Imperfect Creation-Debuts in Melbourne 雕塑展在墨尔本亮相

Art can be a lot of things – indulgence, sustenance, a basis of pleasure or disappointment, and a trigger that affects our minds and ultimately how we communicate with people around us. The power of art transcribes founding ideas and expands the originals to launch a creatively neutral sphere for admiration whether it is of beauty or aberration.

艺术可以是任何东西– 耽溺,隽永,一抹愉悦,又或一丝失望,此外还可以是释放出灵感的按键,以及与人交流沟通的方式。艺术的能力无远弗届,它让你捕捉灵感,然后进一步将之推展至创意空间,全然凭借自己的心意,从心所愿,无论美丑。

‘IMPerfect Creation’ is award-winning Asian contemporary sculptor Ch’ng Huck Theng’s first solo bronze sculpture exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition presents 11 timeless bronze works created by Ch’ng, each carrying its own unique story, meaning and philosophy inspired by different people and events surrounding the artist.

“IMPerfect Creation”是获奖无数的亚洲当代雕塑艺术家庄学腾于澳洲墨尔本举办的首个个人铜像雕塑展。展览一共展出11件由庄学腾创作的经典铜雕,每一件作品均蕴含一段独一无二的故事,意涵与哲学,全来自于创作者从周遭事物所获得的体悟。

Through this exhibition, Ch’ng introduces a new perspective to the concept of beauty and the grotesque; in which beauty cannot be seen if one cannot identify ugliness. The artist’s ‘Ugly’ bronze sculptures depict current events that encourage the public to look deeper into their hearts and souls when faced with issues.

Ch’ng is currently one of the leading artists and sculptors in Malaysia. Year 2016 marks his 22-year career as a successful artist – setting an artistic precedent on the international platform and to those who recognise his progressive work. His works are not only collected in Malaysia but around the world by respected institutions, which include the National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia, Singapore Art Museum, Hong Kong University Museum & Gallery, Shanghai Art Museum and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris.



Ch’ng’s bronze creations have been hammered off in local and international auction houses, attracting high-end buyers and setting impressive sales records. The artist’s works were also selected to be presented as national gifts to countries including China, London and Melbourne.

Rupert Myer AO, the Chair of the Australia Council for the Arts has been invited to be Guest of Honour to officially inaugurate the exhibition. The highly anticipated exhibition is set to be held at SpACE@Collins, Level 1, 278 Collins Street from 20 October to 12 November 2016, weekday 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 3pm.


澳洲艺术委员会主席Rupert Myer AO被邀请担任此次展览的主礼嘉宾。展览地点为SpACE@Collins一楼,展览日期从2016年10月20日至11月12日止,星期一至五11am至5pm,星期六11am至3pm。

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