Inspirational Leadership 成功女性之领袖本色

Adriana Brusi

Founder and CEO of Event Negotiators 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Adriana was surrounded by incredible minds in the industry. At 17, she was named Hong Kong’s youngest director, after being awarded a government grant to take kids off the street. She worked with these kids to change their lives through song and dance theatre.

Adriana moved to Australia in 1997, completing degrees in Business, Directing and Choreography. Her natural ability to lead and tackle issues head on landed her in the entertainment industry – where she organised private parties for  A-Listers such as Wesley Snipes, Alliyah and Eminem.

In 2004, Adriana threw in her party shoes and started working her way up the corporate ladder, as the National Business Development Manager for Ramada and would later be headhunted as a key asset to wholesale chocolate supplier, Cocoa Alliance distributing couverture chocolate to Australia’s leading chefs.

2009 was a standout year for Adriana. She hosted the World Leading Patissiere Ramon Morato, and created a masterpiece event – with the Head Chocolatier of Nobu Ian Burch, Damien Purchase and George Columbaris – at the Press Club.

Adriana was scouted by one of the largest catering companies in the world, Delaware North, where she took on the role as the National Events, Sales and Marketing Manager. Overseeing large establishments, from Zoos Victoria to Hisense Arena, Adriana was certainly making a name for herself.

But there’s one thing that stops us all in our tracks, including Adriana… love.

And it would be through planning her own wedding that Adriana’s first business was born – the Bridal Suite ( And not long after, in the same year, Adriana launched her second business, Event Negotiators (

Adriana was an unstoppable force… and her skills were did not go unnoticed.

Jamie McIntyre, CEO of 21st Century Education, encouraged Adriana to take on the Director of Events, Marketing and Speaker Management role. Adriana’s natural affinity with running events made her the one to watch on the speaker circuit. Her knowledge around CRM management, campaigns, and results grew rapidly.

In 2010, Adriana, through 21st Century Education, was contracted to one of Australia’s largest financial education summits. She successfully filled Hisense arena with over 10,000 attendees, secured sponsorship deals, and was responsible for bringing big names to the event – including Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jeff and Kane, Andrew Griffiths and 30 additional speakers.

Adriana’s company, the Event Negotiators, became highly sought after.

Adriana continued to work with many international speakers, building strong relationships with one of the largest promoters in the world… hosting events alongside Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many more incredible speakers in Malaysia, Singapore and Europe.

But Adriana’s focus was on her family. In 2013, after several IVF attempts, Adriana and her husband Matt were blessed with a beautiful little girl – Juliana. In 2014, Allegra, her sister, followed.

2015 was Adriana’s “I’m back” year.

Managing the seesaw of work/family life, Adriana is an inspiration to women in Australia, and the world. If you’re looking for an event management company who’ve earned their stripes, it’s no other than Adriana Brusi’s Event Negotiators.

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1997年,Adriana移居澳大利亚,在商务、导演和编舞领域屡屡缔造佳绩。她天生的领导气质和善于正面交锋的能力让她成功融入娱乐界,曾组织举办的私人聚会,并号召了一线明星如Wesley Snipes,Alliyah 与 Eminem。

2004年,她开始蹬掉宴会鞋,攀爬上企业的阶梯,首先担任华美达(Ramada)全国业务发展经理,后来被挖角作为巧克力供应商Cocoa Alliance的关键资产任务,分销原材料涂衣巧克力予澳大利亚的顶级厨师。

2009年是Adriana大发异彩的一年。她主持了世界顶级糕点大师Ramon Morato的甜品盛会,参与者包括来自Nabu与Press Club餐厅的Ian Burch, Damien Purchase和George Columbaris等知名巧克力师。

当她作为国家活动、销售和市场负责人执行任务时,被世界上最大型餐饮企业之一 Delaware North 相中,结果从维多利亚保育动物园到海信体育馆,Adriana除了承办重量级活动项目,也为自己打响名号。

不过,总有一个状况会暂停我们的人生步伐和轨迹,那就是爱情,Adriana也不例外。但透过她亲手策划本身的婚礼,也造就了Adriana第一家企业的诞生 – BridalSuite (。同年,她又推出了第二项业务: EventNegotiators (。Adriana的气势所向披靡,当然她的各项技能都不容忽视。

而21st Century Education的首席执行员Jamie McIntyre也鼓励她委任活动项目、市场营销和演讲管理总监。Adriana在活动项目中天然的契合让她成为主讲焦点,而频密接触客户关系管理(CRM),市场活动和成果令她的知识经验迅速累积。

2010年,她透过21世纪的教育,承办澳大利亚最大的金融教育峰会之一,这项在海信体育馆成功举办的盛会,号召超过1万名参与者,除了满足赞助人要求,也负责把国际名人如RichardBranson爵士, Tim Ferriss, Jeff & Kane, Andrew Griffiths等还有30位著名主讲者齐聚一堂。

这使Adriana的自主公司 – Event Negotiators声名大噪,并且与国际级主讲者继续推动全球的演讲活动……她与AnthonyRobbins, Robert Kiyosaki等并肩主持,包括也和马来西亚,新加坡与欧洲许多杰出的主讲者合作。


2015年是Adriana宣告“我回来了”的一年。在工作业务和家庭生活的跷跷板中微妙平衡,Adriana也是鼓舞澳大利亚乃至世界妇女的典范。如果你正在寻觅具备实战经历的活动项目管理公司,没有比Adriana Brusi的Event Negotiators更合适的选择。