghai Art Museum.

CHT was involved in the Malaysian-French Delegates discussions on arts and culture exchange programmes at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris, 2009.jpg
CHT was involved in the Malaysian-French Delegates discussions on arts and culture exchange programmes at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris, 2009

He is also the first Malaysian artist whose artwork was minted on coins – the “Anak Malaysia Limited Edition Silver Coins” – in commemoration of Malaysia’s 57th year of independence by Public Gold Group (Malaysia) and Royal East Pty Ltd (Australia) in 2014. Prior to this, his sculpture “Hand in Hand We Make A Better World” was selected by the Prime Minister of Malaysia as a national gift to China while another sculpture, “Salam”, was selected by the Malaysian Government as national gifts to Cities of London, UK and Melbourne, Australia.

As his string of achievements can attest, there is no stopping CH’NG from forging on to leave his mark and legacy of a community and network where all good things in life meet.

Just as CH’NG is known to say… “the best is yet to come!”

CHTNetwork拥有一个简单而新颖的哲理: 用感性与知性的新颖人际网络模式连接美好的人与事物。



CHTNetwork透过网络延伸的方式发展业务,比如:担任牵线人,推进马来西亚对外贸易发展局 (MATRADE) 在各国家的宣传交流,包括作为吉隆坡-墨尔本艺术展示会的策展单位。


CHT, Dato Jimmy Choo, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Dato Lewre Lew &  Soren Ravn.jpg
CHT, Dato Jimmy Choo, Dato Nancy Yeoh, Dato Lewre Lew & Soren Ravn

如今,CHTNetwork 迈入新里程碑,高端生活杂志 ESSENZE 马来西亚庆祝

10周年纪念,并且宣布 ESSENZE 澳大利亚杂志初版在墨尔本推展。


CHTCH’NG Huck Theng (庄学腾) 名字的简写,也意味着这个独特的脑网络组织是以他个人或周边为中心辐射点,然后再投射到不同的专业领域。作为贸易商人出身,半途出家的艺术创作者和业余出版作家,庄学腾拒绝单一化,寻求创建更多元化的组织,激起社会的文化活力。








开拓艺术领域成就的同时,他就任为马来西亚历史最悠久的槟城州艺术协会最年轻的会长,他在 2009 2011年被委任为马来西亚国家艺术画廊的董事会成员。


2014年,马来西亚建国第57周年,马来西亚大众金行集团联合澳大利亚 Royal East Pty. Ltd. 以庄学腾的作品

大马之子 – Anak Malaysia” 为原型,推出限量版银币,共计188枚。这是首位马来西亚艺术家的作品被印制为纪念银币,堪称是国家艺术作品历史性突破。

另外,他的一组创作系列雕塑祈祝 – Salam”也被马来西亚政府当作国礼送予英国伦敦市和澳大利亚墨尔本市。

2015年,庄学腾也在极富盛名的 McMillan Woods Global Award荣获最高级个人组别年度卓越策展人大奖

作为 CHTNetwork 的首脑人物,他相信身为艺术工作者不仅是创作和具有独特概念,但深一层推动宣扬艺术文化和相关工业,让人们,社会和经济受惠。