When Perfect Brew Meets its Match完美啤酒+灵魂美食

Beer drinkers rejoice! It is no longer all about food and wine matching. Beer matched to food is just as important, and aims to make your dining experience even better!

If it is a good beer/food match, you will find that neither the food nor the beer will overwhelm each other. Rather it will create harmony with the flavours and textures.

At the forefront of stunning award-winning craft beer, is Temple Brewing Co in Brunswick, Melbourne. Temple are known for their traditional brewing techniques, environmentally friendly brewing practices and wonderful food, prepared thoughtfully by Chef Sam Hopkinson – (one of Melbourne’s most talented young chefs).

“Great beer needs great food and that is the principle that Temple has employed”

Temple recently won the “Best International Pale Ale Trophy” for it’s ‘Anytime IPA’ and is quickly gaining a reputation as the “Foodies Brewery” with its offering of refined comfort food and it’s funky fit-out. All items on the menu are beer-matched and if you’re struggling to choose the right beer, you can ask any of the helpful staff for advice, or go for a ‘Temple tasting rack’ of five beers.

“Our beer is freshly brewed on site”. Nick Pang, owner of Temple Brewing Co explains. “Great beer needs great food and that is the principle that Temple has employed.  We like to make food & beer tasting easy and enjoyable – like our ‘black as night’ – Midnight Burger, matched with the award winning Anytime IPA.”

Another favorite at Temple is the crisp and fresh ‘Bicycle Beer’, served with either the steak tartare or soft shell crab. Or the Cape Grim steak (grass fed from Tasmania), all dry aged for 30 days at the brewery before serving.

“Beer can also be beautifully matched to dessert. I absolutely love eating our Stout Crème Brule whilst I sip on the ‘New World American Stout’, sitting upstairs, looking down at the brewery where the beer was made.”

Temple’s fabulous ‘all season beer garden’ at the front of the brewery is the perfect spot to sit with your friends and enjoy the East Brunswick atmosphere. Temple is destined to become a food lover’s destination for many in the beautiful city of Melbourne.


从手工制作的精酿啤酒到小吃和主菜,Temple Bar & Restaurant 的精酿啤酒和美味餐点也打响名号,而菜单上的所有餐点皆为匹配精酿啤酒而以特殊自制食材所烹制,完美的啤酒需要配上灵魂美食,那就是 Temple 的原则。

在墨尔本,Temple Bar & Restaurant 纯天然的传统酿造啤酒是获奖工艺的最前沿。而酿造实践环保和美味食物,也是墨尔本著名的年轻创意主厨 Sam Hopkinson 的精心策划。

Temple 的明星精酿啤酒 “Anytime” 最近赢得了最佳国际淡麦啤酒奖,作为美食家啤酒迅速获得声誉,加上精致舒适食品与别致的配备。菜单上的所有食物都讲究与啤酒匹配,如果你想要选择正确的啤酒,请询问工作人员的意见,或者点特别品尝版5种啤酒。

我们的啤酒都是现场酿造。” Temple Brewing Co 的店主 Nick Pang 表示,伟大的啤酒需要优秀的食物,这就是 Temple 所采用的原则,让食品配合啤酒的化学作用显得轻松愉快,其中午夜汉堡,更是与获奖 Any time IPA 的口感相匹配。

另外,新鲜的 Bicycle 啤酒,最佳的配菜是鞑靼牛排、软壳蟹或格津角牛排(塔斯马尼亚州草饲牛)。而牛排在上桌前也会在啤酒厂内独特风干30天。


这个被誉为全季节啤酒花园,将带给你与朋友们享受East Brunswick 区的悠闲氛围。精心酿造的啤酒和美食,Temple Bar & Restaurant 点燃了墨尔本悠闲美丽的夜晚。