Top Grand Tourer: The Bentley Continental GT Convertible 顶级休旅车 宾利Continental GT敞篷车

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in England, Bentley proudly presents the all-new Continental GT Convertible. This stunning third generation model symbolises Bentley’s mastery of creating the world’s most definitive Grand Tourers. Benefitting plenty off the new kit, the Bentley GTC is not only exquisitely beautiful from roof up to down, it also comprises of the most technological advanced portfolio products. 

This includes an elegantly tailored convertible roof that sweeps open in 19 seconds, a finely crafted personalised cabin and many more exciting features. The Bentley GTC also presents the audience with its powerful and responsive driving experience from the 635 PS W12 engine, eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and latest chassis technology which heightens the sensory experience of open-air motoring with an exhilarating performance. 

英国原厂工艺和手工制作的豪华车商宾利(Bentley),骄傲展示全新的Continental GT敞篷车。而这个令人惊叹的宾利第三代设计象征掌握创造了世界上最顶级的豪华休旅车。得益于创新套件,宾利GTC不仅是从车顶上到整体都精致美丽,还包括最先进的技术组合产品。

除了可在19秒内迅速开启的优雅定制敞篷车顶,精心制作的个性化车舱和许多更令人赞叹的功能。宾利GTC还向大家展示了其强大和反应灵敏的驾驶感受,从635ps W12动力引擎,八速双离合器变速箱和最新的底盘技术,完全提升了露天驾驶的感官体验,超越令人振奋的表现。