The Best of both Worlds 两全其美的境界

Eve Stambolis (Founder of Good Room Interiors & Fold Screens)

Being a mother and business founder of two companies is like having three full time jobs. Many find it a challenge to operate a business or raise children, but Eve Stambolis is doing both very well, and rather glamorously.

She runs two businesses – Good Room Interiors and Fold Screens, and when at home, raises her two boys.

Good Room Interiors is Eve’s personal project that she founded after graduating from interior design. Fold Screens recently started and is a partnership between Eve’s sister, Grace where they provide beautiful bespoke room dividers as an elegant accessory to a new home.

“It is a very busy time right now as I’m juggling everything with just two hands. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because my family means everything to me and I’m also so thankful that I get to wake up every day and do my work which I love,”
says Eve.

Originally from New Zealand, Eve grew up in a household with her mum who was also an interior designer. When she moved to Melbourne more than 10 years ago, she met her current husband, Luke Stambolis, and they traveled to Europe for his work.

“Europe opened my eyes to such beautiful interior design ideas and it was then when I knew what I wanted to do. I had only worked with my mum and a little bit with a domestic textiles company in New Zealand. Good Room Interiors started after I finished university and it just grew from strength to strength by referrals,” explains Eve.

She is also doing very well in the domestic front with her sons of four and six years. It also helps when her husband is the managing director of Pro Build (Victoria).

“Oh, he is the most interesting person I’ve known, and he’s such a hard working and inspiring person. Luke is also a family man who’s very hard working and has a positive outlook in life. While we both work so well bringing up our family, we’re also very busy and thankfully we have a lot of help,” she says.

When Eve does have some free time, she tries to improve her skills at golf which is a new hobby of hers.

“Luke bought me a golf set and I’m determined to be good at the sport. It does provide a bit of down time,” she says,
with a chuckle.

作为一名母亲和商人,还是两家公司的创始人,拥有3个全职工作,一般人会面临的抉择包括执行业务或养育孩子,对于Eve Stambolis来说并非障碍,她兼顾得面面俱到,如鱼

她所经营的两家企业 – Good Room Interiors和Fold Screens 纵然正处于业务上升期,但唯有她的家庭时光,完全由两名儿子所占据。

Good Room Interiors 是她在室内设计专业毕业后一手创立。而 Fold Screens 是与她的姐妹Grace合伙经营,她们为每个新居增添雅致、量身打造的配件布置。


出生于新西兰的家庭,母亲也是一名室内设计师。当Eve在十多年前来到墨尔本,她与现任丈夫Luke Stambolis 相遇,并因为后者的工作一起前往欧洲。

“欧洲多姿多彩的室内设计创意让人眼界大开,也让我坚定发展目标。在这之前我只与母亲在新西兰一家纺织品公司工作。Good Room Interiors 其实是我大学毕业后成立的,随后业务也因口碑传递而壮大。”

在家庭方面,她为分别4岁和6岁的孩子们倾注心力,并且积极协助在Pro Build (维多利亚)公司就职董事经理的丈夫。