Where East meets West 当东方遇上西方

The Making of Art Exhibition marked the opening of the 10th anniversary of Croisements Festival at Sichuan Museum in Chengdu. This is an exceptional exhibition to celebrate Cartier’s jewellery expertise through its antique pieces as well as to nurture the cultural exchange between China and France. During the event, precious collections from the museum were exhibited alongside the creations from Cartier collection.


展品分为风格工艺两条线索,精选了来自卡地亚典藏的众多稀世珍宝,通过卡地亚的古董珠宝专业知识,促进中法两国之间的文化交流。展览期间,构筑了一场东西文化的生动对话。Necklace 1934_Provenance_Barbara Hutton

Jadeite Necklace

Kingfisher feathers in their original box

Brigitte Lin & Stanislas de Quercize