不容错过的 Silvester’s & Three Bottle Man Not to be Missed

Text & Images by Layzhoz Yeap

If ever you find yourself in Sydney, be sure to do yourself a favour and head on down to the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel in Circular Quay to check out their new 120-seat restaurant called Silvester’s and a laneway venue called Three Bottle Man.

Silvester’s, the Marriott’s flagship restaurant, is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Opened in the first half of 2017, it has since garnered a stellar reputation for its innovative menu which makes use of locally-sourced Australian produce with a big emphasis on premium quality and freshness. If you happen to be there in the morning, you can partake of the extensive choices on offer at the international buffet whereas a visit later in the day would be a great opportunity to sample some of the exquisite contemporary Western dishes on the menu.

Riverina Lamb Rack with Eggplant caviar, Ratatouille

Silvester’s modern design concept features an open kitchen and a buffet line layout which encourages guests to meander along while taking their pick from among the seemingly endless array of cold cuts, pancakes, appetisers and main courses.

The restaurant is helmed by French-born and trained head chef, Raphael Szurek, whose dual passion for food and photography is evident in his top-notch presentation with each dish a visual and gastronomic feast. Every dish is prepared with painstaking attention to detail right down to the dessert decorations which are made on-site by the chefs. Keeping an eye on the clock, they work deftly to create masterpieces that are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Here are some of the menu highlights …

The eyecatching colours of Grima Brothers Farm Beets with Preserved Lemon & Kiss Peppers make this dish almost too pretty to eat. Precisely-cut slices of red beets nestling among bright pickled lemons and shiny red peppers are a feast for the eyes while the cool, sweet-and-sour taste helps to refresh the palate for the next dish.

For something light yet satisfying, why not try the King George Whiting with Kale & Tomato Chutney. A deceptively simple dish, the fish is beautifully cooked to perfection with the flesh just the right texture and retaining its natural sweetness. It is served with a side of zesty tomato chutney.

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Lovers of salmon would not be remiss to order the Harris Smoked Salmon with Crème Fraiche & Cucumber. An impressive dish strongly reminiscent of sashimi, this is a must-try.

For the meat lovers out there, you just cannot go wrong with the Riverina Lamb Rack with Eggplant Caviar & Ratatouille. Cooked medium to rare, its succulent, juicy pinkness is perfectly accompanied by vegetables, golden chips of pumpkin, and eggplant caviar.

To round off a perfect meal, choose from their selection of delectable desserts, all done to a very high standard. The Espresso Mousse with Smoked Vanilla Ice-Cream & Meringue is a heavenly concoction of rich espresso-flavored mousse paired with impossibly light meringue and topped off with delicately smoky vanilla ice cream.

At a glance, the Roasted Pineapple with Coconut Cream & Coriander may look like a sunny side up fried egg – but looks can be deceiving. The green spinkles on the surface is coriander which has been treated to a blast of nitrogen gas to seal in the colour before being ground into fine granules. This delightful dessert is arranged in layers to give differing levels of sweetness and texture. The luscious roasted pineapple pieces at the bottom are topped off with a generous dollop of deliciously cold coconut cream to create a taste sensation that is out of this world.

If you are looking for an all-day dining place with a laid-back vibe, you can hardly do better than Three Bottle Man. Just footsteps away from Silvester’s, this cosy bar has a laneway space with al fresco seating in Bulletin Place, just off Pitt Street. Inside, you’ll find dining tables set up next to the cocktail bar. Three Bottle Man operates as a cafe by day, serving high quality health-focused meals for breakfast and lunch, not to mention great coffee and drinks to rock your tastebuds. As the sun goes down, it is transformed into a cosy bar, providing a relaxed and fun place to hang out with friends and have a drink.

The main menu features freshly made Vannella Burrata and Pumpkin & Ricotta Gnocchi. Light snacks and share plates are available, including an artisan cheese platter and a charcuterie board. The cocktail list changes every month.

Espresso Mousse with Smoked Vanilla Ice-Cream & Meringue

游玩悉尼港环形码头一带,千万不要错过一尝Silvester’s 和 Three Bottle Man 的出色的美食、饮料和甜点。Silvester’s和 Three Bottle Man 分别是位于悉尼港环形码头万豪酒店 (Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay) 的旗下餐厅和门廊酒吧。

Silvester’s 是悉尼港环形码头万豪酒店 (Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay) 的主打餐厅,强调的是餐饮料运用的材料都是澳大利亚当地最上等的农产。早上有国际自助餐,午时晚间供应的则是难得精致的当代西餐菜式。

Silvester’s餐厅的设计当代时尚。自助餐的食物站不依规则成列,促进自由性取食的空间。自助餐的特色有根据取食量现场新鲜切片的冷切cold cuts,色彩薄煎 pancakes,每日更新的热食食物选择,各类素质高的开胃菜等等, 应有尽有。

Silvester’s 的主厨 Chef Raphael Szurek 本身喜爱摄影,因此对自己创作的每道菜式都很讲究色彩的最佳配搭,务求感官体验尽善尽美。


首先先介绍一下Silvester’s几道值得推荐的招牌菜… 色彩夺目的沙拉配菜是格里马兄弟农场甜菜裉配腌制柠檬和红辣椒 (Grima Brothers Farm Beets with Preserved Lemon, Kiss Peppers)。巧切成薄片的红菜裉,加上腌制柠檬、红辣椒的一道凉拌,酸酸甜甜的,好看又好吃,确实很开胃。

第一道主菜是乔治国王孢子甘蓝番茄酸辣酱白鱼(King George Whiting with Kale & Tomato Chutney)。看似简单的烤鱼,火候适当,烤出了鱼的鲜美原味,配上一旁微焦香的孢子甘蓝蔬菜,还真令人回味。

第二道主菜是哈里斯奶油黄瓜烟熏三文鱼(Harris Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche, Cucumber) 是绝对有分量的烟熏山文鱼,以混合日西式仿刺身作呈献,十分可观。

第三道主菜是里弗赖纳茄子沾醬普羅旺斯雜燴羊排(Riverina Lamb Rack with Eggplant caviar, Ratatouille) 5分熟度的羊排,外层熟度适中,内层微半生熟, 配搭新鲜蔬菜、黄金色的南瓜脆片、茄子沾醬,又是另一项绝配。

3 Bottle Man4

第一道甜点是浓缩咖啡慕斯配烟熏香草冰淇淋加蛋白糖霜脆餅 (Espresso Mousse with Smoked Vanilla Ice-Cream & Meringue)。甜品呈现形如星星,玩上了白色、米色、褐色、黑色的配搭, 像是当代的艺术。甜品的口味很独特,简单来說是浓缩咖啡味的慕斯,和着轻微炭香的冰淇淋,有点稀疏的酸甜,加上轻盈的蛋白糖霜

第二道甜点是香菜椰子奶油烤菠萝蜜 (Roasted Pineapple with Coconut Cream & Coriander) 带来的第一个印象是像个荷包蛋,但又完全不是那么一回事。这道甜点是玩上了层次口感。撒在表面的粉状绿色香菜是现场用上 nitrogen gas速冻后磨碎的,封住了叶绿色素原有的颜色。层叠了一层脆一层软的不同甜度的材料,下层是香烤菠萝蜜小块,上层是冰冻的椰子奶油,形成了另类别致的冰冻甜点。


Three Bottle Man 是个日夜都别具一格,令人惊艳的门廊酒吧,就在 Silvester’s 的侧面。户内的鸡尾酒台台前旁设有餐桌,户外 Off Pitt Street的 Bulletin Place 也有露天座位。Three Bottle Man 早上午间像是一间咖啡厅,轻轻便便由 Pitt Street 转进 Bulletin Place 的小巷,就可以吃上素质不错的早餐、午餐、轻便餐,还有好好喝的咖啡及其他轻便的饮料。当太阳开始西下,Three Bottle Man 就会摇身一变,成了轻松热闹可供聚会畅谈畅饮的好地方。Three Bottle Man 除了鸡尾酒、咖啡饮料,也推出各式塔帕斯Tapas的品味小吃也非常出色,如:工匠奶酪/芝士拼盘Artisan Cheese Platter, 季节熟食冷肉盤Charcuterie Board (Seasonal) 等。

Three Bottle Man 每月都会推出不同特色的鸡尾酒。具特色的主菜有新鲜自家制作的 Vannella Burrata 和 Pumpkin & Ricotta Gnocchi。

3 Bottle Man1

For more information please visit silvesters.com.au & threebottleman.com.au