Secret Kitchen 秘食之旅

The first impression of Secret Kitchen is definitely its serving of high-quality fresh seafood with its impressive choices of live marine products swimming in fish tanks that cover the front of the restaurant. This $700,000 investment was not only intended to impress viewers but to deliver the perfect meal to those who demand exquisite taste.

Upon entering, one will be amazed with its well-thought-of interior design and a lavish selection of good wines. Service with a smile is always on the faces of well-trained staffs who are ever ready to suggest a beautiful range of menu selection offering mainly Cantonese cuisine. Not forgetting Secret Kitchen’s signature yum cha, juicy dumplings and roasted meats that are available during lunch time. Some of the other must-try dishes are Steamed Custard Bun, Roasted Goose and Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaves.

For those who intend to host prestigious events or parties for their VIPs or love ones, private chambers are available with selections specially crafted to pamper. Lobster in Steamed Egg White or a Snow Crab cooked to perfection together with a prized Chardonnay will be a memorable evening.

Steamed Snow Crab with Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaves 蒸雪花蟹荷香糯米
Steamed Custard Bun 手磨奶皇猪仔包
Lobster in Steamed Egg White 白雪藏龙

鲜香极致的海鲜菜肴是绝大多数人对于正斗厨房制造 (Secret Kitchen) 的直接第一印象,这是因为餐厅前方覆盖着大型鱼缸展示活鱼类产品。而耗费70万元的投资不仅是为了给食客留下深刻印象,而是为了具备精致品味的人们提供最完美的餐点。


至于那些招待贵宾或为心爱的人举办庆祝活动或派对的客人,可以随意选择特定的私人包房。而以龙虾或雪蟹用蛋白香蒸的“白雪藏龍”与珍贵霞多丽 (Chardonnay) 白葡萄酒完美搭配,将让人度过难忘的夜晚。