Hot Drifts & Sub-Zero Temperatures – Porsche Ice Experience 热情似火的漂移 & 冰点以下的气温 – 保时捷凌驾风雪

The pulse of the Porsche Ice Experience beats in the far north of Finland. With temperatures that reach far below freezing, it offers the ideal conditions for pure driving pleasure.

Every year Porsche Enthusiasts travel to Levi from far and wide to test their driving skills in icy conditions, under the expert guidance of the Porsche Ice Experience instructors.

Nestled between the endless pine forests of Lapland are extensive training areas for the three driving programmes: Ice Experience, Ice Force and Ice Force Pro.

Participants learn about accurate braking, evasive manoeuvres or controlled drift on specially prepared sections and handling courses. All with diverse Porsche models – which respond differently to the challenges.

The Porsche Ice Experience truly is the experience of a lifetime– packed with adrenaline and the sheer joy of driving at the limit. The feeling is simply indescribable.

Each year Porsche Centre Doncaster hosts Porsche customers and enthusiasts from Melbourne on this extraordinary adventure.

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