Chin Tan Won CHT International Awards 2020 for Australia 来自澳大利亚陈振良获得2020年CHT国际大奖

CH’NG & Secretary General of Ministry of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali presented the award to Chin Tan, Race Discrimination Commissioner

The Night
This year’s CHT Awards was held at JW Marriott KL, Malaysia. The event saw Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan being honoured with the CHT International Award for Australia. He was presented with the CHT Eagle trophy by Guest Of Honour Dato Lokman Hakim Ali, Secretary General of Ministry of International Trade & Industry. A Malaysian by birth and an Australian by choice, Chin Tan in his speech thanked the organizer and vowed to continue working harder and more closely with the Malaysian government to further enhance their relationship, especially in matters dealing with race issues. With an impressive guest list of 400 movers and shakers, industry magnates came from near and far. Gentlemen were in their best suits and ladies dressed to the theme ‘Fire & Ice’. It was truly a night to remember when guests posed for the red carpet along with a handsome white BMW 320i Sports by Quill Automotive. At 7.30pm, the doors to the Grand Ballroom were opened and guests were welcomed into an impressive dining space that was fit for kings! Many guests were also surprised that they would be dining with a Rolls-Royce Black Badge in the hall!

今年的CHT大奖颁奖典礼在吉隆坡JW万豪酒店隆重举行。澳大利亚反种族歧视专员陈振良荣获CHT国际大奖,并由荣誉贵宾马来西亚国际贸易工商部秘书长拿督Lokman Hakim Ali亲自颁发飞鹰奖杯。陈振良出生于马来西亚,定居在澳大利亚,他在演讲中感谢主办方,并承诺将继续与马来西亚政府之间进行更紧密的交流合作,加强两国关系,尤其是在处理种族歧视问题方面。而出席颁奖典礼的宾客也令人印象深刻,聚集了400位来自四面八方的风云人物和行业巨头。绅士们身着笔挺西装,而女士们以“冰与火”的抢眼主题艳压全场。作为值得纪念和缅怀的美丽夜晚,一辆特别为晚会精心打造的白色320i宝马跑车陪同宾客们走上华丽红地毯,这是由Quill Automotive所设计呈献。到了晚上7时30分,神秘的晚宴会厅大门打开,大家仿佛坠入了梦幻般的用餐空间,这是君王级别格调!许多客人更惊讶地发现,他们将在大厅里与劳斯莱斯尊贵的Black Badge-黑色徽章共餐!

CHT Lifetime Achievement Award 2020
Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali, Dato Seri Michael Chong (Winner) & CHNG
CHT International Outstanding Achievers Awards 2020
Chin Tan, CHNG, Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali, H.E. Dr. Ly Thuch & Prof. Dr. Suchart Vongthong
CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2020
Nilai Popular Sdn Bhd, Rhone Ma Holdings Berhad, The House of MOD Sdn Bhd, Sunway Medical Centre, Doux Visage Sdn Bhd, Datuk Dr Wong Lai Sum, Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato’ Dr. Aini Ideris, CHNG, Mega Fortris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Quill Group of Companies, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur & Dr. Hayden Clyde Pooke
CHT Emerging Entrepreneur Awards 2020
Innovatif+, Penang Hotel Collection, CHNG, Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali & Skinnergy Resources

The Winner
The evening started off with the presentation of the 3 CHT Emerging Entrepreneur Awards. This is an award to recognize the young and upcoming entities that have shown great potential in establishing themselves in the market. The three winners were  Skinnergy Resources, PHC (Penang Hotel Collection) and Innovatif+. Next, 10 established leaders and organizations were awarded the CHT Pursuit Of Excellence Awards for achieving success in their respective industries and their contribution to the society. Among the prestigious awardees were Rhone Ma Holdings Berhad, Quill Group of Companies, Sunway Medical Centre, Doux Visage Sdn Bhd, Mega Fortris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, The House of MOD Sdn Bhd, Nilai Popular Sdn Bhd, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato’ Dr. Aini Ideris and Dr. Hayden Clyde Pooke. The CHT International Awards this year was awarded to some very high profile individuals including the Senior Minister Of Cambodia H.E. Ly Thuch, Race Discrimination Commissioner Australia, Chin Tan and Thailand Royal Artist, Prof. Suchart Vongthong. Last but not least, the CHT Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 was awarded to Dato Seri Michael Chong, a person who is well known and highly respected in Malaysia who has spent decades handling and solving public complaints. 

当晚以3名“CHT新兴企业家大奖”为典礼揭开序幕。这个奖项是为了表彰那些在市场中展现巨大潜力的年轻与即将成立的实体企业。三位获奖者分别是 Skinnergy Resources 、PHC(槟城酒店精选)和Innovatif+。接下来,10个已经成立的领导者和组织荣获CHT追求卓越奖,作为在各自的行业中取得的成功和对社会贡献的表扬。获颁奖项的机构包括:Rhone Ma Holdings Berhad、Quill Group of Companies、Sunway Medical Centre、Doux Visage Sdn Bhd、Mega Fortris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd、JW万豪酒店、The House of MOD Sdn Bhd、Nilai Popular Sdn Bhd,拿督Aini Ideris教授博士及Hayden博士。今年的CHT国际大奖颁给一些国际知名人士,包括柬埔寨国务资政Ly Thuch阁下、澳大利亚反种族歧视专员陈振良和泰国皇家艺术家Suchart Vongthong教授。最后,值得一提的是,2020年CHT终身成就奖授予拿督斯里张天赐,身为在马来西亚备受尊崇的公众人物,他在数十年间尽心竭力处理调解公众问题与投诉。

Best Dressed Awards 2020
Datin Caroline Wong, Datin Maylene Yong, Richard Gan (GM of Schwarzkopf), Dr Kelvin Liew, Tengku Normah & Datin Biskwita

The Best Dressed 
Both ladies and gentlemen were welldressed for the occasion making this CHT Awards 2020 a gathering of amazing people with beautiful outfits. The night was filled with camera flashes capturing these moments. 4 ladies and 1 gentleman were selected for the Best Dressed Award. Among the winners were Tengku Normah, Datin Maylene Yong, Datin Biskwita, Datin Caroline Wong and Dr Kelvin Liew. The award was presented by Richard Gan, the General Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional Malaysia and Singapore. 

入围“最佳着装奖”女士先生们服饰高雅庄重,让2020年CHT大奖颁奖典礼成为衣香鬓影的聚焦点。这一夜,捕捉这些优美瞬间的相机镁光灯此起彼落。其中4名女士和1名男士被选为最佳着装奖。获奖者包括Tengku Normah, 拿汀Maylene Yong, 拿汀Biskwita, 拿汀 Caroline Wong和Kelvin Liew博士。该奖项由Schwarzkopf Professional马来西亚和新加坡分公司总经理Richard Gan颁发。

The Entertainment 
CHT Awards is never just an award presentation night. With more surprises in store, the evening was also filled with amazing entertainment including a beautiful ballet dance performance with the theme ‘The Power Of Nature’ by Asia Ballet Academy. Guests were not only mesmerized by the Chinese song rendition ‘You Are The Reason’ by singers Ying and Hang, but even more shocked when founding President CHT himself walked up stage and told everyone that both singers were actually his children. Later in the evening, international acclaimed award-winning fashion designer KL Ho Of The House Of MOD presented a sequel of his stunning fashion showcase that was specially flown into Malaysia for the night. 

这绝不仅是一个颁奖晚宴。随着接踵而来的惊喜,充满着震撼人心的娱乐表演,其中包括亚洲芭蕾舞团以“大自然的力量”为主题的芭蕾舞表演。现场贵宾们不仅被歌手Ying 与 Hang改编演绎的中文版《You Are The Reason》迷住了,更令他们惊讶的是,创始人兼大会主席CHT-庄学腾走上舞台,告知这两位出色的演唱嘉宾其实都是他的孩子。另外,备受国际赞誉的时尚设计师、来自The MOD House的何国隆展示令人惊叹的精彩时装秀,他为此策划特意飞抵马来西亚。

The Sponsors
Chng in his speech thanked the sponsors namely Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Kuala Lumpur, BMW Quill Automobiles, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, AGL (Asia Gemological Laboratory), Malaysia SME, Music Box, Schwarzkopf Professional, Alantic and TSM. 

庄学腾也在致词中感谢劳斯莱斯、宝马、JW万豪、AGL(亚洲宝石研究院)、马来西亚中小企业、Music Box、Schwarzkopf Professional,Alantic和TSM等赞助商。

The Auction 
The evening came to a close with three main categories up for auction. The first was a 18k white gold set with an oval cabochon natural Tanzanite of 7.12 carat surrounded by eight rare color-change Garnets. The ring was designed by Royals Blue accompanied with a certificate of authenticity AGL. 3 fine watercolor paintings donated by Prof. Dr. Suchart Vongthong were collected by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mai and Dato Dr. Nick Ng whereas 6 high fashion dresses by couture designer Ho Kok Leong were sold within a few minutes. Part of the proceeds of this auction will go to charity.

当晚的拍卖会以三个主要类别的拍卖交易圆满落幕。第一套是18k白金镶嵌的7.12克拉的椭圆形弧面天然坦桑石,周围环绕着八颗罕见的变色石榴石。这枚戒指由Royals Blue设计,并附有亚洲宝石研究院颁发的鉴定证书。艺术家Suchart Vongthong教授捐赠的3幅精美水彩画被Edward Mai夫妇和拿督Nick Ng博士收藏,而高级时装设计师何国隆的6件高级时装在数分钟内宣告卖出。这次拍卖的部分收益将会作为慈善用途。