Romancing the Marsh光彩绽放家园

In 1838, pioneer settler, Captain William Henry Bacchus took up land in the valley between two rivers – the Werribee and Lederderg. Hence Bacchus Marsh was formed and named after Captain Bacchus and the surrounding natural marsh land that was subsequently drained by the early settlers.

1838年,先锋定居者-威廉亨利巴克斯上尉(CaptainWilliamHenry Bacchus)在Werribee与Lederderg这两条河流之间的山谷开垦土地。当巴克斯上尉把这片土地正式命名为巴克斯马什(BacchusMarsh)后,随之的早期定居者也对周围天然湿地进行排水引流。

Jason Yeap of Kataland steps in 177 years later, a knight in shining armour, not to rescue Bacchus Marsh but to continue the legacy and redefine the way of life in this ‘market garden’ suburb via a massive 168-hectare project entitled Underbank as the catalyst.

历经悠长的177年后,由叶绍礼(Jason Yeap)所带领的Kataland犹如身着闪亮盔甲的骑士迈步跨入这个区域,虽然并非拯救巴克斯马什,但透过庞大的168公顷Underbank郊区发展计划作为催化剂,誓言继续捍卫和重新定义这个“市场花园”生活方式。

Staged over 10 years, civil construction and residential sales of Underbank commenced in  early 2016. The light-infused residential precinct boasts of next generation living, a contemporary lifestyle that is designed to complement the global and urbane individualist.


Distinguished architects and builders work together to create a design that is reciprocal and one that promotes sustainable living while keeping a keen sense on cost and the environment. As a result, beautiful and performance-oriented homes are presented, sitting peacefully and proudly among the slopes, blue skies and lush greenery, working with the land and blending in with the local flora and fauna, rather than opposing the forces of nature.


The flow of chi (natural energy of the universe) is encouraged throughout the floor plan enabling the home to attract positive vibes, fresh air and natural fragrance from nearby forests, hills and bubbling brooks. Neighbourhood-friendly open carports, innovative range of claddings and passive solar design lend a higher level of thermal energy performance, hence lower energy bills.


The Underbank vision is not confined to profits but to design a contemporary lifestyle within a traditional and elegant countryside setting and to further enhance Mother Nature’s blessings upon Bacchus Marsh.


There will be a new town centre as well as a proposed childcare centre, public space for markets and festivals, biking and walking trails alongside waterways, green corridors, open spaces with play equipment and benches will be incorporated in Underbank‘s masterplan, all building toward the well-being, health and enrichment of the local residents.


Several pocket parks and waterside reserves will be strategically built throughout Underbank and include amenities such as playgrounds, fitness stations, picnic shelters, barbecue facilities and a basketball court. Larger parks and public spaces, including a new community oval, also provide for people to come together, relax or engage in community events. The first park will be completed within Stage One.


Through an owners corporation, residents of Underbank will have exclusive access to a proposed clubhouse with tennis courts, gymnasium, swimming pool and more.


Established schools, a hospital and library are some of the desirable features of this township besides the all-important Bacchus Marsh Train Station, which provides direct access to Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station in approximately 35 minutes.


Underbank is an evolutionary development, meticulously crafted by industry-leading experts to make a bold statement among the sophisticated home owners of this millennium.



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