Probuild and World Class Global: Collaborative Construction 携手协同建设

Probuild is one of Australia’s largest construction companies, defined by the people it hires and the partnerships it builds. Victorian Managing Director, Luke Stambolis, says it’s this partnership approach unlocks value and separates the tier-one contractor from its competitors.

“We’ve built a strong reputation over the last 30 years, and our work is of the highest quality, but it’s our people that set Probuild apart from our peers.”
Luke Stambolis – MD to Victoria

“Clients are always praising our ‘make it happen’ attitude. We will go above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied, as we collaborate with them to really get to know their vision and bring it to life.”

One of those ambitious visions belongs to World Class Global, the property development arm of Singapore-listed Aspial Corporation Limited. Probuild and World Class Global are partnering to deliver an iconic 57-level residential tower in Melbourne’s CBD – Avant.

“Being based in Singapore means we need to have a lot of confidence in our partners on the ground to deliver what they’re promising,”
David Ng – CEO
World Class Global

“We certainly have this confidence in Probuild. The team go above and beyond to foster a collaborative relationship and are extremely open with the build process.”

A Jewel in the Melbourne Skyline

At more than 173m high, the visionary design cleverly expresses the geometric nature of the building, enfolding Avant in an elegant weave-like pattern and featuring a striking custom blush-tinted glass exterior.

While the external fins are one of the building’s most spectacular features, they don’t come without their challenges. Installing such detail on high-rises requires precision engineering and smart solutions to be developed.  

For Probuild, that’s meant directly procuring the custom-made fins and installing them before the façade makes its way on to the building. Reducing the time spent on an on-site installation of the intricate and complicated façade, means safety risks are mitigated and construction costs reduced for an enduring skyline.

What’s next?

While Avant Central Melbourne is due for completion in late-2018, future residents won’t have to wait that long before moving into their new homes.

“The first apartments are on track for delivery early next year.  We’re handing over about 190 apartments, before the project’s scheduled completion, which means residents can start moving in creating a new community and World Class Global can commit to its customers exceptional value,” said Mr Stambolis.

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Probuild作为澳大利亚最大型的建筑公司之一,其口碑结构由所雇佣的员工和长期建立的伙伴关系来定义。维多利亚区董事经理Luke Stambolis 认为,类似合作关系具备解锁价值,将一级承包商从竞争对手处成功剥离。


他们 “勇往实践”态度是让客户伙伴们高度赞赏的重点。而且秉持不断超越的信念,确保客户伙伴的满意,因为他们真正了解客户们的愿景,并积极实现。

至于这些雄心伟略的愿景也包括与新加坡上市公司 Aspial Corporation Limited 旗下房地产开发公司 World Class Global 的合作项目计划。Probuild 和 World Class Global 正在携手打造位于墨尔本中央商务区 (CBD) 的标志性57层住宅楼盘- Avant。





“第一期公寓将于明年年初交付使用。在整体项目计划完成之前,我们将交付大约190套公寓,这意味着业主们可以开始着手创建全新的社区,这是 World Class Global 向其客户承诺的超值服务。” Stambolis说。

“总部设在新加坡意味着我们需要对现地的合作伙伴拥有更多的信心,拭目以待他们兑现承诺。我们当然对 Probuild 有着无比信心,团队超越了一般建立的合作关系,并且在构建过程中呈现开放思维。”
David Ng – 首席执行员
World Class Global