Bo Innovation 体验 «厨魔» 的 玲珑厨艺心思 : 香港故事

Bo innovation is one restaurant that is a must try for those who claim to be food connoisseurs when visiting Hong Kong. A Michelin Three Stars for ‘Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey’ is the brainchild of Alvin Leong who Is also known best for his Demon Chef persona, his out-of-this-world gastronomic creations, and a tendency of speaking the truth while courting some controversy. A self-trained professional chef that started only nine years ago, this celebrity chef who owns a closet full of black clothes prefers to present dishes that do not look like ‘normal food’, but ‘innovative playful food’ that spur memories through creations. 

Time, patience and an open mind are important ingredients customers need to enjoy dining in Bo Innovation. The restaurant is not too big, yet very well decorated and has friendly and professional staff to welcome customers. The only choices available are to only have food or have food with wine pairing. Both requires about 3 to 4 hours to complete the whole course of 15 dishes of exquisite molecular gastronomy Chinese classics. The menu is always fixed.

It is almost impossible to accurately pen down the dishes served by Chef Alvin Leong. One needs to find time to sit and experience this out of the world storytelling session through his food creations. Every dish has a story and the waiter serving it is the storyteller. Bo Innovation has cleverly combined sight, taste, feel and smell. Most importantly, it brings back memories in a very clever concept. Some call Bo Innovation the ‘Demon’s Kitchen’, which is translated from the Chinese word ‘厨魔’, but it can also be translated to ‘Magic Kitchen’, as this restaurant is simply magical in many ways.

香港米其林三星的 «厨魔» 不是一般的餐厅,上桌的每一道分子料理像是陈述魔法故事的道具。菜单是故事的大纲。基本上除了是特殊兼昂贵的舌尖体验,香港故事陈述的,还有创办人兼自称厨魔Alvin Leung 对环绕着社会时事的发声,举例《没有鱼翅》 ‘No Shark Fin’ 用上上等盛放鱼翅的餐具,但盛装着像是鱼翅的食物,根本不是鱼翅。


要是不计较价钱,只求非一般的体验,那么这一生中也就非得光顾 «厨魔» 那么一回。用餐可以选择wine pairing的分子料理套餐或基本的分子料理套餐。不同的时间光顾《厨魔》,会是不同颜色版本的分子料理菜单。



English text by CHT, chinese text & photography by Layzhoz Yeap