Wheels of Fortune 财富轮回


Rolls-Royce launched its new luxury showroom in Richmond, Melbourne to a most discerning and elite clientele.  The stunning lifestyle-themed motor space is the largest in Asia Pacific, outside of China. Focusing on hospitality, the Bespoke Lounge is appointed with a full-service bar and café amidst elegant surroundings. To mark the occasion the avant-garde ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’ super luxury Drophead Coupé was also unveiled.

Global client sales manager Ian Grant presided over the launch, together with the executive team from Zagame Automotive Group, the sole dealership for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Victoria, Australia. Lead designer Michael Bryden was also present to share features of haute couture customisation. “Like Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Zagame strives for excellence and outstanding customer service.  Rolls-Royce is delighted to be partnering with this highly regarded luxury retailer here,” Grant said.

Kerry Armstrong & Christopher Hope
Areti Arvanitis, Peter Arvanitis, Stacey Antonopolis & Tony Antonopolis
Karen Smith & Anthony
Henry Jiang & Lydia Li
Jack Merlo & Mr Ricardo Merlo
Bobby Zagame & Kate

劳斯莱斯为了迎合品味挑剔的精英客户们,在位于墨尔本的 Richmond 推展全新的豪华展示厅。这个在中国以外被誉为亚太区最大的汽车展示空间是以令人惊叹的奢华生活方式为主题。除了以酒店式服务为重心,特别打造的贵宾厅也具备优雅装潢并提供全方位服务的酒吧和咖啡馆。为纪念这一先锋时刻,“曜影”这款由时尚启发灵感的超豪华敞篷车也开展推介。全球客户销售经理 Ian Grant 和来自Zagame Automotive Group 的高管团队共同主持此次发布会。该集团是劳斯莱斯汽车在澳大利亚维多利亚州的唯一经销商。而首席设计师Michael Bryden也在场分享高级定制服装的特点。“就像劳斯莱斯汽车一样,Zagame 努力追求卓越和最佳客户服务。我们很高兴能与这个备受信赖的奢华车零售商合作。” Ian Grant说。