A Night of Luxury邂逅在奢华盛放之夜

DSC07542 copyIt was an extravagant gala event at the launch of Essenze magazine in Australia at the SpACE@Collins in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. On the night of May 28, every square meter of the hall come gallery was filled with guests who were treated to fine wine, award winning beer and boutique finger food.

It was evident that no expense was spared as Essenze Editor-In-Chief, Ch’ng Huck Theng works on his philosophy of “Go hard, or go home”. Well, from an expected guest list of 120, the actual turnout was double that (over 200) and while some graced the event from the same city, some travelled a fair distance to be part of the Art of Contemporary Luxury that night. Art aficionados, business people and VIPs gathered under one roof to engage in the grand spectacle of art, beauty and luxury.

In his opening speech, Ch’ng candidly said “Some have asked why launch luxury magazine here, in Melbourne when print is seen as the dying breed?” His answer was that high-end luxury products still hold true to their value that piques the five senses. A rather figurative way of seeing it, but it makes simple sense. “Online is the new medium, but as we’re representing luxury goods, the consumer still want to hold, feel and try the product as a physical commodity. You wouldn’t find the most premium brand in the world solely selling online unless they don’t understand the value of premium service, the level of exclusivity that’s all part experiencing the brand. Hence, we as a luxury magazine still believe in the traditional and tangible experience that consumers will always appreciate. This is what makes us exclusive and we will keep it that way.”

While the magazine will be sold at newstands and bookstores, they are also personally distributed to high-end brands with affluent clientele, hence representing the niche demographic of Essenze readers.


Ch’ng said that he still believes in the philosophy of connecting “beautiful people” and promoting quality products. The motto of Essenze “The Art of contemporary luxury” is not only about how rich or influential people are but it goes beyond to living the life and making the best out of what one can afford.

Australia Malaysia Business Council president of the Victoria Chapter, Joe Perri and City of Melbourne Councillor and chairman of planning, Ken Ong were also present and gave a moving speech. Both these influential men were also featured in the first issue of Essenze and this indeed puts Malaysia-in-Melbourne on the map. Among other VIPs were Sean O’Donnell from Bank of Melbourne, Nicholas Pang from Temple Brewing Company and Nicole Chow  from UAG.

Some of the VIPs who attended included Mering Corporation chairman, Jason Yeap who’s a lawyer and property developer. Featured in the first issue of Essenze, Yeap is known as philanthropist with a passion for art and culture as well as a highly respected thought leader in business as well as board member for several philanthropic campaigns in Australia.

SpACE@Collins was not only a venue for this inaugural event, as it is open for corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions and gala dinners. Indeed, it is the ideal spot for such showcases due to its privacy and cosy ambiance, but one that’s in a convenient location – level one of 278 Collins Street.


The night ended with guests taking home a copy of Essenze magazine and an experience that made a lasting impression in their minds and hearts. After all, this is what the magazine is about – where all good things in life meet.

The launch of EZ Australia will not be successful without good partnerships. The evening was made possible with the support from Event Equipment for their expertise in sound and light, furnitures from Complete Function Hire, F&B from CNK Food Design and last but not least, Temple Brewing for sponsoring  their international award winning Anytime IPA craft beer. Also not forgetting the CHT Team and friends that contributed to this success story.   

墨尔本的艺术空间 SpACE@Collins 在这个清爽的夜晚沸腾着:这是澳大利亚 ESSENZE 杂志的初版推展仪式,大厅挤满前来庆贺的客人们,此起彼落的欢笑声配合着葡萄酒、啤酒和外形精致的餐点,将夜晚点缀得更绚烂。

Essenze 主编庄学腾抱持着“Go Hard Or Go Home”,义无反顾前进的想法,展现了对于本身作品的强烈自信感和决心。从预期的120名出席者名单,最后翻倍逾250人,而许多不同领域远道而来的宾客,包括艺术爱好者、商业人士等皆聚集在同一屋檐下,可说是对于 Essenze 来到澳大利亚的另类欢迎仪式。


至于这本杂志并非在车站或书店出售,而是会亲自发送予高端品牌与富裕的客户,确立 Essenze 专营的读者群。

可是,庄学腾依旧认为连接美丽的人和事与推进优质产品的理念,Essenze 提倡的奢华艺术不仅是丰富多彩,影响力也超越生活,谁都值得拥有。

出席推展晚会的贵宾包括澳大利亚前律师、房产商与著名的慈善家 Jason Yeap,他除了是杂志创刊号的封面人物,艺术和文化的促进者,也是受人尊敬的思想领袖。

另外,澳大利亚马来西亚商务理事会(AMBC)维多利亚分会会长 Joe Perri 和墨尔本市议员兼策划 Ken Ong 也出席叙述了与Essenze的缘分。这些有影响力的人都聚集在 Essenze,也使马来西亚出现在墨尔本地图上。其他的贵宾包括来自墨尔本银行的 Sean O’Donnell, Temple Brewing CoNicholas PangUAG集团的Nicole Chow

SpACE@Collins 不仅作为开幕场地,它是开放的企业活动、时装表演,展览和晚宴的最佳场所。事实上,除了因为隐私和舒适的氛围,更是理想中心地带-柯林斯街2781楼。


EZ澳大利亚的推展仪式在优秀合作伙伴协助下成功举行。由Event Equipment 所精心设置的灯光与音乐完美结合,Complete Function Hire 所提供的优雅家具, CNK Food Design精心布置的餐饮, 再加上 Temple Brewing 奉上荣获国际奖项的 Anytime IPA手工精酿啤酒。当然也要在此感谢 CHT 团队和朋友们成就这个美好的策划。

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