Hawker Chan – A MICHELIN Guide Restaurant in Melbourne 了凡 – 墨尔本亲民米其林一星

When the revered Michelin Guide awarded a Singapore street vendor one of its coveted stars in 2016, people took notice: Chef Chan Hon Meng’s s2 soya sauce chicken had become the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal.

Queues began to form at Meng’s stall, Hawker Chan, inside Singapore’s Chinatown Food Complex, and they haven’t stopped.

When Hawker Chan opened its Melbourne store the trend followed through and queues were seen all the way till the main streets.

The true secret to the taste and popularity lies in Chef Chan’s secret sauce which he makes it in a dark secret room. Accompanied with a plate of soft and fluffy jasmine rice, it truly brings the taste of south east Asia to the shores of Melbourne.

The limited menu mirrors Singapore’s with some local adaptations. In addition to the famous Hong Kong style crisp-skin chicken dish you can order roast pork, char siew barbequed or pork ribs. All are available with noodles or rice.





Hawker Chan Melbourne

Address : 157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.    |    Tel : +61 3 9650 8808    |    Website : hawkerchan.com.au