The Razzle Dazzle at WOW 服装艺术惊叹号

World of WearableArt celebrates its 28th edition as one of New Zealand’s largest and most technically challenging theatrical productions so far. Its 350 casts and crew brought the WearableArt Show Awards to life when it presented 163 designer’s garments and wowed an audience of over 58,000 over a three-week season in Wellington, New Zealand.

Created by Dame Suzie Moncrieff, the event saw Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams the Creative Directors from Inside Out Productions transformed mere visual ideas and creativity into a dazzling theatrical productions involving multi-talented Jemaine Clement, composer Don McGlashan, a list of gifted New Zealand musicians including Annie Crummer, Anika Moa, Sean James Donnelly, the NZ Symphony Orchestra and choreographers Ross McCormack and Victoria Colombus. Inside Out Productions’ largest clients to date include Louis Vuitton, David Jones, and the Rugby World Cup.

More than 40,000 people get to see up close the winning garments from each year’s show at the seminal World of WearableArt and Classic Car Museum in Nelson, New Zealand.

The travelling exhibition, featuring over 32 award-winning garments, is currently being held at Seattle’s EMP Museum until January 2017. Subsequently, it will travel to the Peabody Essex Museum in Boston and is expected to remain in the USA until 2019.

作为纽西兰境内数一数二的大型权威性服装设计大赛,World of WearableArt今年已堂堂迈入第28届。于纽西兰的威灵顿一连举办三个星期的大赛,今届迎来共163位设计师参赛,以及超过58,000人的现场观众。

由Dame Suzie Moncrieff一手促成的是次比赛,可以欣赏到出自Inside Out Production的创意总监Mike Mizrahi与Marie Adams之手的迷炫创意式视觉影像,制作团队成员还包括了多才多艺的Jemaine Clement,作曲人Don McGlashan,以及纽西兰音乐界名人Annie Crummer,Anika Moa,Sean James Donnelly和纽西兰交响乐团,以及编舞家Ross McCormack和Victoria Colombus。Inside Out Production目前最主要客户为Louis Vuitton,David Jones以及Rugby World Cup。

超过40,000人得以在World of WearableArt举办期间以及位于Nelson的Classic Car Museum近距离欣赏到World of WearableArt过往历届的得奖作品。

World of WearableArt世界巡回展览目前正在美国西雅图EMP Museum公开展览至2017年1月,展品包括超过32件获得荣誉大奖的服饰作品。紧接下来,世界巡回展将前往美国波斯顿的Peabody Essex Museum,预计全美巡回展将延长至2019年为止。

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