Michelin star in Melbourne – Tim Ho Wan 墨尔本亲民 米其林一星-添好运

With decades of experience behind them, master chefs Mak and Leung created Tim Ho Wan. A brand that redefines the experience of dim sum, with a focus on locally-sourced fresh ingredients. The name translates to ‘add good luck’, which may very well be the case, as the founding restaurant in Hong Kong won a Michelin star in 2009, within a year of opening.

Tim Ho Wan invites its diners to enjoy dim sum the way it’s meant to be; food so tasty, you’ll want to share it. The menu features its signature dish, the BBQ pork bun – a favourite around the world – amongst many others, as well as monthly specials derived from traditional yum cha cuisine.

To date, Tim Ho Wan’s global expansion has reached more than 20 branches in 10 countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and most recently, the United States.

The brand wants to connect with food-lovers all around the world, so it’s no surprise that it was destined to open in Melbourne, Australia. Since opening its doors in 2016, the restaurant has attracted a crowd of followers. Those with patience, brave the Melbourne weather in long lines to devour the delicious pork buns. The branch is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm and Sunday 9am to 10pm, so it’s easy to avoid queues during lunch and dinner.



“澳洲是一个多元化的国家,这里的食客更加懂得如何欣赏美食” 。麦先生在采访中这样说道。

添好运之所以成功,除了麦先生多年来对食物的精心研究和特别的烹饪 食谱,还有一个重要的一点是所有的食物都是“即叫即蒸”,保证食物的新鲜是添好运的宗旨。




Tim Ho Wan Melbourne

Address : 206 Bourke Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Tel         : +61 3 9663 9691

Email     : timhowanmelbourne@icloud.com

Website : http://www.timhowan.com.au