Lord of the Limo’s 王者之尊

The 2016 Mercedes – Maybach Pullman S600 having staged its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show recently has notched that class of distinction and pure luxury above all else.

This exclusive new limousine is a four door, six seat model complete with a middle row of rear facing seats. Its significance and greatness of its every detail can be sensed at first glance. More than 20 feet long and 5 feet tall, the Pullman offers backseat passengers the most legroom in the class and more headroom than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan.

Swathed in leather from the roof liner to the door frames and the seat consoles, it exudes style, grace and finesse. The Pullman comes with a choice of two high fidelity Burmester stereo systems, a glass partition behind the driver’s area and analog instruments in the roof liner that display time, speed and outside temperature.

Set to start around USD567,000, armoured versions of this vehicle will also be available albeit at a considerable premium.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman

2016 年梅赛德斯迈巴赫 S600 Pullman 在日内瓦国际车展首亮相已诠释了鲜明的阶级性和纯粹奢华。

这款独特新豪车是一款四门、六人座车型配备,它的奢华意义在于每一个细节的讲究和细腻 ,逾20英尺长,5 英尺高,给予后座乘客腿部舒展提供最大空间,比起奔驰 S 级轿车显得更宽敞。


本款豪车售价为 USD567,000 起 ,而这款车子的装甲防弹高配版本也随之推出,不过价格当然是往上跳。