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The exhibition in NGV titled KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness foregrounds the emotional content of the artist’s work. Through his works KAWS celebrates generosity, support for others and the deep need we have for companionship. KAWS represents someone who is very much of our time in terms of working across contexts and in hybrid and collaborative ways, and his work presents an antidote or rejoinder to the increasingly toxic nature of public discourse and social media, and division within and across societies. He reminds us we need one another and that life should be lived as compassionately as possible to combat this ‘Age of Loneliness’, in the face of fear and hatred.

Brian Donnelly (born 1974), aka KAWS, is one of the most prominent and prolific artists of his generation. His body of work straddles the worlds of art, fashion and design to include paintings, murals, large-scale sculptures, street and public art, and fashion, graphic and product design. His work is infused with humour, humanity and affection for our times. Admired for his larger-than-life sculptures and colour-filled paintings, KAWS’s cast of hybrid cartoon and human characters are drawn from pop-culture animations and form a distinctive artistic vocabulary. 

维多利亚国家美术馆-NGV以“KAWS”命名的展览会:孤独时代的陪伴,细致展现艺术家作品的情感内容。通过创作,KAWS颂扬慷慨、对他人的支撑以及人们对友谊的深切需求。KAWS所代表的是某些以跨领域、混合协作方式在不同环境中工作的人,他的作品反映公共话语和社交媒体日益恶化的本质,包括社会内部之间交叉分歧的一种纠正或反驳。他提醒我们,我们需要彼此,在面对恐惧和仇恨的时刻,应该尽可能富有怜悯心的生活,战胜 “孤独时代”。

出生于 1974 年的 Brian Donnelly,又名KAWS,是属于他这一代出色且多产的艺术家之一。他的作品横跨艺术、时尚和设计的世界,包括绘画、壁画、大型雕塑、街头和公共艺术,包含时尚、平面和产品设计。而所有作品充满了幽默、人性和对于时代的热爱。KAWS 以其专属传奇色彩的雕塑和色彩丰富的绘画而备受推崇,卡通和人物角色的混合阵容来自流行文化动画,形成了独特的艺术词汇。

Text by CHT & Photography by Layzhoz Yeap

Spotting Spots in Africa 在非洲追踪斑点

Text by CHT & Photography by Jason Yeap

With more than 300 mammal species in Africa, the spotted big and small cats are among the popular ones for tourists to catch a glimpse of. Unlike the lions, the leopards, jaguars, panthers and servals live in very small groups or alone most of the time. This makes them harder to locate. 


Today, very few leopards still roam freely in the wild as they are mainly found in national parks or game reserves. One of the best places to find this big cat is in Botswana. However, one must remember that these animals are nocturnal and live in solitary making them the most elusive of Africa’s big cats. On the other hand, cheetahs may be the fastest animal on earth but these sleek, majestic animals are now designated as Vulnerable to Extinction due to habitat loss and human conflict even though Serengeti is famous for a high cheetah population. 

Jaguars may be the third largest cats in the world after the lions and tigers, yet they are not easily spotted, especially in the Pantanal, Brazil, the biggest tropical wetland on earth bigger than England. Unlike its big sized cousins, the small inquisitive servals are very territorial with a range of 12 to 20 square kilometres. Often Safari guides in Tanzania are of the opinion that it is all about luck to come face to face with this glamorous and exotic species. 








Art Lives on MARS 艺术形态的空间

Andy Dinan

Founder of Melbourne Art Rooms (MARS) & Andy Dinan Art Consulting (ADA)

Melbourne Art Rooms (MARS) & Andy Dinan Art Consulting (ADA) 创始人

After forging her prestigious reputation as one of Australia’s most dynamic PR consultants in the 1990s,  respected art entrepreneur turned culture consultant Andy Dinan seized an opportunity to integrate art into property developments by establishing Andy Dinan Art Consulting (ADA) in 2010 which operates under Melbourne Art Rooms (MARS) – established in 2004. MAR’s 15 years of involvement in the art community allows ADA to conduct quality art projects across all artistic disciplines through its kaleidoscope of local and international artists.

661 Chapel St Art Collection 2018
Sculpture by Matthew Harding, Fabrice Bigot, Jenny Crompton, Daniel Agdag, Simon Finn
Architect: Bird De La Coeur
Opera by Matthew Harding
Sculpture  |  Matthew Harding (1964–2018)
Fabricated  |  Robert Hook
Commissioned  |  Golden Age and the Deague Group
Delivered  |  ADA Consulting, March 2019
Photography  |  Fiona Hamilton, Courtesy ADA Consulting

Andy’s passion for helping others allows her to use MARS to help artists commercialise their work to the public domain. On top of being chosen as one of 100 Women of Influence in the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards, Andy has been a foundation board member of the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne since 2017 and Chairs the annual Ovation fundraising dinner to be held on stage at Sydney Myer Music Bowl .

EBV Renders
EBV Renders

Located in their purpose-built, state-of-the-art gallery in Windsor, Melbourne; ADA is dedicated to delivering strategies to incorporate public art into residential, commercial and retail developments whilst also creating a sense of “home” for the community. 

Since its inception,  ADA has successfully implemented an extensive number of public art commissions, art projects and pop up events worth over a million dollars across Melbourne for renowned property developer clients including Gamuda Land, Golden Age & the Deague Group, Michael Yates & Co and Piccolo Developments etc. 

Recently, ADA was engaged by the Banco Group and commissioned artist Al Stark to paint a mural on the hoarding which would be erected around the construction site of East Brunswick Village (EBV).

When asked about what inspired his mural, Stark wanted to evoke contemporary cave painting that is alluring to people regardless of its form , colour and rhythm. 

“The mural has landmarked the site and put it in people’s consciousness; eventually, it’s going to be a permanent part of the public art collection at EBV,” said Stark.

The EBV Hoarding mural represents Stage 1 of a 6 stage Public Art Strategy for East Brunswick Village, to be implemented by ADA Consulting over the next two years. 

EBV  – Com Collective I Ceramic collective
EBV – Com Collective I Lucile Sciallano

Sustainability, comfort, creativity and most importantly, community, are the central values in Banco Group’s vision for EBV. The completed village will feature a curated retail hub, restaurant alley, wellness hub and much more, that will be available for both EBV’s residents and the community.

For further information please visit: / or contact us at 

MARS Gallery- Lars Breuer I To The Happy Few
MARS Gallery- External Neon *

作为1990年代澳大利亚著名且最有活力的公关顾问之一,同时也是备受尊敬的艺术企业家转型为文化顾问,Andy Dinan通过其设立的艺术咨询机构-Andy Dinan Art Consulting (ADA)抓住了艺术融入房产开发的契机。这也是她在2004年所创立的墨尔本艺术空间-Melbourne Art Rooms (MARS)属下运营机构。透过MARS在艺术领域长达15年的参与度,ADA将以本地和国际艺术家组成强力的艺术万花筒,在相关领域开展高质量的艺术项目计划。



MARS Gallery – Hague Paste up I Colossus (after Goya) Facade paste up

自成立以来,ADA已陆续为Gamuda Land、Golden Age & the Deague Group、Michael Yates & Co和Piccolo Developments等知名房产开发商客户在墨尔本各角落成功实施了大量的公共艺术策划委托、艺术项目和快闪活动,价值超过百万澳元。

最近,ADA受到Banco Group委托,并邀请了艺术家Al Stark在围绕East Brunswick Village (EBV)建筑工地的围板上绘制一幅壁画。

而关于这幅壁画的创作灵感,Al Stark表示想要唤起人们对当代洞穴绘画的兴趣,无论它的形式、颜色和节奏,都能吸引人们。“这幅壁画标志着这个地方,也会深植在人们的意识中;最终将成为EBV公共艺术收藏品永久的一部分。 ” Al Stark认为。

EBV围板壁画只是象征了East Brunswick Village公共艺术6大战略的第一阶段,而接下来的内容将由ADA Consulting在未来两年内实践完成。

强调可持续性、舒适、创新,还有中心社区是 Banco Group 对 EBV 愿景的核心价值观。建成后的住宅商业社区以一个精心策划的零售中心、餐馆街、健身中心等特色,将为EBV的居民和社区提供服务。如需更详尽资讯,请浏览 / 或通过 与我们联系。