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The Thor of Real Estate 房地产之雷神

Toni El-Helou
Director & Senior Auctioneer of Biggin & Scott Boroondara
Biggin & Scott Boroondara董事、高级拍卖商

Acclaimed pianist and composer Vladimir Samoylovich once said, 

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.” Learning to manage an auction is no different. 

As powerful as Thor with his hammer, award-winning auctioneer Toni El-Helou knows that better than anyone else as he pushes himself with endless drills and practice. “Motivation gets you started, habits keep you going.”

‘Sold!’ is a word he uses regularly, closing deals with ease for buyers and sellers alike. As director of Biggin&Scott Boroondara, El-Helou is a respected name in the real estate industry. Skilled in negotiation, sales, real estate and business development, he is a strong real estate professional with a master’s degree in architecture, finance and real estate from BHS. Co-founder of a successful mortgage brokerage business with his wife Kris, his professional background includes a wealth of knowledge in finance, properties, commercial and residential developments. “We believe in creating relationships not transactions.”

His lean and slim built come from a love for sports. El-Helou enjoys tennis competitions and is an active member of the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club. His wife and four kids ensure he strikes a balance between work, pleasure and family life.  This state of happiness and equilibrium makes him more connected to his clients.  He can understand, consider and listen to their needs more effectively and appreciates that everyone has different goals and ambitions.

Motivation gets you started, habits keep you going. Believe and you will achieve.

A local resident of Boroondara for the last 20 years, Tony lives and breathes the local lifestyle of fantastic restaurants, cafes, reputable schools and sporting facilities. He brings passion and an exceptional understanding of what clients want in the Boroondara precinct and surrounding areas. Delivering results and a personalised service, he is known in the industry as an excellent communicator and has a reputation for ‘not leaving any stone unturned’. As a community-minded individual and family man, El-Helou has been described as ‘a dedicated breath of fresh air to the real estate industry’. 

We believe in creating relationships not transactions.

闻名的钢琴兼作曲家Vladimir Samoylovich曾说过:“平凡与非凡的区别在于实践”。至于拍卖的管理学问也出自同样原理。

手执与雷神一样强大力量的锤子,屡获殊荣的拍卖师Toni El-Helou会比任何人都清楚这一点,因为他以不间断的努力和实践来推动自己。“动力让你开始,习惯让你前进。”


“卖出!”他的这句常用词撮合了众多买卖双方轻松达成交易。而作为Biggin & Scott Boroondara 的董事,Toni El-Helou 在房地产领域还是一个备受尊崇的名字。他擅长谈判与销售,房产和商业开发,身为颇具实力的房产专业人士,拥有BHS的建筑、金融和房地产硕士学位。他妻子Kris共同创立了一家成功的抵押贷款经纪公司,而他丰富的学识背景运用在金融、房地产、商业和住宅开发方面更是得心应手。“我们相信建立关系,而不仅是交易。”


Toni El-Helou的标准身材源于对运动的坚持不懈。他热爱网球比赛,是墨尔本皇家网球俱乐部的活跃成员。而妻子和4名孩子也是他确保在工作、娱乐和家庭生活之间取得平衡的重心。这种幸福平衡的状态使他与客户的联系更加紧密。他能更有效与深刻的理解、考虑和倾听客户们的需求,并清晰知道每个人都有不同的目标和抱负。

20年以来安居于Boroondara,他享受着当地写意舒适的生活方式,无论是一流的餐厅、咖啡馆或者是著名的学校和体育设施。他对Boroondara区域和周边地区的客户需求推动有着极大的热情和更深层的了解。至于效率和个性化服务方面,他在业内以出色的沟通者著称,处事态度讲究全力以赴。作为同时具备社区意识的个人和居家男性,ToniEl-Helou 被誉为“房地产业界的一股清流”。

Text by Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik      

A World Where Economies And Nature Will Prosper Together 经济与自然共繁盛的大同世界

Rich Gilmore
Country Director of The Nature Conservancy
自然保护协会 (The Nature Conservancy) 全国总监

One day, not far into the distant future, sustainability and economy will thrive hand-in-hand if practiced cohesively by all parties. This would indeed help to drive economic growth and create jobs for the people. 

The issue of climate change cannot be ignored and it has become a worldwide concern as activists are engaged in heated contention with economically driven entities. But it is possible for profit-centred businesses and nature conservation to work together to improve all facets towards global progression and harmony. 

Working towards this goal is The Nature Conservancy (TNC), with a mission to help businesses and society understand and practice sustainable development where people and nature can thrive. 

It was founded in the United States in 1951 and has grown to become one of the most successful and impactful environmental organisations in the world. 

It is powered by more than a million members together with more than 400 scientists who are dedicated to their conservation efforts. They are so far making an impact in 72 countries across six continents. 

It’s also because of their innovative and modern approach to conservation that has the whole world talking, and in this part of the globe, TNC is making people pay attention for good reasons. 

Eating endangered species to conserve 

their environment

The Nature Conservancy Australia’s country director, Rich Gilmore gives an example of the TNC’s project to restore the shellfish reefs and ecosystems by indulging in one of its endangered species.

“Our idea could seem controversial but in this case, eating the native oyster works to preserve habitats. It’s a rare delicacy and was over fished almost to extinction in the 19th century but now in the 21st century, we’re encouraging people to eat this endangered species. 

“This creates demand for the oysters, thus creating a demand for their habitat. As a result, gives better opportunities for our shellfish reef restoration work because oysters are excellent and natural water filters – improving water quality through filtering algae, nutrients and suspended matter from the sea water,” explains Rich.

In a nutshell, or rather, seashell, the TNC works with nature to help re-establish oyster and mussel reefs across Australia, working with local businesses, communities and researchers so that nature and people can once again enjoy the many benefits that the shellfish reefs can bring.

Protecting nature while driving profits

Ultimately, Rich said that the conservatory wants to demonstrate that it can protect important places while facilitating sustainable developments. 

Another example was a project the organisation undertook to protect a 16,000 hectare wetland in Australia, an area that’s home to 200 plant species and over 130 bird species. 

“We were funded to create sustainable developments and movements that created jobs for local people through sustainable agriculture in livestock grazing and cattle production.”

“These jobs will be created in partnership with conservation, rather than in competition with conservation. The contributions that enabled this major project are called impact investments which deliver social, environmental and financial return,” explained Rich.  

At the end of the day, we’re very much clouded by our busy urban lives, many of us forget that nature is the fundamental support system that we all depend on. 

“The fact is that economic prosperity of the world relies on nature. Everything that is linked to prosperity like clean air and clean water are provided for free by nature. 

But the real people really care about nature is because of the joy it brings to them and their families – spending time in nature, learning about it and appreciating what it offers. 

“We need to do a better job to remind people that these are the reasons nature really matters. We spend too much time indoors and not enough time outside in nature and we’ve becoming disconnected to it.” 

He understands the rush of corporate life as he comes from a financial background, but after going on a volunteer conservation expedition in Africa, he became a “convert”. 

“I’m relatively new to the conservation area as I was previously in the corporate markets sector. 15 years ago, I was inspired to become an environmentalist by immersing myself in nature where I was part of a project on mangrove conservation in the Swahili Coast,” he recalled.

It was then that Rich decided to leave his corporate life and returned to pursue his studies in a Master of Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales, and the rest is history. 



自然保护协会 (The Nature Conservancy -TNC) 致力于实现这一目标,其使命是协助企业和社会深入理解和实践环境的可持续发展,使人类和自然能够共同繁盛。



自然保护协会澳大利亚区总监Rich Gilmore也举例说明TNC修复濒临灭绝的贻贝珊瑚礁与平衡生态系统的项目。


“这将从中创造人们对牡蛎的需求,也会促使重新打造它们的栖息地。因此,这为我们的贻贝珊瑚礁修复工作展现更好的机会,因为牡蛎是优质的天然滤水器 – 过滤藻类、营养物质和海水中的悬浮物来改善水质。”他解释。


Rich Gilmore 认为,协会最终想要证明,促进可持续发展的同时能够捍卫关键大自然。








“我之前埋头企业市场业务工作,对于自然保护领域还是相当陌生。15年前,我因本身融入自然而受到启发,继而成为一名环保主义者,在那里我参与了斯瓦希里海岸(Swahili Coast)红树林保护项目。”


Text By Karina Foo

Joie De Vivre 生活之乐

Clive Scott 

General Manager of Sofitel Melbourne on Collins


Once likened to Alfred Hitchcock, especially his side profile, Clive Scott made a cameo appearance as the master of horror in a play in Sofitel, not so long ago.

Scott is fun and spontaneous, a worldly gentleman in the hospitality industry.  Those who know him will agree that he is also one of the most forward-thinking, effective and beloved general managers around town. With decades of experience, leadership and operational skills, any hotel should be so lucky to have him helm their property. Sofitel hit the jackpot for the last 15 years with Scott as their general manager.

His passion for hotel management stemmed from young when he was travelling the world with his parents who worked for United Nations Australia’s Colombo Plan. Although he lives in Melbourne predominantly, he spent a lot of time in Asia. He was schooled in three different countries before doing economics and hotel management in Victoria University. “At that time working in hotels was not so popular. People saw hotels as pubs for drinking, but I liked the environment. I was passionate about it and it has been a good career for me.”

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is where French luxury meets epicurean indulgence in the world’s most exciting city.  Situated at the Paris end of Collins Street, in the heart of the premier shopping, dining and theatre district, just minutes from the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sofitel is built by the late American Chinese architect I.M.Pei, who also designed the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.  

Art is one of the major factors that maintain the society’s creativity and innovation. Youth should be exposed to art to turn on their minds. Art explains that not all lines are straight and black-and-white isn’t just black-and-white  

“Not only a beautiful venue, Sofitel has a special art programme where we organise 18 to 20 art shows every year.  Bringing art into the hotel promotes creativity and innovation amongst the staff. It makes the hotel look exciting, alive and different all the time. Art also expands the mind and enables us to learn about other cultures. The Sofitel French heritage is synonymous to art, gourmet food and excellent wine, demonstrating that the finer things in life are not just elitist but accessible as well.”

Being general manager to such an outstanding brand of hospitality is not a walk in park but Scott takes it well in his stride. “You need to be passionate, otherwise the long hours and busy environment can be daunting. A high level of communication and understanding of many nationalities are preferable. A lot of computer analysis goes on but when you get down to it, it’s really about engagement with the guests and how well they are looked after.” 

Stress is not healthy and medically bad for you.  I don’t think life should be easy, but you should look after yourself and make sure you enjoy life as you go along

Clive Scott一直被认为神似惊悚悬念大师希区柯克 (Alfred Hitchcock),尤其是侧脸。不久前,他在索菲特酒店的一出戏剧中客串演出希区







by  Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik