The City of Opportunity 充满机遇的城市

Immerse yourself in one of the top five ‘must-see’ regions in the world. Lonely Planet’s ‘Best of Travel 2017’, features the top regions, cities and countries to visit around the world, and describes South Australia as a “delicious feast suitable to anyone’s taste”. Why not see for yourself and savour some of world’s best wines, abundant fresh produce and year-round celebrations and festivals?

On arrival to Adelaide, South Australia, you are just 20 minutes to the city centre. Once you have checked in to one of the many opulent accommodation options, it’s time for you to explore. Whether your Jimmy Choo’s are hitting the pavement, your driver is escorting you or you decide to take the city bus or tram – adventure is only a hop, skip and a jump away.

With Adelaide’s diverse culture, iconic art scene and exceptional dining options, you are in for an indulgent experience!


Adelaide is also home to “one of the ten hottest chefs alive”, Malaysian-born Cheong Liew, as voted by the prestigious American Food & Wine Magazine. If you see a menu touted “Modern Australian” chances are it has been influenced by the genius that is Liew, famous in Australia for pioneering the fusion of Eastern and Western cooking techniques and ingredients.

Aside from all the wonderful experiences Adelaide has to offer it also boasts world-class infrastructure, top ranking universities, and has quickly become a destination of choice for business investors. NEC Corporation recently established a $4.38 million Global Security Intel Centre in Adelaide. Mike Barber, Chief Operating Officer of NEC Australia said, “Adelaide is a recognised hub for new technologies and we’ve worked with a lot of local partners with great intellectual property delivering innovative technical solutions.”

Whether you’re looking for an exceptional place to visit or considering smart investment opportunities, Adelaide should definitely be on your to-do list.

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这里也是马来西亚出生的世界顶级名厨Cheong Liew(中文译名:廖章)的故乡。他曾被久负盛名的美国《美酒与美食》杂志评选为“全球十大当代厨师”。如果有餐厅宣称是主打“摩登澳大利亚”菜系,那极有可能是受到了Liew的料理风格的影响。是他首创将中西烹饪技术与食材进行了融合,从此风靡了整个澳洲。


除了所有这些美好的体验外,阿德莱德也因其世界级标准的公共设施和知名高等学府而闻名,迅速成为了商务投资者的理想之选。NEC公司就于日前投资438万澳元在阿德莱德建立起了其全球网络安全中心。公司澳大利亚首席运营官Mike Barber先生表示,“阿德莱德是公认的新兴技术聚集中心,我们与很多本地的创新技术知识型企业均有过合作。”